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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Continuing Series > Sabrina's Wish: Part Two

Sabrina's Wish: Part Two

by _happyhoppy_

The blazing sun rose over the horizon and something was in the air, something just something, that would make the day special. The sun crept in to Sabrina's bedroom and she woke with a slowly.

"Whaaaa?" Sabrina mumbled, opening her eyes and soaking in the September sun. She looked over to her alarm clock. "8:00!" she screamed, "I'm going to be late!"

She brushed her dark purple hair from her eyes and leaped out of bed. Then her eyes glowed bloody scarlet and with a puff of purple smoke her clothes changed to black leather Capri pants, a purple tank top with a bat shape on it and a black jacket. Then she raced down the spiral staircase to the dinning hall.

The dinning hall was huge with torches lighting it up on either side. There she saw her mother leaning over a bubbling cauldron.

"So what's for breakfast?" she asked, knowing that is was going to be something pretty gross.

"Toe Tofu with extra toe," her mother said proudly. "I made plenty, for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"Oh great..."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, ma."

"Did you feed fluffy?"

"I will," she said, grabbing a steak and throwing it to a cave. Then a huge clawed hand grabbed it and pulled it in.

"Okay, here's your lunch... now off to school," her mother instructed.

Sabrina sped outside and grabbed her broom. But the handle was snapped so she had to walk to school. She ran as fast as she could and then tripped over something. She looked over and saw a necklace. But not just any necklace it was solid gold and had a emerald green orb on it. It was gorgeous and glittering. "Wow," she said as she put in on. She looked down and...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! My body's gone!" Sabrina screamed.

Indeed she was right. She was invisible. Sweet!! This time she was wrong. This necklace just happened to be the most powerful item in Neopia... a most powerful and evil item.

"Wait till the guys at school find out about this!"

So onward she walked unaware off the evil she was dealing with. Then, suddenly, taking a shortcut through the library, she had a sudden urge to knock over the bookshelf. She tried to fight it but it was almost like she was fighting herself. The orb on the necklace was glowing vividly green, and all of a sudden... Bam! The bookshelf collapsed and Sabrina woke up from a nightmare. In the nightmare the necklace was controlling her, making her do evil deeds, but luckily it was only a dream.

She looked around at the mess cluelessly. What happened? She tried to remember, but a she could remember was a green light and a voice in her head saying come on, no one's looking... just one little push... what's the matter are you chicken? Then it hit her the necklace it did this!

Sabrina tried to yank the necklace off but when she even touched it the pain of a million swords cutting her throat surged her. The necklace it wasn't going to come off!

"Miz Korbat, are you going to join us in faerie curses class or not?" asked a voice behind her that made her jump.

She was no longer invisible.

"Mmmmiss Ashes," she quivered out of her lips, "Hhhow nnnnice of you tttto cccare.... Korbat, get to class!" she yelled. Sabrina raced away before Miss Ashes could ask about the mess.

Sabrina walked into a large classroom. All the other student had already taken their seats. As usual all the popular Air and Light Faeries had taken the front seats. They were snobbing around like they owned the place, talking about boyfriends and make-up. The Fire and Battle Faeries had the second row of seats for chatting away at how many people they've beaten in the Battledome lately. And in the third row there were the Earth and Water faeries starting their own book club. Then the Soup, Snow, Negg, Space, Battle and then finally in the very back the Dark Faeries.

It was no fair the Light Faeries always got treated like angel sent from above and we get treated like a pile of sludge. I know for a fact that some Light Faeries are much meaner then us dark faeries. But still the more beautiful you are the more respect you get here at Faerieland Jr. High. Her anger clouded her mind and made her forget about the necklace until: "Come on, pull that Light Faerie's hair... no one's looking...."

Her hand seemed to be pulled the Light Faerie's hair all she could think about was pull, pull. Pull... Then she finally realised what was doing and yelled out, "NO!" Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. Her cheeks turned redder then Miss Ashes' hair.

Miss Ashes was a Fire Faerie. Before she could explain Miss Ashes barked, "Miz Korbat! how long does in take you to find a seat?!"

Sabrina grabbed a seat near this very pretty Air Faerie that looked very nice. Miss Ashes didn't seem to care until the Air Faerie raised her hand.

"Yes miss Vaporiana," Miss Ashes said cheerfully.

"I want to learn ever so much but Miss Korbat here is distracting me. Couldn't she go to the back like the rest of the disturbing faeries?" said the air faerie.

All the Dark Faeries in the room erupted with hatred.

Miss Ashes wouldn't buy this or would she?


Sabrina walked to the back while the Light Faeries snickered. For the rest of the day Sabrina's mind came up with all sorts of revenge. But the necklace seemed to be feeding off every hate, every plan and every evil wish. When recess finally came the necklace was so powerful her voice changed into a low evil voicezzzzz and her eyes glowed red with anger.

Then when she walked around the corner there was Jhudora. "GIVE ME MY NECKLACE!" she said.

"Never!" said Sabrina, well the necklace actually.

"I need that to conquer the world," Jhudora insisted.

A crowd had gathered to see the fight. And just as they were about to destroy each other a Dark Faerie stood out. "No you can't!" she said.

"Yes, I can," Sabrina cackled. But just as she was she stopped. She couldn't. She wasn't angry anymore and the necklace lost control.

It fell and disappeared in a cloud of green smoke.

"I'm FREE!!" Sabrina shouted, and from that day forward everyone referred to her as the faerie that saved Neopia.

The End

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