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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Continuing Series > Picture Perfect: Part Three

Picture Perfect: Part Three

by stellerwing

Mona couldn't have been happier. She practically skipped through the door of her NeoHome. Ornate scurried toward her the moment she walked (or skipped) through the door. She grabbed her and swung her around the room. Ornate squealed, and when Mona let go, she twisted her body expertly around and landed on her feet.

"You're home early," HiLite remarked as he entered the room. "Why are you so happy?" He asked as he read her expression.

"Oh, nothing," Mona slyly remarked. "I just got a date, that's all." HiLite gaped at her.

"You what?" He questioned.

"I-g-o-t-a-d-a-t-e," she said, spelling it out to him. "Gosh, you're slow."

"Sorrrrrrry sis. I didn't mean to ruin your moment." He added tartly.

"Why are you so uptight?" Mona asked, as she stopped spinning.

"Nothing," HiLite said grumpily. "Nothing, except that I just got dumped."

Mona's happiness balloon had just gotten punctured. She had always felt a special connection with her brother. She had never had anything that he hadn't. Now, she had been asked out, and he had been dumped. She felt really sorry.

Suddenly, a light bulb turned on in her mind.

"What was her whole name?" she asked, tentatively.

"Clarrisse_685" HiLite mumbled. Mona made a mental note of the name.

"Thanks... bye."

HiLite stared at her, retreating back.

As soon as Mona reached her room, she began to work. She logged on to her computer and sent Clarrisse_685 a Neomail, demanding to know why she dumped her brother. The answer came back almost immediately:

I dumped him because he was acting all weird. First, he stands me up at my favorite club. Then, he cuts our date short because supposedly he had "something that was to be presented to his sister" or so he says.
Signed, Clarrisse_685

Mona stared at the screen. It had been all her fault.


After endless Neomails to Clarrisse, explaining the situation, Mona had convinced her to take her brother to the dance. Mona watched from the shadows, as HiLite received the call from her. She smiled as HiLite hung up the phone and, after countless moments of just staring at it wide-eyed, he danced around the room with glee. Mona smiled. She had made things right again.


It was a beautiful night. The moon was full, crickets chirped at the side of the road. The trees at the side of the house were sighing in the wind. Inside, Mona, Amalia, HiLite, and Mike were getting ready.

Amalia had found a cute boy Kacheek named Frostin_6.0 (nicknamed Frostin.) He was painted, too (shadow). HiLite had found a Lupess named Cupid__180 (Cupid for short) painted Starry. Mike had found a cute, spunky Blumaroo for his date. Her name was Buttons_32976 (You can guess what they called her for short.)

Mona grinned. Her family was happy. Her mom promised to drive her three siblings to the dance, but she had to drop them off quickly, so she could go to the market for food. Mona started spritzing on some of Amalia's perfume. When (power of suggestion) Amalia walked through the door. For a moment she just stood in the doorway. Thenů

"You look really pretty tonight, Mona."

"Thank you," Mona said, blushing. "You look great too." It was true, Amalia was beautiful. Her spotted fur shone in the artificial bathroom light. It looked as if she had combed it until she could see her face in it.

"Yeah, but you look a lot better than me. I mean, look at your wings!" Amalia exclaimed. Again, it was true. Mona's lavender wings were smooth and glossy. Not a wrinkle in sight. Mona sighed.

"Amalia, you're beautiful. I'm sure Frostin will think so, too." Amalia grinned.

"Mona, you read my mind. I was just about to ask you about that."

"Yeah right," Mona said, rolling her eyes, "Knowing you, you were never going to get around to it."

Just then, HiLite interrupted their conversation.

"Guys, its time to go!" Mona's heart skipped a beat. Here she was, going on her first date. All right, here I go! Mona thought. Amalia seemed to read her face.

"You'll be fine Mona. Go get 'em!"


Outside, Nero was waiting.


"Hey," Mona said softly.

"You ready?" Nero asked.

"Yes," Mona breathed a sigh of relief. They were on their way to a good night. Nero had thoughtfully asked his brother Rhyan, a red Krawk, to drive them.

"Wow! Your brother is a Krawk?" Mona asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," Nero said, rolling his eyes, "He has a huge ego, too. Watch out." Mona giggled. This would be a good night. She was sure of it.


Rhyan dropped them off at the school front. After waving him off, Nero and Mona walked nervously up the front walk. It was time to have fun. When Nero and Mona walked through the door, they were amazed at what they saw. Pink and red streamers decorated the gym. The two colors decorated practically everything! Pink and red tables. Pink and red DJ stand. Pink and red cookies ( Hey, Neopets get hungry ). Even pink and red hats decked out the school's staff's heads. Nero shook his head.

"They've really outdone themselves this time."

"Yeah, no kidding," Mona said in awe. Just then, a Lenny came over.

"Would you like to buy a raffle ticket? They are only 3 Neopoints, and you can win a vast assortment of prizes." Nero turned to Mona and shrugged.

"Worth a try." So Nero dug 3 Neopoints out of his wallet, and they started toward the refreshment stand.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the two mouseketeers." Mona and Nero turned around to see Mysha's leering face. "It's strange. I dump you, so you go crawling to the lowest form of life in this school. Isn't it strange, girls?" Mysha's group giggled along with her. Nero's face grew hot.

"Mona isn't the lowest form of life in this school. If you want to know who is, look in a mirror." Mysha's smug smile vanished. Mona's face grew warm. Nero was defending her!

"You are messing with the wrong girl, Nero!" she snapped.

"Yeah? Well I hung out with the wrong girl for those years." Mysha finally stormed off in a huff. Nero turned to Mona. "We showed them, didn't we?" Mona was silent.

"Why did you defend me? You know that it was my fault that Mysha dumped you in the first place."

Nero thought for a moment then said, "To tell you the truth, the REAL truth. I dumped her."

Mona suddenly lit up. "You meanů you wanted to ask me after all. Even if I wasn't painted?"

"Yes." Nero said, "Yes, that's true." Mona sat there, too stunned to think. Nero would've liked her anyway! It was too good to be true! But it was. For the rest of the dance, the two Neopets danced and had the best time. Nero actually won the raffle! At home that night, Mona couldn't believe her good fortune still held. Nero had asked her out on another date, in two weeks. It truly was Picture Perfect.

The End

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