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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Articles > Unorthodox Means: Alternative Morphing Methods

Unorthodox Means: Alternative Morphing Methods

by sarakrindel

Discussed last time was how potions from Kauvara's shop can be used to change your pet. There are other ways too, even if they are less tidy.

Magical Toys and Plushies

The Toy Factory is nice enough to put the label "WARNING: PLAYING WITH THIS TOY WILL ALTER YOUR NEOPET" or something like that on all magical plushies. These are basically like morphing potions, except they come from either the toy shop or a game instead of the magic shop, and after being used they will not disappear into thin air, but will become normal toys.

These are usually more expensive than their potion counterparts, but there is an exception when a game is involved. Some games, such as Meerca Chase, will give out magical plushies when you receive a high score (in the case of Meerca Chase, it's magical Meerca plushies). This is available for Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Pterattack, and used to be the case for Poogle Solitaire.

Magical Chomby plushies do actually make your pet a Chomby. Unfortunately, they have had some recent price kick-ups lately, but still a very affordable way to get a limited edition pet.

Pteri magical plushies can be obtained by getting a high score on Pterattack, but there are amazingly cheap Pteri morphing potions (some are often under 500 NP, less than 3K for a spotted Pteri) which drive this irrelevant.

If you want a Poogle a lot, go get a magical yellow Poogle toy NOW!!!! I don't know what effect this article will have on the price of these ex-Poogle solitaire prizes, but it probably will be in an upward direction. A friend of mine has proof these work, and prior to the publication of this article they were only 10K.

The news says there are magical Tonu and Krawk plushies out. I'm sure these work fine, but they are fairly new and need time to be absorbed into the market. They will probably always be unbuyables ; however it is another way to get a Krawk (which means more chance to stumble on a cheap one!) and it's a way to buy yourself a Tonu if you have the NP.

Transmogrification Potions

These are those potions given out by Dr. Sloth in hope to make all Neopets mutants. They will turn the drinker into the mutant of the potion's type (meaning a Techo Transmogrification Potion will turn a pet into a mutant Techo, even if it's a Kougra). If you paint them (plain paintbrushes are cheap) a mutant will become a normal pet. They are an alternative to morphing potions, and are frequently the cheaper way to go. There is also an expense for the paintbrush if you don't want to keep them mutants, but I know people who actually like mutants just the way they are.

There is no mutant paintbrush for regular pets; the only other ways are the lab ray and rainbow swirly potion.

Species with transmogrification potions available:


This is not a very big selection.

There is no such thing as a perfect fix. Even if they do have transmogrification potions for the species you want, they change price, and rarely in a downward direction. Plain morphing potions, as they are less popular, are also going down in price. They may, in time meet, and the bonus cost of the paint brush for transmogrification potions might turn the tides on what's more NP efficient.

Lab Ray

I have never used the Lab Ray, so I am relying on what others say, primarily the Lab Ray Diary of Monokeras (courtesy of scriptfox). I wish that I had more variety in my information sources, but LRDOM is the only reliable one which pays enough attention to morphing to be of value.

Apparently, scriptfox got most of the pieces from the auctions to save money, but a few pieces he couldn't get that way he obtained through the shops.

If you want to use the lab ray to make your pet a robot, I would recommend keeping a store of morphing potions of the species you want. Monokeras was never a robot, and probably because he (and sometimes, she) spent very little time as a species where the robot colour had come out yet.

Monokeras became a Cybunny, Meerca, Scorchio, Eyrie, Kiko, Flotsam, Nimmo, and Grarrl during his 170 days of Lab Treatment. Whenever he changed species he started out as a plain colour, but throughout the treatment he became non-plain a lot, fire several times, and once a faerie. Neopia's favourite detective changed gender 12 times, so it is probably a good alternative to a Strange Potion.

At least as far as morphing is concerned, anyone can see the pet page of Monokeras to see all of his changes, and when they happened.

As said at the beginning of the first part of this article, the four things determined about a neopet at creation are colour, species, gender, and name. If you think the first three of these qualities are perfect, then these articles is of no use to you whatsoever. But there is always the threat of a makeover, you may decide to use the lab ray after all, or you may just grow plain sick of your pet.

Have questions? Comments? Feel free to Neomail. I wrote this article to help others.

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