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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Short Stories > The Little Earth Faerie

The Little Earth Faerie

by angel_demona

The night was dark as black and the moon was full as they glanced around. The Haunted Woods surrounded them. ShadowCalls, the green Shoyru, looked at his owner Angel_demona.

"Mum, are you sure we are going the right way?" he asked her. Angel looked around and shuddered.

"No, I'm not… but what else can we do but continue?" Angel looked around the woods again. "Let's go that way," she said, pointing left, the place most open to the light of the moon. Syevn, the blue Korbat, shuddered.

"I don't like this place," he murmured to himself.

"Well, I don't either. Come on!" Angel looked back at her NeoPets in annoyance. "Do you at least want to TRY to get out of this place?"

ShadowCalls looked at his owner and cocked his head to one side. She kind of reminded him of the Earth Faerie for some particular reason. Not as thought she was very pretty, but she was somewhat sarcastic, and her long brown hair fell a little past her shoulders and her sable eyes were full of shadowed secrets.

"We're coming," ShadowCalls told her, as he ran to catch up with Angel. "Come on, Syevn!" He called back to the Korbat, who was lazily flying behind them.


"Can't we rest here?! We've been going for days!!" Syevn whined. Now, of course, they had not been going for days, but for only a couple hours.

"I guess we could rest here," Angel said as they opened to a circle clear of trees. It was about 10:00 at night, and Angel and her pets had been off to Faerieland. The day before, Angel had promised her pets she would take them after school that day, if they were nice and if the weather agreed. Well, it was nice and sunny and Syevn and ShadowCalls were extra nice to their owner. So, as she promised, she brought them, or tried to bring them, to Faerieland.

On their way there, Syevn had asked if he could stop by the Brain Tree to complete the task he had finished. Angel said he could, but when Syevn got back, he had brought back more Neopoints some books, and a few toys. Angel complained how she would never get back for school in the morning, so they all decided to take the short-cut through the Haunted Woods.

"I'm scared," Syevn whispered loudly. He flew over to Angel, and landed lightly on her shoulder. "Are we ever going to get out?" Angel glanced at Syevn, then at ShadowCalls, who both gave her hopeful, questioning glances.

"Of course we're going to get out… sooner or later…." And just as Angel said the words, a sudden burst of dark light flashed above them, and Jhudora floated down toward them.

"Hello," she said, forming the word precisely, in a smooth, black velvet voice. "Do you happen to be lost?" ShadowCalls shrank back behind Angel, and Syevn tried to hide in her hair. Angel acted as though all she saw standing before her, was a common stranger.

"Yes, we do happen to be lost," Angel said in a slightly hard tone of voice.

"Do you happen to need help?" Jhudora looked at Angel with amusement in her eyes. EVERYONE is afraid of the Dark Faerie, Jhudora thought to herself; All she needs is just a little scaring…

"Yes, we happen to need help," Angel replied. Her voice was still slightly hard.

ShadowCalls heard a giggling in the forest, and looked around. Then he saw her. There was a small Earth Faerie hidden behind tree, peeking out from behind it to look at him. ShadowCalls looked at Angel, who was looking at the Dark Faerie. He looked at Jhudora, who was looking at Angel. He looked at Syevn, who was switching his gaze back and forth between the two. ShadowCalls looked at the tiny Earth Faerie again, and made up his mind. He started after the little Faerie.


Finally, after a while of chasing the little Faerie, ShadowCalls sat down. Exhausted. He looked up and saw a flash of green go past him. He reached out quickly, and grabbed it gently with his front paw. Just as his hand closed around it, ShadowCalls saw a beautiful shade of green flash above him. The light coming from it was very bright; ShadowCalls used his arm to shield his eyes from the pretty green light. He heard the soft flutter of wings coming closer, and he slowly removed his arm away from his face.

What he saw before him was nothing he had ever even dreamed before. She had long brown hair that fell to her shoulders, and her sharp green eyes were darkened by the shadows that lurked in them. Her dress was no other than a layer of silky satin, and her velvet robe was a slight shade darker green than her dress. She looked at him, and her thin lips curled into a smile.

"Little Shoyru! You've caught her!" She said, her voice as sweet as cotton candy, as light as air, and as smooth as water. "Give her here." ShadowCalls didn't have a choice at whether he wanted to give her the Faerie. His paw had a mind of his own, and he lifted his paw and let the tiny Faerie fall gently into her slightly cupped, open hand. "Why, thank you, Little Shoyru!" Iyanna, the Earth Faerie, said softly and smiled. "What might your name be, Sweet Shoyru?" ShadowCalls looked up at Iyanna shyly.

"My name is ShadowCalls," ShadowCalls said. And my owner is Angel_demona."

"I've heard of that name before…Where might Angel be know?"

"I don't know…" ShadowCalls replied. "We were kind of lost and then the Dark Faerie came, and then I ran away to catch the little Earth Faerie…" ShadowCalls voice trailed off.

"Oh, you poor little Shoyru!" Iyanna said. "I'll help you find Angel, and then I'll help you all get out. Only Jhudora knows what Jhudora will do next…" ShadowCalls didn't here the rest of what Iyanna was going to say, because he disappeared, spinning, in a puff of green smoke.


ShadowCalls plopped onto his rear when he finally stopped spinning. He looked up at Iyanna, who was standing before him.

"Where are we?" He asked, his head was foggy, and the air was hot and heavy. All around him were grand green plants, and he was sure he wasn't in the Haunted Woods anymore.

"We are in my garden!" She said, bringing her arms up over her head and began twirling around. "It's kind of hard to find the house from here, but I wanted you to see my beautiful plants!" ShadowCalls looked around again. Green plants were EVERYWHERE!

"Isn't this a little big to be a garden?" ShadowCalls asked the Earth Faerie. Iyanna blushed and stopped twirling.

"I was always fond of plants… after all, I AM the Earth Faerie, what did you expect?"

"Sorry." ShadowCalls looked down, feeling stupid.

"Come on, let's see if we can find it!"

"Find what?"

"Your present for finding my Faerie, silly! Now, where did I put it?" Iyanna looked around. "Aha!" She bent over and reached behind a large boulder. "Not this, not this, not this…" The Earth Faerie began throwing stuff behind her. "I found it!" Iyanna looked at ShadowCalls. "Thank you so very much for finding her! Here!" She thrust something into ShadowCalls hand and he gasped. It was the Staff of the Earth Faerie!

"I can't take this!" ShadowCalls thrust the staff back at Iyanna.

The Earth Faerie's face fell. "Don't you like it?"

"Of course I like it! It's too much!"

"You silly Shoyru! It's not enough! I should give you at least three of them! Now, to find Angel…" The Earth Faerie looked up. "Ah, yes..." And ShadowCalls disappeared again in a puff of green smoke.


"ShadowCalls! There you are!" Angel ran over to ShadowCalls and held him against her. "Where were you?" She asked him. "He was with me," A voice said. Angel looked behind her and saw the Earth Faerie standing behind her.

"Why, hello Iyanna!" Angel said in a cheerful, happy voice.

"Greetings, Angel. I happen to have heard that you are lost? Do you happen to need help?"

"No, we're just fine, now that we have ShadowCalls back!" Angel looked down at ShadowCalls and smiled at him.

Syevn looked at ShadowCalls, and he flapped his wings excitedly. "You'll never guess what we went through when you left!" Syevn said to ShadowCalls. ShadowCalls smiled secretly to himself as he listened to Syevn tell his story…

The End

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