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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Articles > A Massive Guide to Mutant NeoPets

A Massive Guide to Mutant NeoPets

by silvermermaid

Well, well I see you are interested in the darker side of Neopia. No, I am not talking about the Hidden Tower or the Dark Faerie. No, I am talking about those mysterious Mutants running around, you know the ones you see late at night and run away in fear. Relax, mutant NeoPets are just as cuddly and beautiful as regular NeoPets, in fact, they are extremely interesting. Ever since Kauvara was seen taking some potions from a disguised man in the back alley, Neopia has not been the same since. See, many owners did not know what these strange glass bottles where, so they innocently gave them to their pets to drink. Loud howls, kicking, and transformations resulted; it was frightening to even watch. Owners were devastated that their beloved NeoPet was turned into a mutant. But than after the fright was diminished many owners found out that they still were the same loveable pets, only different in appearance. But a few owners still could not accept their mistake and abandon their pets, as a result a few NeoPets ran to the only sanctuary they knew of, the Haunted Woods.

Okay, now that you know a little about how all this began, let's get into where, what, and how to get a mutant NeoPet. There is only one way to change a pet into a Mutant (maybe two ways, since the Lab Ray is available, but that's a whole different story), you either go to Kauvara's Magic Shop and buy the Transmogrification Potion or visit the Shop Wizard. Since Transmogrification Potions only show up once in a while, and much rarer for the rarer versions, your best bet is the Shop Wizard. Earlier potions are less expensive. Most potions run approximately 1,000 NP - 100,000 NP or more. There is a wide degree of price differences, which means anyone can afford to have a Mutant NeoPet in their price range. One thing you need to know, Transmogrification Potions will work with any NeoPet species, they work like Morphing Potions (for example, if you have a Chia and give it the Blumaroo Transmogrification Potion, it will turn into a Mutant Blumaroo).

Mutations can be very subtle such as the Grundo Transmogrification Potion, when you mutate a baby Grundo it will turn into a super cool Super Grundo, which still looks like a Grundo. Sometimes the mutations can be downright scary, (*cough*) Kacheek, with its exposed brain and scary fangs, it can be intimidating at first. But remember this still is your pet only the appearance has changed! Your NeoPet's eating habits and what toys they like may change as well. Once you decide to purchase a potion, they are easily identifiable, each species potion is clearly different and is brewed in an intricate bottle. If you want to see what each mutant NeoPet will look like, a trip to the Rainbow Pool is a must!

There is currently a Transmogrification Potion for the Mutant Blumaroo, Mutant Buzz, Mutant Chia, Mutant Elephante, Mutant Grundo, Mutant Kacheek, Mutant Kiko, Mutant Korbat, Mutant Krawk, Mutant Moehog, Mutant Techo, Mutant Usul. Recently three new Transmogrification Potions has been introduced into Neopia for the Shoyru, Kougra, and Cybunny. It seems that Kauvara is still conducting business with the disguised man name Dr. Sloth, so expect to see more mutant species in the future.

Below I will write a little about each mutated NeoPet:

1. The Mutant Blumaroo potion comes in a brownish swirling brew, which indicates that the Mutant Blumaroo will be brown in colour when mutated, once mutated the Blumaroo looks like a very "old" Blumaroo. The Mutant Blumaroo has laser like eyes and can see in the dark. Hearing is not as good as a non-mutant Blumaroo, but their superb eyesight makes up for this deficiency. They require more fluids because of their dry skin, so stock up on Smoothies.

2. The Mutant Buzz potion is brewed to resemble a brown, yellow, and slightly red swirl concoction. Mutant Buzzes I think look like real insects in the highest sense. Buzz's eyesight like Blumaroos are extremely adept. They can see much farther, and can see in X-ray and Infrared. Their wings are much more beautiful, and look quite Faerie-like. They can now fly in Supersonic Jet mode, as well as being much more agile.

3. Mutant Chias still look "cute," if a mutant can be considered cute. They still will have the round body, but these Chias are now packing bone spikes all around their heads. These are used for fighting, digging, and they make good radars; although they have no ears, they can feel vibrations from these spikes. Because they may be more aquatic then usual they secrete a green slimy goo to protect their skin. They are hungry most of the time.

4. The Mutant Elephante has an interesting potion; one eye is always staring at you from inside the bottle! Yuck! Besides this yucky factor, the Mutant Elephante has a beautiful shade of purple skin, with iridescent spots. The eyes are extremely piercing, and they can hypnotise you if you stare into them too long. The Mutant Elephante will also be highly aquatic with webbing/spikes on their arms. The head shape has changed more into a cone, which makes them extremely streamlined while swimming.

5. Mutant Grundos are BIG, GREEN, and very TALL. You thought your baby Grundo was a weakling, wait to you get a load of the Mutant Grundo, huge gigantic feet and bulging muscles. Out of all the Mutants, the Mutant Grundo will change personality, they will be a little demanding on your resources then ever before!

But if you are looking for a protector you got it, Mutant Grundos will protect your home, their owners, NeoPet siblings, and friends. Although they may growl a lot they still have a little bit of the "Baby Grundo" in them. If you are not a strong owner, tread lightly on mutating your Grundo!

6. Mutant Kacheeks, well what can I say, if your an Einstein, then you got some competition on your hands! With an increase brain capacity of over 70%, the Mutant Kacheek is one "smart mutant." Don't even think about cheating a Mutant Kacheek, it's 100 steps ahead of you. With such brainpower, also means a very active Kacheek, thought your Kacheek was lazy and demanding before, not a Mutant Kacheek. Although they may look like a science project gone terribly wrong, they are still the coolest, and have eyes that glow in the dark. They may also be highly psychic, and can do many things at once.

7. The Mutant Kiko, is really weird, it no longer needs its Band-Aid, and its not as aquatic as it use to be, in fact its more rocklike, and spits green goo when angry. The eyes are bright red, and like the Elephante can put you in a deep sleep if you stare at them too long. Their hands are no longer webbed, and they can get around on land more efficiently. Because they are a dark bluish-grey they like to hide in the night and jump out at unsuspecting intruders. They are mostly friendly pranksters, and will not hurt a fly.

8. Mutant Korbats can be extremely scary to the novice, they are so wild, even their black potion bottles are beginning to crack and break. Korbats make the annual track back to Transylvania every Halloween. They have supersonic flight and hearing.

Their tails help them to perch on trees. They rather spend their life outside, and hate confinement. Owning a Mutant Korbat is extremely hard, and only the best owners in Neopia have one.

9. The majestic Mutant Kougra is extremely docile, although it may not look like it would be. Their favourite toy is the Catnip toy, and they can play with it for hours on end. With hearing so astonishing, they can hear a pin drop in a crowded football stadium! With speeds as high as 200 mph, the Kougra can get you to that Toy Shop in no time flat. Mutant Kougras are not too social, and prefer to be the only NeoPet an owner has.

10. Mutant Krawks are extremely rare, if an owner is lucky to possess one, they are in for a bumpy ride. Mutant Krawks are extremely suspicious of everyone and everything, so it will take some time to stop them from being so suspicious with their keen intelligence it's almost impossible. Mutant Krawks have big golden eyes, and are generally friendly once they check you out; they may also be able to shoot fireballs (this may be a rumour though) and are extremely agile with their hands, since they have four arms after all!

11. The Mutant Moehog is a lazy little NeoPet that just sits around and eats all your goodies. Although it can be lazy, it can also be resourceful. It has a very thick skin that retains large amounts of water, it also can mow your NeoHome Garden with its teeth, and keep your garden looking its best. Mutant Moehogs may have the tendency to be clumsy.

12. Mutant Shoyrus have just recently become mutated, so not much is known about their abilities. From what Neopian researchers can see they are not as mutated in their body, as in their face. They have huge jaws and teeth, which means Mutant Shoyrus must eat much larger meals, and have a big appetite. Their eyes seem to be closed most of the time, so many think they may be blind, and use sonar to see. Much more research must be done.

13. The Mutant Techo is extremely unusual, they seem to be part metal and part NeoPet. Being a mutation, they have jumped ten fold into the future. They are quite aggressive and don't like demanding owners, they are more of a loner.

Mutant Techos are genius in computer repair, why drag your computer to the computer repair shop? Have your Mutant Techo do it!

14. The Mutant Usul, besides the Chia being considered cute, the Usul may also be considered cute as well. During the mutation phase, it grew a third eye, so nothing you do can escape a Mutant Usul! They have luxurious purple fur that does not shed. Usuls also hate light, and like to live in very dim areas of your house. Although they may have a goofy expression on their face, they have a quite serious personality, and love to learn new things. Each one of their eyes can move independently.

15. Lastly, we talk about the Mutant Cybunny, this potion was mysteriously entered into Neopia on Cybunny Carnival Day. Cybunnies who drink this potion mutate into darker versions of themselves. Gone is the long Cybunny fur, the fur is replaced with a more thicker and greyer version, much more resistant to dirt. Although they may look more haggard, Mutant Cybunnies are still very clean; they also are more of a "night owl," they like the night much more than the day, and their teeth are 80% more stronger than ordinary Cybunnies. They can eat through Titanium, Steel, Cement, and any hard substance, and are extremely hard to confine. Once a Mutant Cybunny loves you, then it will stay with you forever and will not need to be confined.


Well, that wraps up mutant NeoPets. If you would like to make your Mutant NeoPet more accepting of its new appearance, how about a Mutant Plushie?


Neopia's Toy Shop understands how frustrating this can be, and has commissioned some new Mutant Plushies. Currently they have only a few available, but new ones are being made as you read. So far there is the Mutant Blumaroo, Mutant Buzz, Mutant Kiko, Mutant Moehog, Mutant Usul, Mutant Techo, and Mutant Elephante. All will make your Mutant NeoPet feel like dancing!


I would like to briefly talk about PetPets. Now that your NeoPet is a mutant, don't you think it will be lonely? Don't fear I have just the solution, get them a PetPet, no not just any PetPet, a mutant PetPet! If you already have an existing PetPet, you may can turn it into a Mutant PetPet just like its owner. The PetPet Puddle is the best way to find out about which species of PetPets can be mutated. You will need a Mutant PetPet Paintbrush to paint an existing PetPet. There are currently Mutant Puppyblew, Mutant Kadoatie, Mutant Uniocto, Mutant Peadackle, Mutant Noil, Mutant Triffin, Mutant Hornsby, Mutant Walein, and Mutant Snorkle. Try to match up your NeoPets personality with a PetPet.

I hope you enjoyed this massive mutant article, and happy mutations!

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