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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 40 > New Series > Sinicar's Revenge: Part One

Sinicar's Revenge: Part One

by deadly_dreamer

Okay, for all of you who didn't read Battle For Neopia, Ying and Yang were Shoyrus on the quest to find paint brushes, when the Money Tree turned into Sinicar, Dr. Sloth's evil brother who had been turned into a tree by the Faeries. Anyway, Sinicar met up with his brother and turned any Neopet they found into Mutants. A Predictor called Fortuna and a Lupe called Destiny however, saved Ying and Yang before they could be mutated. So they went and fought Sinicar and Sloth, and won, turning Sinicar back into a tree. If you want more information, read the original story, but for now, here is Sinicar's Revenge. (By the way, all the characters in this story are fictional. I have totally made up the other characters like Ying and Yang).

It was a dark night in Neopia Central. Even the wiliest of Neopets were staying inside. However, if there had been anyone on the street, they would have heard the two ghosts arguing as they floated to the Money Tree. "I'm telling you, it's a bad idea," said one of them to the other. "I mean, its bad enough we stole this thing from Dr. Sloth's abandoned lab, but to put it under the Money Tree? Well, that's just stupid." The other ghost rolled its eyes. "Look, we want to get into the Gallery of Evil, right?" His friend nodded. "Well I think that putting evil potions underneath the tree to prey on unsuspecting Neopets will give us a clear entrance to the Evil Realm. After all, how else are you going to get in with a name like Clarence?" The other ghost nodded. "You're right, just put it by the tree and lets get this over with." He then reached into his t-shirt and pulled out a dark colored potion bottle. Hesitating for just a second, he threw the potion by the trees trunk. As the two of them flew away, they didn't notice the gaping crack in the potion's surface. As the dark liquid oozed into the ground, the Money Tree started to glow…

"Ying, this is ridiculous," moaned Yang, as his brother picked up yet another box of chocolates. "If you want to get Destiny and Fortuna a gift, why don't you just pick something out?"

Ying sighed and looked at his brother. "Yang, this is important, we haven't seen Fortuna and Destiny for nearly a year. We don't want to hurt their feelings, do we?" Yang just stared at his brother. It had been his idea to get them something, and now Ying was taking the credit?

"That's it Ying, I'm picking" he said, and grabbed the box of chocolates from Yang's hands. He then headed to the register, with Ying behind him. The red Shoyru could only watch in surprise as his brother paid for the chocolates. In the old days, Yang would have stayed in here all day rather than argue with his brother, even over something that minor. Yang's changed a lot since Sinicar, Ying thought.

"Ying. Yang. It is good to see you again," said Destiny to the Shoyrus, as they entered the NeoHome. "But I'm surprised you are still green and red. I thought you said you were going to buy paint brushes?"

Yang laughed. "That was the plan, anyway!" he replied.

Ying smiled and shook his head. The place was still as creepy as he remembered it. The walls were covered in strange potions and amulets, and Fortuna's prize possession, her Crystal Ball, was in the center of the room. However, its owner was nowhere to be seen. Ying looked back at Destiny, who was filling up on the chocolates Ying and Yang had bought.

"Hey Destiny, where's Fortuna?"

Just then, the three of them heard a scream from another room. "Fortuna!" cried Destiny, and the white Lupe ran to the next room, with the Shoyrus in tow.

"Fortuna, are you all right?" gasped Ying, as the three of them barged into yet another potions room, and then gasped again at what he saw.

Fortuna seemed to be tying a scarf 'round an Ummagine. However, the Ummagine wasn't giving up without a fight, and as the scarf slipped again, it let out another bloodcurdling scream. "A little help here, Destiny," muttered Fortuna.

Destiny smiled, and took hold of another part of the scarf. "Is the curse more difficult to break than you thought?" she asked.

"Sorry about that you two," said Fortuna, once the Ummagine had been locked away, and picked up a strange piece of cloth on her table. "We found this cursed Ummagine running wild in the Lost Desert, and we had to bring it back to reverse the spell."

"So why haven't you reversed the spell yet?" asked Yang.

"And who in their right minds would curse an Ummagine?" asked Ying.

Fortuna frowned. "We don't know who cursed it, but it can't stay like that. I don't think I have to tell you, it's got quite a pair of lungs. As for reversing the process, I need a Nanka Bottle to finish my potion, and I don't have one."

Ying smiled, and flew to the door. "Well, why don't we go get one?" he said. "The magic shop sells them, right?"

"Well, I usually catch my own Nanka's, and make my own potions," Fortuna said, tying her white hair into an unusual plait with the cloth, "But if I don't shut that purple vegetable up soon, it's going to drive me nuts."

Destiny smiled. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let us go."

As the four of them walked through Neopia Central, Yang was talking about potions with Fortuna, and Ying was asking Destiny about something that was bothering him.

"Hey Destiny, why do you never shorten your words?" he asked. "I mean, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but it seems so old fashioned."

Destiny looked at him surprised. "But I am old," she replied.

"Yeah, I know but…" Ying pointed at Fortuna, "Fortuna's even older than you, but she uses slang more than me!"

"It is her will to keep with the times. Speaking of which, we should keep up. Let us catch up with them."

If Ying had had hair, he would have torn it out in frustration. "That's what I'm talking about, Destiny!" he moaned. "It's not let us, its let's! Now, repeat after me. It's, let's, can't."

"It is, let us, cannot," replied Destiny.

Whilst Ying yelled at Destiny, Yang and Fortuna stopped for them to catch up. It wasn't until they looked around that they realized they had stopped by the Money Tree. Staring at it, Fortuna told Yang about a vision she'd had lately.

"It's really hazy, but I see dark bottles, and twisted vines, like the Money Tree when it was transforming," she told him. "But every time it starts to make sense, I wake up. Yang? Yang! Are you listening?"

But Yang was in his own world. He had just sensed something near the tree, and had noticed something none of the others had.

"Uh, Fortuna, Destiny, Ying. Where are all the Neopets?" Yang whispered, worried.

The three looked around. Yang was right, there weren't any signs of life on the streets. When Ying and Yang had been there, it had been choc a bloc with owners and Neopets. Now... nothing.

Suddenly, Fortuna screamed, sending both Ying and Yang into the air, along with Destiny jumping 20ft into the air. Looking at Fortuna, they saw hideous brown vines, like roots, curling round her feet.

As Fortuna cursed herself for not bringing her potions belt, Destiny put her Lupe teeth to work on the vines, with Ying and Yang pulling with all their Shoyru strength.

Then, the vines slithered round Destiny's paws, pulling her upside down like her owner, knocking the two Shoyrus to the ground in the process.

"Destiny, Fortuna!" cried Ying.

As the vines twisted 'round their bodies, the Predictor and Neopet writhed frantically to be released, but it was no use. Suddenly, the vines went rigid, and ploughed straight down into the ground, leaving only a crack to prove they had been there…

To be Continued…

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