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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 38 > Continuing Series > Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Five

Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Five

by jlcchaolover3

Despite all the attempts to comfort Shoyru, Kacheek was extremely worried. Then he was even more worried when he heard a loud bang on the door. Gerald rushed to the door, opened it without greeting and rushed back to help his mother. A small, red somebody with a bandage on his left arm used for broken collarbones walked into the waiting room, trying not to trip up. He looked around the room at the pets in the chairs, frowning.

"Hey everyone," he said feebly as he recognised them with a start and changed his expression.

"Wingman?" Voltager piped up. "Is that you?"

"No," croaked the voice. "It's Red, and I've lost Goldy20001."

Shoyru's heart sank as far as he'd just sunk into his chair when he'd collapsed.

"No..." he sobbed. "It's all going to be over if we don't get back together. But what happened to you Red? What happened to your arm?"

Red tried moving his arm but whined in pain and dropped the bandage.

"I thought I was hanging around the Shoyru Gang," he continued, "so I flew up in a tree and watched the group. But it wasn't. There was this mean looking red Shoyru, apparently he's the leader of the group and-"

"That's the group Felicity betrayed," put in Shoyru. "It can't be the Shoyru Gang. Tell us more," he pressed on.

"I heard them mentioning the Shoyru Gang had destroyed one of their team-mates, a yellow Shoyru I can't recognise, defeated several other pets, and imprisoned another of their team-mates, Inferno, and..."

"THAT'S MY BROTHER!" shrieked Voltager, giving off electric sparks in the vicinity. Shoyru ducked under a chair to avoid the sparks.

"BE QUIET!" hissed Kacheek.

"Sorry Red."

There was a pause.

"The leader I think it was, slumped against the tree, it shook, and I fell. I know I know," he said quickly before Shoyru came up with another comment. "I could have flown, but I was in shock, so I hardly thought about it even when I was just starting to fall, and a crash on the ground knocked my shoulder out of place seconds later. I was lucky to have been spotted by a passing ambulance. The paramedics inside sorted me out a bit, and took me here. I was grateful, indeed, but I couldn't believe what I heard."

There was yet another long, ghastly pause.

Kacheek tried to look cheerful, but the news was too painful.

"But Wingman, Aqua and Goldy might be together to fight whatever tries to hurt them!" he said brightly.

"That's chances, Kacheek!" Shoyru was on a chair again and howling into one of the cushions. "Whatever might be trying to hurt them, it'll be happening now for all I know!"

"Goldy's on a decent level," said Red, waving his good arm in Shoyru's direction to get his attention. The bad arm was flopping loosely. "Level 14, and pretty darn intelligent..."

"And the Shoyru Gang?"

"What I'm saying," Red continued, "is that Goldy20001 is capable of holding off enemies for a while before he and the others get back to us."

"For a while," hooted Shoyru. "For a while! I'll probably be a goner by then!"

"Honestly Shoyru," Kacheek said tutting. "You have a way of exaggerating things."

Shoyru went pink.

"What I mean is," he growled, trying not to lose his cool, "that they may come across the Shoyru Gang themselves. What makes them different? There could be anything out there. It's bad enough our old home was demolished, now we may have to slip into the Adoption Centre and get picked by somebody. Not Goldy and Red, they've got an owner. But," he continued, trying to make some sense, "I'm going to find them. Excuse me." He shoved his way through desperate arms that Kacheek suddenly jerked out to stop him, but Shoyru simply smiled weakly and walked smartly out of the hospital.

There was a ghastly pause, but Gerald burst into the waiting room with a kindly smile on his face.

"Good news," he said gruffly, as though even the smile hadn't changed his mood one bit. "Your friend is OK. If she looked dead then that was just a trick by whoever attacked her, she wasn't as hard to fix as many others. Hey!" He raised his voice as Kacheek made for the door. "Where dya think you're going? You're all in this together!"

"I... must... find... Shoyru!" he spluttered, spilling the magazines and the table on which they rested. Voltager jerked out of her seat in horror and grabbed his arm.

"Oh no you don't," she shrieked at him. "Something might get you too, you know. Can Felicity stay here for a while, just while we all get together?"

Without further ado, Voltager dragged Kacheek out of the hospital and turned back to the burned forest. Kacheek couldn't relax himself and his attempts to stop, only started to friction-burn his feet.

"Owww!" he squealed, jerking to his feet and stopping directly in front of Voltager. "Where are we going? We've already been through the burned forest! We need to go somewhere else to find Wingman, surely!"

"I... I don't want to have to do this," quavered Voltager worriedly. She stopped and held onto one of the burnt tree trunks to keep herself standing. "I have to stop Inferno myself, bribe him out of evil. After all, he is my brother!"

"What have relations got to do with this when they're more SERIOUS things to worry about!" Kacheek floundered slightly, but didn't give up. "Life! Death! Getting together! Emotions come last!"

"But... but we can stop him with OTHER power!" she floundered, grabbing Kacheek's tail and jabbing him back, urging him to reconsider. "Our hearts have power too, you know. The power to change Inferno! He may be evil now, but in his heart he's NOT evil. He's my brother, and in my heart he's my brother!"

"Just because he's your brother doesn't mean he's not evil!" Kacheek squealed, and suddenly, a stabbing pain in his head and heart told him that he'd lost the argument. He slumped to the ground beside a burnt tree.

"G... Good luck," he said feebly, before hitting his head to the ground in a dead faint. Sighting this, Voltager hesitantly turned her back on him and her mind went wild. Can she really stop Inferno with the magic of emotion? But wait! Voltager's head suddenly sparked with surprise and she clutched it in her hands.

"Um...." she stammered weakly. "The... the Shoyru Gang?"



A petrified scream behind her made her whip round in a flash. There, she saw Shoyru. His legs were trembling as if he had a triple case of Parkinson's disease.

"There you are! Shoyru! We were looking for you!" Voltager looked relieved, but Shoyru's lip was trembling. His eyes welled with tears and he could hardly speak. "What's up?" she asked casually. But the next thing Shoyru did made her heart sink as low as the Earth's core.

"I... I just thought you ought to know..." he said in a very shaky, quaky voice. Voltager started to tremble and even held onto Kacheek's sunken body for support. "Inferno," he blurted out, suddenly breaking down in tears. "The S... Shoyru Gang destroyed him. Inferno was innocent! He wasn't really evil, nor was he suffering from any disease, he was knocked out, brain-dead and then confused!" A puddle of salty water was now sinking into the soil as Shoyru broke out into high, large broken sobs. "Now I remember what Linda said," he quaked, his voice breaking off every time he tried to say a word, "that she never knew Inferno to be part of that gang! We should have listened to Aqua!" Voltager let out a huge blast of lightning from her tarred body. Spilling tears conducted it quickly and the blast suddenly soared into the air like a rifle shot and exploded in mid air, stretching across the sky in every direction like a giant sheet lightning bolt. Unable to cope, Voltager summoned the very last of her newest supply of strength and dragged the two friends across the ground to the hospital to spread the word.


After spending an emotionally painful and restless night in the hospital, Shoyru sat up in bed in deep worry about Goldy and Wingman. He wasn't too sure about Aqua, meeting him with the news about Inferno, although Voltager insisted on trying to help find him, being one of her brothers.

Without any warning or a knock at the door, Gerald came bursting into the guest room and marched in as if he owned it. The room was gigantic. Against the left hand wall lay twenty, smartly made single beds with the Neopets logo woven into it. At the back of the room was a separate smaller room for the toilets, and at the right hand wall were threes tables cluttered with drawing paper, mounds of pre-school toys and beanbags, a window with yellow and flowered curtains, dark green and flowered carpet and orange and flowered wallpaper.

"Mother says you must stay until you are all properly recovered." Gerald said shortly. This time he was wearing a tight, gold locket necklace with 'RPUA' scrawled in a huge dent in the locket. In small writing just below it, read the words: 'Recovery Period Unit Assistant'. "This town here was made to help nomadic pets keep out of trouble. There's a pound down the road there and they..."

"But we're not hurt," Shoyru lied quickly. He was devastated about the attack on Inferno, which was lethal. The sight of it made him sick.

"I'll tell Mother if you insist on leaving here before three weeks. No, I don't want any explanations," he snapped shortly as Shoyru tried to protest. "Your friends will wind up here in the end and then they'll be taken care of. Stop your whining! And for once..."

"Gerald!" came a squeal from the emergency room.

"What patient this time, Mother?" Gerald called, with slight worry in his voice just in case anyone was called into the emergency room.

"Mind your attitude. These are guests. I've asked them to stay in the Recovery Period Unit for an RP. Treat them humanely, please dear."

"Call me when there's an emergency next time Mother..." Gerald grumbled, slumping onto a beanbag cushion with plushies all over the cover. He spat and tossed it aside, seizing a feather pillow and slouched on top.

"So, is it true Voltager," Kacheek cried, unable to draw his attention from Shoyru, who was trying hard not to pass out. "Your brother, was innocent, and he was defeated? No way!"

"Why did you try to stop me?" Voltager suddenly screamed. She threw a glare at Kacheek. "WHY? It resulted in his demise!"

"He isn't the only one! The death of the Aisha judge was everyone's fault. They should've realised that the judge was acting for the best! SHE DID WHAT SHE DID TO SAVE US BECAUSE EVERY ONE IN THE STANDS SUDDENLY ERUPTED BECAUSE OF SLIGHT SUSPICION!"

Voltager suddenly reared back into her bed.

"You... you mean..."

"Yes," Kacheek said solemnly. It wasn't his usual squeaky tremor either, but very quiet. "I know you thought it was all my fault. You erupted at me just because of slight suspicion, which was my point."

Voltager faced the ceiling for a few moments.

"We wouldn't have had any idea where to start looking for Inferno," continued Kacheek, and he too faced the ceiling. "Shoyru tried to go out and find the friends but gruesome memory of Inferno's end is triggering his memory sharply, making him feel much weaker at heart, mind and even physical health and strength. The disease is still lingering, though sometimes we don't know. Nor, apparently, does Shoyru. But the biggest problem is, we don't even know what it is, or how long it will last. For all we know, if it doesn't last long, then nor will he."

To be continued...

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