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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 39 > Continuing Series > Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Six

Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Six

by jlcchaolover3

RedShoyru767 spent the whole week under the quilt on his bed, coming out occasionally just for snacks and food to give him strength. He couldn't believe how life was treating him either. Goldy gone and they had to spend a whole three weeks in the RPS room with nothing on his mind to do but draw and sit about on the cushions. Felicity was well enough again to join the gang and with a pot on her arm lay peacefully in bed. Few bandages remained on her head and legs. Gerald didn't hang around the room now that he was sure the pets would stay there. Linda healed Voltager's burns, and she was recovered. Now that there were two more weeks to go, they had to spend that time thinking about what to do next and just how to do it.

"I wish our friend Gelert2020202000 would show up with Jackie some time soon," Red mumbled, sadly. "I don't know where they've got to. They might be looking for us."

"Who's Jackie?" Shoyru spun round quickly in his bed. There was a bag of ice cubes on his head to cool his shooting temperature right down. Voltager had had her head buried in her pillow and emerged from a flood of tears minutes later.

"Our owner, jlcchaolover3," Red told him. "The problem is she's not as adventurous as us and she doesn't go out hiking or anything. She just stays around our house, giving us a few things, taking us out for battles etc. But she never actually ventures from the home area, and she simply stays in the parts of Neopia near the shops and all that."

"Wouldn't she be worried, if you got lost or anything?"

"Well," continued Red, heightening his voice a little, "she does in fact. She always makes us stick in a pair so that we could stand chance of attack. But this time, we left her. She might be lost right now, for all we know, trying to look for us in case anything happened. But I kept telling her! 'No, Jackie, no! It's dangerous--you could get hurt. Besides which, you can't even fly. Leave this to all the Shoyries for Coltzan's sake. Please, no!' Anyway, she'll be looking for us, probably. "

"Hang on!" Shoyru suddenly sat up. "If she was so worried about it then why didn't you just stay there with her in the first place? Then she wouldn't need to worry about you!" He stopped dead. The cold bag fell off his head and a splitting pain seared through his stomach. His head swayed and fell back onto the pillow. "Oh help! Owwww!"

"What's the matter?" asked Voltager hurriedly. Shoyru didn't answer; it was as if he didn't even hear her. He stood up on one foot and made an attempt to walk towards her but instead he swayed again, nearly butting into her and falling headfirst onto the pillow again. He closed his eyes.

Felicity was still fast asleep, but Voltager sparked a jolt quickly from her hands to wake her up. Felicity awoke, shuddering.


"Shoyru's collapsed, Felicity," Voltager squealed at her. "You're the right one to..."

"Get the nurse, and hurry," she replied quickly, before Voltager could even wave her arms. "You never know what might happen with Shoyru. Anyway, I can't do anything. My arm's killing me."

She sunk back into her pillows and dropped back off to sleep.

"OK, Felicity, I'll handle this," said Voltager, more patiently. She stood Shoyru up and with her back to his, grabbed both arms with hers and dragged him into the emergency room.

"Nurse!" she called, trying not to send any more jolts.

No answer. Voltager's tears suddenly welled into action again and the next cry was broken.


At once Linda came charging down a spiral of stairs with Gerald at her heel.

"What is it dear?" she asked. Voltager's voice was high and uncontrolled, and her mouth was drying up so she could hardly speak.

"Something's going on with him again," she panicked. The Gelert turned round and bellowed up the stairs in a high voice.

"Geraldine dear! Can you come down for a minute?"

A higher voice replied. It was somewhat shaky.


Thumps of little paws pounded down the stairs and burst into the emergency room in a hurry. The noises finished when Geraldine stopped in front of the pets.

"You're..." started Voltager, anxiously.

"Y...Yes, I am," Geraldine quavered, thankful now that she had managed to compose herself.

"A...and how about your friend? Is he OK?"

"Not likely, at the moment," Voltager said sadly. She held up Shoyru's limp body to Geraldine.

Geraldine gave a slight whimper.

"I...I'm ever so sorry I couldn't diagnose it," she cried, running into her mother by mistake.

"Now don't be silly dear," said the mother. "I can find out what this Shoyru has got that's infected him. I think I know what it is, already. No, I can't tell you now," she added sharply as Voltager tried to ask. "Shoyru can't be round when I tell you. It's very dangerous."

Voltager looked perplexed.

"What's so dangerous about Shoyru knowing what he has?" she said, starting to shudder.

"We don't know," she said, gravely. "All we know is that if he ever hears the name of his illness while he has it, he'll, well, rumours had it that a rare illness such as this one can be so deadly, even by word of mouth, so he probably won't make it."

A look of horror spread over Voltager's confused face and made it want to cry.

"But, but HOW?"

"That's exactly what everyone wants to know," the mother said, more solemn than ever. "That's one of the reasons why this illness is so rare. It only happens once or twice in a millennium, it's not contagious and it usually starts by food poisoning..."

"That's exactly what Shoyru did," Voltager piped in, before she could stop herself. "He took a drink off the pavement and..."

"And that's what gave him the disease," finished the nurse, a tear rolling down her cheek. She shook the tear off and pulled herself together. "Right dear, bring your friends with you. Leave your Shoyru friend here with Geraldine, and we'll go upstairs and discuss this so that Shoyru isn't listening."

"How can he be?" started Voltager again. "He's conc..."

"He won't be for long, now please get your friends dear, and hurry up to Ward 693 on Floor 9. Use the lift over there," she said, pointing to a largish, glass-door lift further along a corridor. "It's quicker. Get them up and out of bed. This is important."


"Red! Felicity! Kacheek!" Voltager called shrilly into the RPU. "Come out here for a minute!"

RedShoyru767 stumbled into a corner of the room at the sound of her shrill voice.

"Owww, my head," he moaned. Then he straightened. "Sorry Voltager?"

"Get out here everyone and quickly!" she screamed. "This is important!"

Felicity was just waking up again when she heard Voltager's desperate cry.

"My arm's still killing me," she complained. "Give it a little while before doing anything else..."


"Keep it down, please Voltager," Kacheek complained in a squeak, "it's bad enough trying to think with all that racket let alone sleep. Now, where was I...."


"All right, keep your tar on!" Red said restrained, head aching, bringing Kacheek by his paw and Felicity by her wing so as not to strain her arms. Once they were out of the RPU, Voltager, choking, bundled them into the lift and shut the doors. She flew and reached up with a trembling paw and pressed a number '9' on the control panel.

The whole lift began to shudder, and then it climbed upwards, humming as it went.

"Just where are we going?" said Kacheek in another loud squeak. "Why have we left Shoyru, and where's the nurse?"

Voltager stopped dead, her heart suddenly skipped a beat in fright and she turned around to Kacheek. Then she slapped her forehead with her hand.

"Holy macaroni!" she cried, flinging herself into the doors of the lift, back first. The hum of the lift suddenly got louder, and then went along as normal. "I forgot her!"

"Uh huh," Red said in a worry, thinking deeply. "What do we do now?"

"What we don't do is panic," Felicity told him. "She must've gone up the stairs to meet us at the top. It'll be okay. A few more seconds should do it."

Seconds later, the lift's humming decreased slightly, bit-by-bit, but it made an abrupt, clanking noise and came to a halt.

Voltager stared through the glass into Floor No. 8. Then she hovered about a metre off the lift floor and what she saw surprised her, the carpet on Floor No. 9.

They were trapped between two floors.

To be continued...

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