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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 40 > Articles > How To Get Your Neopet the Perfect Petpet

How To Get Your Neopet the Perfect Petpet

by sarah120115

I know. There are more Petpets out there than you can count on your fingers, toes, hooves and tail flippers all together! Well, which one does your pet have? I'll take a look at four or five Petpets from every place, compare them, then decide things.

NEOPIAN PETPETS: Most of these petpets are the cutest ones out there.

WARF. Very cute and very friendly. They seem to like jumping around a lot. Warf make good watch dogs, sort of. They like playing more than keeping guard. Warf are good Petpets for any Neopet that's kind, and even if they're not they can squish their Warf into a ball and bounce it off the walls!
BUZZER. Keep away from the stingers. They love flowers, so the more gardens you have the more Buzzers you should keep. Only give Buzzers to a nature loving Neopet, as some may be scared of bugs, some might be allergic to bee stings and well. Some Neopets might just like splatting bugs!
POPPIT. Yet another bug Petpet. Poppits love jumping around, more than Warfs. They pop very easily, don't give them to young Neopets who might want to pop them. It just wouldn't be very nice now would it, with Poppit insides all over the place... but Poppits are very caring and they love flowers, almost as much as Buzzers do. They don't sting, but those big eyes can creep you out in the early morning!
FUNGREE. They love jumping, champion jumpers. Some Neopets like using them as bouncy balls, as a matter of fact! Good for fun loving Neopets who know how to control such things. They can escape and be little devils to catch, however, so just don't let them out of their cage if the windows and doors aren't closed!


MEEKINS. Meekins like sleeping. They trot around when they're not dreaming and eating flowers. Don't have a big expensive garden if you plan on getting a Meekins, but they are very kind and will stand a lot of abuse. However, don't give them to bully Neopets. We don't know when Meekins will reach their limit.
HARRIS. Very cute, have you guessed what it looks like? Koala Petpet, kind and caring. Just like Meekins, they are extremely patient. They love climbing trees, too. Plant one in the middle of the garden, away from any roof or fences, and it should keep your Harris in the garden.
PIKIS. They fly around and are very cheeky. Only a cheeky Neopet could love this Petpet's antics. Pikis need a speical place outside where they can live; there's no use letting them fly around outside all day. When you call them back in for dinner, they just won't come! And letting them fly through the house all day is sure to knock over a few expensive vases!
MAGARAL. Big and puffy. Very cute and kind, they eat anything! Don't let them in the kitchen if you don't want whole boxes of Neocola to go missing at one time. They can sit on a sofa as a cushion all day, but at night they tend to cause mischief and mayhem. WARNING: Don't leave them in the sun if you don't want them to shrink.


WEEWOO. Little birds without hands. They love singing and won't stop singing unless you throw a book at it and say, "Shut up bird brain!"
DEAVER. They love swimming, so it'll do you good to have a pond in your garden before letting it loose out there.
SNARHOOK. They look weird, and they are. They can't understand English and will eat anything, mainly Cheesy Neos... but hey, if you've got an endless supply of Neos, go right ahead and buy it.


BABY BLU. Looks like a Blumaroo, because it is! A curse turned a flock of bad Blumaroo into these Petpets now enjoyed by all GOOD Blumaroo.
CRABULA. Crabby! Don't mix with other Petpets, unless you want their noses nipped off! Best for a one child NeoHome with a ocean view.
CATAMARA. A little white bunny Petpet with really big ears! They love certain sweet foods, and they are water going Petpets. Great for aquatic Neopets such as Peophin and Koi.


BLUNA. Very cold. Don't touch it unless you can handle Neo-frostbite.
SCADO. Don't give it to a Skeith or Grarrl, as you'll find that it may end up on the menu. Another good Petpet for water going Neopets.
GRUSLEN. Wondering when this one would turn up, huh? It's the perfect pet, with one problem. Those tusks can leave a nasty gash if you annoy it too much.
SEAREX. The aquatic cousin of the Airex. Perfect yet again for water going Neopets. They have a huge sweet tooth, and enjoy picnics. A good petpet all-round with one problem: they take up too much space. They are used to swimming in huge ponds, so you'll either need an olympic swimming pool or a large bath tub!


ABOMINABLE SNOWBALL. They tend to bite a lot. I get rid of all my snowballs because they bite my Neopets on the ears. Also, another one not to touch, unless you want to be turned to ice. Good for all Christmas Neopets and Neopets who can handle the cold.
BABY DEVIL. They wear nappies and scream a lot. Rumor has it that in the Battledome they can use a flame thrower that will beat your opponent instantly! No matter how tough and strong it is, it'll still work!
BEAROG. A three headed dog with an attitude. They can be very nice if you tame them properly, but this is very hard to do. Bearog make wonderful guard dogs. The best, as a matter of fact. With three heads, they could never be asleep! And three heads is three times the biting power!
GHOSTKERCHIEF. Perfect for spooky Neopets. Make sure, with all Spooky Petpets, that your Neopet isn't scared of the Petpet before you give it to them.


KHUM. Lazy little critters they are. They sit in the sun all day and do nothing much but get a tan. A wonderful Petpet for a Uni, who also enjoys being an "Oh look, I'm beautiful!" pet who also wants a tan. Company for those long days while you're on a towel at the beach soaking some sun with a diet Neocola, sitting in a groove in the sand.
SCARABUG. Who can say anything other than ugly? I mean, really... they are so gross looking! Who could like or want them? But if tunnels are your hobby, and you can't see why they are so dirty, then you might want a Scarabug just because, well... it'll come in the tunnel with you, for one thing.
APIS. Very expensive, as far as Petpets go. They can store a drink while you're traveling in the desert, however, and can come in handy if you're at school and run out of NP.
ANUBIS. I'd never forget it. Very cute and cheap. They make an alright guard dog, but they make better playing friends, as they love running around and fetching sticks, frisbees and clumps of sand or dirt. If you'll let them pick it up that is. They can also be trained to run places and fetch you things.

So, now that you have thought about all these places where you can find Petpets, are you having second thoughts about your Petpet?

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