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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 41 > Short Stories > Glass Roses

Glass Roses

by bloopuf_jitterro

*You approach an empty-looking one-room house in Faerieland. You attempt to knock, but your fist just squishes right into the door. Shrugging, you enter. A white Aisha is laying on her back, gazing up at the ceiling in deep thought. She turns to you.*

"Oh, hi! Didn't see you come in. So you came to hear the story of the glass roses, huh? I bet someone sent you. Yeah, everyone wants to hear it these days. I should record it and save myself a lot of breath. But, I should stop carrying on now. My name is Tyrnyp. That's pronounced "turnip". I realize it's a strange name, but I've tried to ignore that aspect. As you can see, I'm wearing slightly different things. One is my turnip charm. It's shaped like a turnip, and look here—this is a "T" in the colors red, yellow, and blue. Another is my wings. I might have gotten a Faerie paint brush, but I prefer to be different and have these silvery-outlined wings. I also take pride in my bright blue eyes… but that's really it. I'd better tell you the story.

A while back in the month of Awakening, when the frost was only starting to lift from the grass, I was lying here in this exact spot on the floor. "Man," I said. "Jitterro certainly is money-grubbing. She buys me only this one-room house with no bed, chairs, desk, or items of amusement. What a cash hog!" I straightened up and pawed at a bug on the floor. There was suddenly the sound of a certain Bloopuf appendage squishing into the door.

Hang on. I bet you're wondering what a Bloopuf is. Jitterro is one. She's sort of a fluffy blue ball, with big oval eyes and a tiny mouth. That's all you need to know, besides the fact that she's…well, unique. Anyway, I walked over to the door and opened it. There stood Jitterro, hovering on her riding star, Twinkling Nimbus. "Come on, Tyrn," she called. I stepped carefully onto the star. My wings cannot fly me very quickly, so I had to ride the star. We flew downwards to the Lost Desert. After giving the Fruit Machine a spin and visiting Coltzan, we headed to Mystery Island.

"Jitterro," I asked her, "didn't you used to have a bunch of glass roses?"

"Yes," she replied, "but I sold them."

"Why in the world would you do that?! They're so rare now, and I'd do anything for a bundle. They look like crystals!"

"Tyrn, you're always coveting things. You really need to take some time to enjoy what you have, rather than want other things. You have a beautiful Faerieland cloud house--"

"It's only got one room and a carpet."

"A wonderful Floud--"

"You're not the one who bought it!"

"At least 100,000 NP--"

"It took almost a year to reach that amount! At this rate, we could afford a fire and ice blade when you're 25, and by then it may not be there anymore!"

"For goodness sake, Tyrnyp! You're worse than I am! Is there anything you can't find a negative part for?"

I couldn't think of anything. Jitterro sighed in exasperation. "One day, Tyrnyp. One day, you will find something. And then I hope you won't spend your time complaining."

A month later, spring had sprung, and rains had too. It was now constantly raining in Neopia. I spent days in Jitterro's home gazing out the window. I love the sound of rain pattering against the glass.

Glass… that's how it all began.

Jitterro came in one night, pointing excitedly at a paper. It was time for the annual ritual of worship on Mystery Island. She was ecstatic about it, and I don't know why, but maybe it's because of her love of the place. She told me to find some pieces of glass. I obeyed, so I went around Neopia, picking up shards of the stuff gingerly. I came home with a bucket of glass and several cuts. I watched and put antibiotics on the cuts while Jitterro melted the glass shards.

She shaped the molten glass into a beautiful bird, then handed it to me. "Please take this to Mystery Island. I've got some chores, so I'll get there in an hour or so. Go on now."

Grumbling, I headed to the Isle. Several people and pets were there, already paying respects to this Pango character. I had only seen his powers once, when Jitterro let him mix up a cup of hot borovan. Silly Bloopuf. She's always marveling over cooking recipes. I set the glass bird on a stand and waited.


After jumping up about 4 feet in the air, I turned to see Jitterro's brother's pet, Razeranova. He was a very mean red Gelert. Obviously pleased at my jump of surprise, he began to poke me in a very aggravating way. "Dad says I can do anything I want to you," he laughed, still poking. "It's because you're just a girl!"

I angrily smacked his paw away. "He's not your dad, just your owner! He doesn't look anything like you, and you don't look anything like him! Why do you call him your dad? And I really hate it when you call me 'just a-"

I never quite got to finishing my sentence. Razer had grabbed the glass bird and was now playing around with it. "Stop it!" I yelled. Jitterro will have a fit if you-"


Razer dropped the bird, and it shattered right away. Suddenly overcome with hot anger and cold fear, I gave the Gelert a hard slap, causing his face to go even redder than usual. He ran off, crying loud, pathetic baby tears. But I had no time to yell something to him. Horrified, I bent over the broken bird. I desperately shoveled the pieces together, hoping that by some miracle, they would reassemble before Jitterro came... but no avail. Realizing that the bird was permanently damaged, and that Jitterro would surely eat me for breakfast, I began to sob. Several pets turned around and curiously looked at me. They were all holding unbroken gifts; wooden animals, necklaces with semi-precious stones, large, hand-painted masks. Tears blurring my vision, I ran into the Tiki-Tack shop. Suddenly getting an idea, I bought the most colorful pot available and scooped the glass in. Knowing how pathetic this idea was and how silly I would look, I nevertheless brushed away my tears hastily and got in line. Jitterro had arrived.

"Here I am! Where's the bird, Tyrn?"


"You didn't lose it, did you?" She suddenly looked worried.

"No… not really."

"What do you mean, 'not really'? What happened?"

"Oh, Jitterro, it was all Razer's fault! He came and broke it!"

"Oh no."

"It's true! And I know you're going to be furious, and that you'll eat me for breakfast now, and I'm SORRY!"

Jitterro looked very sad and a little frustrated, but she smiled. "I forgive you, Tyrn. Anyways, the glass is colorful and really pretty. You should give it to Pango. He might like it."



"You're not mad?"

"Oh, maybe a bit, but it doesn't matter."

I gave her a hug, then proceeded in line. Unfortunately, Razer was in front of me, carrying an immense carved mask with painted scenes. He jeered at me and compared the size of my glass-filled pot to the giant mask. When I reached the altar, I placed the pot on and bowed. It all happened so fast; Something kicked me in the rear, then there was a smash and people yelling. When I looked up, the line was in chaos. The pot had been broken by Razer, who kept laughing his head off. Glass was sprinkling all over the grassy island. The Cooking Pot and the Sacrifice Statue were both rattling. I was terrified. Had I angered Pango? I immediately burst into tears. I began yelling to the sky, "Everything is just ruined! Nothing ever goes right in my life! First Jitterro's bird broke, and now this! I hate everything!"

What happened next was incredible.

The entire island glowed. The Cooking Pot glowed, the Statue glowed, and the grass glowed. And then…

Beautiful glass buds sprouted up, which, in turn, became marvelous Glass Roses. Everyone except Razer cheered and began picking as many roses as they could, filling baskets and baskets of them. It turned out that Pango had caused every glass shard to become a Glass Rose Seed. It seemed to have been triggered by my complaining.

So after that, I realized that not everything turns out for the worst or has a bad side. I felt better about life and what I had. Now I don't long constantly for the life of a millionaire's pet, or stand in front of shop windows, marveling at toys and rare items. You could say that I've learned a lot about the material parts of life. Now, who wants to come with me to see the Hidden Tower?

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