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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Short Stories > Goes Around, Comes Around

Goes Around, Comes Around

by ewanspaz

"Wake up! Wake up!" My alarm clock blared. I groaned and smacked it, and when it wouldnít go off, threw it at the wall with a crash.

"Misty! Cut it out!" my younger sister, lil_strawberriee, shouted from the room adjacent to mine. After hearing the sound of running water and a radio coming from somewhere else in the house, I decided to get up because it was too noisy to sleep any longer. Leaving my bed in a bundle of pillows and sheets, I trotted over to the bathroom door and turned the knob. It was locked, as usual.

"Sorry Mist! Youíre gonna have to wait! Iím in here!!" the muffled sound of my older brother, Elijah22222, or Eli for short, vibrated through the bathroom door.

Annoyed, I replied, "I swear, Eli, you are why people call us Unis vain! You spend more time in front of the mirror than I do!" After about twenty minutes, I was able to throw Eli from the bathroom and brush my teeth. I got out just in time. Next second Eli and lil_strawberriee made a mad dash to gain control of the room. "We need a bigger NeoHome!" I bellowed to whoever was listening, which was no one, because mum was the only one who ever did, and she was off with my oldest brother for a visit to the Lab Ray. EwanSpaz had decided to be the Ďtest subjectí of the ray lately, and had been every species from JubJub to Peophin since his birth. A series of cries and wails told me he was home. A very enraged green Kyrii ran up the stairs and slammed a bedroom door.

"Why canít I ever be a Faerie?!? Iím just an ugly, ugly monster!" my brother sobbed, his voice muffled. I knocked on the door. "Go away! Leave me alone with my ugly self!" he screamed. Jeez, he was as vain as Eli was! I pulled a hairpin from my mane and picked the lock to his door. It creaked open, and there my brother crouched in a corner sulking.

"Címon, youíre gonna miss the trip to Faerieland!" I tried to cheer him up.

"Iím not going, not like thisÖ I guess itís my fault for wanting to try the Lab Ray. I thought it would paint me Faerie! But no, it makes me an ugly Kyrii! Why should I go to Faerieland... I canít even fly. YOU can. So go! Use your little Uni wings and fly to Faerieland! Leave me alone!" he said, not even looking at me. The last remark he said really hurt me, but I didnít show it. He was in more pain than I was.

"Listen, Kyriis arenít ugly, no one is ugly." I said.

"Mutant pets are ugly. And Bearogs, and the Esophagor, and the Brain TreeÖ"

I cut him off. "No. No one is ugly on the inside, where it counts! Everyone is beautiful, even an ugly Kyrii like you!" I replied sarcastically. EwanSpaz laughed and tried to act cool as he wiped all traces of tears from his eyes.

"Alright, letís go to Faerieland." He replied and then unexpectedly gave me a short hug. He was squishing my wings, but I didnít say anything. We headed out of his room, hopping over a few jars that once held Faeries as we went.

Lil_strawberriee and Elijah were already downstairs Lupe-ing down some NeoCrunch, and as EwanSpaz entered the kitchen, my owner pulled me aside.

"That was a very caring thing you did for your brother, and I am very proud of you. How about we get everyone a Petpet while weíre out?" She said to me gently, stroking my mane. I didnít think it was fair that lil_strawberriee and Eli got Petpets for doing nothing, but again, I didnít say a word. We all ate breakfast and headed on our outing. While Eli flew ahead of us in a rush, I decided to stay behind and walk with the rest of the family. EwanSpaz must have noticed this, because he gave me a smile that I wouldnít trade for all the Dubloons on Krawk Island. The four of us chatted about which Poogle we would bet on in the Poogle race that day, and finally reached the cloud-littered realm of the Faeries. Eli was already ahead of us in the line to bet. I fed Poogle 2 some spicy wings and gave him a good-luck kiss, and took my seat in the stands. The Poogles were off in a flash, but Poogle 2 stayed behind, licking barbecue sauce off of his face. The crowed roared with laughter, and the Poogle, realizing his mistake, took off after the others. He came in last, but I cheered for him anyway.

Afterwards, we all bought a Faerie cake and walked along, licking the creamy chocolate from their tops. As we passed the Faerie Petpet store, I tugged on my ownerís sleeve.

"Alright, letís go everyone!" She laughed, and we all ran inside. An adorable little Floud bumped into EwanSpaz, and we ended up purchasing it for him. None of the rest of us saw any pets we wanted, so we took a visit to the marketplace. On the way, about five different Neopets, all painted with gleaming Faerie wings, flew overhead. EwanSpazís eyes gazed at them longingly and then he suddenly stared at the ground as he continued walking, taking heavy, sad steps. I stood by his side and handed him his new Floud. He gave me a weak smile. We reached the market and I grabbed EwanSpazís paw and raced into the nearest shop. My brother Eli was happily playing with a cuddly Warf, and lil_strawberriee stood with her nose pressed against the glass of a tank full of Baby Blu. I walked around, admiring the different Petpets, when I noticed a sad looking dog-like animal in a corner. He had three heads, and each one of them licked my hands as I came to pet him. I knew instantly I had to have this little Petpet! We all bought our pets and left the store, journeying for home. I walked my Bearog behind everyone else, but suddenly his leash wrapped around my legs and made me fall. At first I was angry, but my mind instantly cleared of any angry thoughts when I saw it. A wing was tucked under a rock on the ground. I lifted the boulder, and underneath was a Faerie paint brush, wings and all! I tucked my prize under my own wing and flew ahead to catch up to everyone else. I knew what I had to do.

The next morning, I raced into my brotherís room with the paint brush. I was going to give it to him because it was something he had wanted more than anything, to be a Faerie. To my disappointment, he had already left to go to the Lab Ray. I sat on his bed and waited for his return, hoping he would be compatible with a Faerie paint brush when he returned. The doorknob creaked and my heart leaped at what I saw. The most beautiful Faerie Kougra I had ever seen stepped through the door. It was EwanSpaz! He excitedly explained that the Lab Ray had done it to him, and when I started to cry he acted very concerned and asked, "Whatís wrong? Arenít you happy for me?"

"Yes, Iím so glad! ButÖI was going to give this to you." I pulled the paintbrush from behind my back and set it on the bed. I turned towards the door, tears streaming down my face, but EwanSpaz caught my tail and pulled me back.

"You know what this means?" He said with a laugh.

"Yeah, it means my gift is stupid because you canít use it because you are already Faerie and this is what you wanted and I was gonna give it to you and and, andÖ.." I broke into sobs and buried my head in my hooves.

"No! It means you get to go paint yourself Faerie!" He wiped the tears from under my eyes and dragged me downstairs. There he explained the situation to mum, who proudly smiled and gave me a big hug, and sent us on our way to the rainbow pool. We dodged past the wrestling Warf and Bearog in the front hall, and left, both of us flying at full speed to the Rainbow Pool. EwanSpaz dipped the brush into the shimmering water and nudged me to step in. As I was painted, I felt a tingling sensation and gasped as my feathery wings transformed into sparkling Faerie wings that shimmered in several shades of pink and blue. I continued crying, purely out of happiness. My big brother, EwanSpaz, the beautiful Faerie Kougra, turned to me and said, "You know that saying: ĎWhat goes around, comes aroundí? Well in this case it was the kindness you have given me, and you deserve what came around to you. You are a beautiful Faerie."

"Aww, come on you silly Lenny*, letís go home and show mum!" I laughed, wiping my happy tears away.

"Iím not a Lenny, Iím a Faerie Kougra! And donít you forget it!" He replied, and showed off his muscles, laughing. Then we both sipped water from the pool, and took off for home, leaving a trail of glimmering sparkles behind us.

*Silly Lenny: A Neopian translation for the term "silly goose."

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