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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Articles > Which PetPet is Right for Your NeoPet?

Which PetPet is Right for Your NeoPet?

by bluescorchio104

What PetPet's right for your NeoPet? Here in the world of Neopia, your lifestyle might just mean that your NeoPet is by itself a few hours a day. Since your NeoPet might get bored, why not get a PetPet? There are hundreds of PetPets out there, and some of them are quite cheap. Confused and slightly intimidated by the range and variety of PetPets? Well, this article's for you. In a matter of minutes, you can find out what PetPet's exactly right for your NeoPet. Don't forget; always consider your NeoPet's personality and the PetPet's personality before letting them play. Anyway, I'd better get on with the article.

Fiery PetPets

These PetPets are well suited to NeoPets able to handle the heat, such as Scorchios, Shoyrus and NeoPets painted Fire. Right now there aren't that many fiery PetPets around, but I hope that the NeoPets staff will bring more out soon. The only fiery PetPets I know of are the Baby Fireball, Froiler and the Moltenore. My NeoPet Bluefire104 (a Scorchio) has a Baby Fireball for a PetPet. Keep these PetPets away from water, and they should be okay.

Aquatic PetPets

Most of these PetPets can be found at the Rock Pool at Mystery Island, though there are a few watery PetPets that can be found at the main PetPet shop in Neopia Central. There is definitely no shortage of aquatic PetPets, so why not get one today? If you're not exactly rich, get a relatively cheap aquatic PetPet like a Searex, which you can get from the Wheel of Mediocrity or the Marketplace. Peophins, Koi, Nimmos, Quiggles, Flotsams and Jetsams are well suited to these types of PetPets.

Flying PetPets

These PetPets are well suited to Eyries, Shoyrus, Scorchios, Korbats, Buzzes, Faerie NeoPets and in general any NeoPet with wings. Most of these PetPets are able to do barrel-rolls, loop-the-loop and perform other aerial stunts to amuse your pet. Even better, if your NeoPet is well suited to flying PetPets (see above), they'll be able to fly together everywhere. Airaxes, Beakadoodles, Flightning Bugs, and Stegos are best known flying PetPets. The Airax and the Stego, however, are the cheapest, and if you're lucky you'll be able to win one from the Wheel of Mediocrity.

Useful PetPets

That's right, useful PetPets! These are great, and can do anything from warning you of the Pant Devil to bringing good luck. Flizzardos are very useful, as their tails can reach to three feet away to pick up stuff, and I'm sure with a bit of practice they can be trained to extend even further. With this PetPet you'll never need a Robot Chia around the house! Whoots can be used as an early warning system, as they can sense the presence of the Pant Devil. Horuses (the plural of Horus) are almost certainly related to Whoots, as

Horuses are not only wise, but be used as a warning system like a Whoot. Horuses are great if you would like a Whoot but live in the Lost Desert. The Apis is also great if you live in the Lost Desert, since they can survive the heat, and carry their own water supply. Mongmongs bring good luck, even if they are a bit expensive. Triffins can see stuff we can't see with their special third eye. Just exactly what they can see and what we can't is a mystery to me. Psimice (the plural of Psimouse) can predict the future, which would probably be really useful for all you stockholders out there. Anubi, Puppyblews and Warfs make great watchdogs, useful if you have not yet invested in NeoHome insurance. Deavers, which can be found at the Little Nippers Krawk Island PetPet shop, are useful for eavesdropping, due to their unique talent of using their thin ears like antennae. Screwtops are also useful for DIY, with their tools. If you own a young NeoPet that's afraid of the dark, I advise you obtain a Filamen, so that your NeoPet will never be left in the dark again.

Troublesome PetPets

Obviously, these PetPets like causing havoc in one way or another. Luckily, there are not many troublesome PetPets out there, but this section is all about warning you about them. I would advise you not to give a young NeoPet one of these, but if you think your NeoPet can handle it, go ahead and buy one. First of all, I'll let you know about the infamous Tigermouse. Not only does it tease and taunt your NeoPet (pulling tails, biting ears, and other horrible things) it costs around 20,000 NP. I mean, what person in their right mind would buy this PetPet???? Unless it was for a collection or something of course. Zebbas are pretty much the pickpockets of Neopia, since they steal and nick stuff. This is not a good PetPet to have around your NeoHome if you (or your neighbour) own Hidden Tower items. Magtiles can also be a problem, due to their yearning for blood. Uggatrips will almost always try to trip up your NeoPet, probably due to some genetic defect or inbreeding. Grackle Traps do not seem to really be PetPets, but some kind of plant. They have an unfortunate tendency to eat everything within sight, so expect a lot of things to go missing if you intend to buy this hungry PetPet. Meekins are so loud and noisy you'll want to get rid of it. I have no idea why they deafeningly squeal for food the way they do, but only get this PetPet if you and your NeoPet are deaf. Crabulas are mean, crabby (no pun intended) PetPets, and well known for their habit of constantly pinching NeoPets.

Playful PetPets

With these PetPets, you'll never be bored! The Tenna is a good example of this type of PetPet, since it can be thrown around and returns to you by itself. Poppits are great for amusing yourself on a rainy day, and you can have competitions with your friends to see who's Poppit can go the highest. Slorgs, due to their tendencies to leave slime trails, are able to make beautiful slime pictures, ideal if you can't afford a pencil for your NeoPet. Diddlers are tonnes of fun for your pet with a variety of inbuilt games. Pepitos, due to their intelligence, can be taught tricks to impress your friends. Fungrees are possibly the ultimate playful PetPet (despite having a weird name), since they are able to bounce off walls like rubber. No doubt your NeoPet could think up countless games to play with a Fungree (hint: the Fungree can be combined with another PetPet mentioned in this article at the Cooking Pot).

Great All-round PetPets

This type of PetPet is great for any type of NeoPet whatsoever. Mallards are friendly and are rarely hostile, making it an ideal PetPet. Cobralls, despite their appearance, make great companions, and can even be entered in the annual CNJSC (Cobrall Negg Juice Spitting Championship). Buzzers are terrific and good-tempered, the perfect first time PetPet for a young NeoPet. As well as being great at archery, Buzzers seem to be able to sense Buzz Honey from far away, making it a good PetPet for any NeoPet with a sweet tooth. Huggys are good too, but sometimes their affection and constant hugging can be overwhelming. Margarals, which you can pick up for about 10,000 NP at the Faerie PetPet shop, are great little pals, but make sure you don't get it confused with your NeoPet's Fuzzles.

Well, I hope this article has helped you to pick the perfect PetPet for your NeoPet, and I hope that in the future, your PetPet and your NeoPet will spend many happy days playing together.

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