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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Celebrating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 37 > New Series > The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part One

The Bottled Light Faerie Rescue: Part One

by gentle_lil_queen

Aurelia was a Light Faerie who would do anything to help others by cheering up them up or saving their lives. She was the most helpful faerie in Neopia. On her free time, she always fluttered around on her faerie wings and watched the beautiful sunsets.

One day, she was sitting on a rock when she suddenly heard a whispering in the distance. She flew over there and saw Balthazar talking to himself as he planned his notes. Aurelia hid behind a tree and listened carefully.

"Well, well, well, this will be the finest capture! There is a party out deep in this forest, Faerie Forest!"

"Nobody told me about any party," Aurelia whispered to herself and then continued listening.

"I will set up an invisible net above the food table, because at a certain time, they will use it for a special occasion! Tonight, I have to get everyone over there, and then capture them all! Even Fyora the Faerie Queen! All those faeries will be bottled and Fyora will stay in my magic protected cage for all eternity! Ha ha ha! Now to set up!" Then Balthazar walked away.

"Oh no!" said Aurelia. "Everyone knows only the owner of the magic protected cage is the ONLY one that can open it! I've got to save them!" Aurelia flew off to plan.

Two hours later...

Fyora was talking to every faerie around the forest.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming to the 50th annual Small Faerie Party!"

Everyone cheered with delight.

"I have been assembling the plans!" Fyora pointed a stick on a tree which showed a schedule. "First, we will share our ideas which will go to Faerieland and if it fits, they will be awarded. The best one will receive another magical power which they will need to be able to become the new Uber-Faerie which will take place in 200 years! Secondly..."

It all went on and on and on until the real information both Balthazar and Aurelia needed.

"Then we will have dinner at the table and celebrate. Yes, you can chat at the table. No you can't use magic to make a food disappear if you don't like it. This will take place in an hour and a half. And then..."

There were ten things to do at the party, but the fifth one was the most important one for those that wanted know about the plan. They did what they needed to do. Then finally, it was time.

"All right!" said Fyora. "Time to go to the food table!" That was Aurelia's clue. She flew down and stood in front of the food table blocking the way.

"STOP!" Aurelia shouted

"Aurelia! Get out of the way!" shouted Fyora.

"Balthazar is here!"

Everyone gasped at that.

"Wait, let me check," Fyora said. She murmured some words and suddenly, all invisible things appeared, including the net.

"Wait," Fyora said. She murmured a few more words and suddenly, Balthazar was in sight.

"Get him!" Fyora shouted.

All of the faeries gathered up the tree and started throwing rocks at him. Balthazar ran deep into the forest shouting only once. "I'll get you for this Aurelia! If its the last thing I do!"

Aurelia didn't know what he meant. She told everyone to stand back. Then she removed the net and then it disappeared into nothingness.

"Aurelia, thank you for saving us! Please, take this."

Fyora handed her a small bag. Aurelia reached in and pulled out a Sword of the Air Faerie.

"Thank you Fyora," replied Aurelia kindly. "Now I have to go!" Aurelia tucked the Sword of the Air Faerie in her pocket and off she went.

Three days later...

Aurelia was back to her normal life again with an addition to practising fighting with her sword, but she planned on only using it in an emergency. Later that day, Aurelia was taking a walk when suddenly, she was snatched up.

"AHHHHH!!!" Aurelia screamed. She looked up and found the face of Balthazar.

"I told you I would get you!" Balthazar snarled.

Aurelia was about to get her sword out when she was placed in a bottle and was taken to a cabin.

"This is where I plan to put other faeries when they are really mean to me by saving faeries and messing up my plans."

Balthazar took out Aurelia and plucked her wings off, removed her ability to do magic spells, made sure she doesn't glow, and put her in the jar.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Aurelia cried. "How could this have happened? It's broad daylight!"

"I won't sell you!" Balthazar said as he put air-holes in to the lid of the jar. You will no longer fly around Neopia! I will put you in the most dangerous spot! The Whirlpool!"

Aurelia gasped. The Whirlpool is one of the top three most dangerous places in Neopia!

"But what if I drown?!" Aurelia shouted.

"Better get a new cork!" Balthazar shouted. He removed the old one, threw in an unlimited underwater breather and replaced it with a new cork.

"You shall go inside tomorrow! Go on the shelf!" Balthazar put the bottle on the shelf and went to a room where he planned on spending the night.

The next day...

Balthazar prowled out of the room, ate a Chia treat, and, as he went outside, he remembered something. "Oh right!" he said. "You!" He grabbed the bottle Aurelia was in and made his way to the whirlpool. He said his last line to Aurelia: "Have a nice eternity underwater!" Balthazar snarled and plunged Aurelia in the middle of the whirlpool.

Two weeks later...

Aurelia was sitting at the bottom of the jar. She sighed. She couldn't fly, use her magic to get herself out, or glow to make a signal. She was also dead tired of the view.

Up above...

Daydreamer_daydream and Gimmer_shimmer were hovering above the water above the whirlpool. They were both Pteris. Daydreamer_daydream was blue and Gimmer_shimmer was spotted.

"Maybe I can find something down there," Daydreamer_daydream said.

"Please, PLEASE be careful!" Gimmer_shimmer pleaded. "That whirlpool could have you spinning down there forever! Please! Take this just in case!" Gimmer_shimmer handed her a Water Faerie.

Daydreamer_daydream opened the jar and was able to breathe underwater. She dropped the jar, made the ability happen, and down she went. Then the whirlpool got her and she drifted to the bottom. At first, she panicked and her water breathing ran out. Then she gathered all her strength, and sped up grabbed something along the way. Little did she know that what she grabbed was Aurelia's bottle. Daydreamer_daydream got out of the water and flew up to Gimmer_shimmer.

"Are you OK?" asked Gimmer_shimmer.

"I'm fine," replied Daydreamer_daydream. "I got something too!"

They flew back home back in the window just as their owner, gentle_lil_queen, walked in the door.

"Hi girls!" said gentle_lil_queen. "Did you behave while I was gone? What's that?"

"We did. We don't know what that is yet," said Gimmer_shimmer. "I just know that..."

Then she got lost in a daydream about her past. Terrible. Just terrible.

To be continued...

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