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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 37 > Short Stories > Aisha Troubles the Short Stories: Nine Lives To Live?

Aisha Troubles the Short Stories: Nine Lives To Live?

by mewz

Ashley was a blue Aisha who went by the name Ash. She had a rather plump Kadoatie named Kat. She just loved mushrooms! She always loved having food with any kind mushrooms in it! Ashley sometimes would cook mushroom casserole for her and Kat. At parties, Ash would bring some kind of mushroom food, but no one really liked mushrooms and hated it when Ash brought some. One-day Ash 's friend, ShoyruMew the Shoyru, came up to her at a party.

"Ash, what is with you and mushrooms? Almost everyone hates them!"

"Well, so what? More for me!"

"Ashley, someday you'll realise how gross those mushrooms are!"

"Ya, right. Like anything like that will happen."

"Just you wait, something will happen where you'll hate them!"

"Sure," Ash said as she walked

That night, Ashley sat in bed thinking about what ShoyruMew said. "Me hating mushrooms? When would that happen?" Ashley fell asleep and had a horrible nightmare. She was falling down a black hole when she landed on a giant mushroom. The mushroom started chasing her and swallowed he whole. Ashley sat inside the mushroom when she saw Kat. Kat seemed sick or troubled but Ash couldn't get to her. No matter how much she ran, she couldn't catch up to Kat. Right then, Ash was spit up into a forest of mushrooms. The mushroom started attacking when Ashley woke up. With sweat on her forehead, Ashley looked and saw Kat sleeping on her feet. Ashley decided to go back to sleep since nothing was wrong.

That morning Ashley decided to have an omelette, with mushrooms in it. No, that was only a dream, Ash thought to herself. Just then, Ash realised that she was throwing a party that day! She decided that for a treat, she would pick mushrooms from the forest, since the Apothecary was closed and other places were expensive.

It was one of those crisp autumn days that are perfect for a cup of tea, or in Ash's case, some mushrooms. The forest was a wander of colour, with a sweet smell in the air. A cold breeze brushed the leaves off the trees and they fell towards the ground. This was the nice part of the forest, right before you get to the haunted woods. There was like a wall or barrier that separated the forest from the haunted woods. The bright colours off the forest suddenly left. The dark, damp haunted wood appeared right before Ashley. It was like day suddenly become night. Over here though, was the best mushroom field. If you knew which you could eat, it was perfect! Ashley loved it since it wasn't far into the woods, where she hated to go.

Ashley went in a big area with mushrooms spread all over. She saw many different kinds of mushrooms. Ash wasn't sure which mushroom to get so she took out her handbook to tell about all the mushrooms. She looked at the kinds of mushrooms, seeing many kinds to cook with. Ashley looked and looked until she found the perfect one. It was a mushroom with a bitter taste until you cooked it, in which it was a very sweet, delicate taste. Ash put her book down and bent down to pick it when she remembered something. She looked though her book and realised a very poisonous mushroom that could make whomever ate it very sick. Ash looked at the picture and found that it looked just like the mushroom she picked. She saw a slight difference between the two pictures and decide she pick the good one.

Ashley picked many mushrooms and put them in her bag. Ash headed home to cook her mushrooms and make mushroom casserole. She chopped the mushrooms, added cheese along with many other ingredients. She covered it with some sauce she made from the mushrooms and bits of cheese. Ashley tried a little, and with pride, set it on the table with some cookies and punch.

One by one, other Neopets came pouring into the house. They brought all kinds of food like cakes, candies, cookies, sandwiches, and different kinds of platters. They danced and talked and had a great time. Even though most hated mushrooms, they all loved Ash's dish! Before long, all of it was gone! Ashley decided to let Kat lick the bowl. Her friend, ShoyruMew came up to ask what was in her casserole.

"Hey, Ash! What was in your dish! It was delicious!"

"Oh, mushrooms! They turn sweet when cooked!"

"Mushrooms? How'd you get them to taste so good?"

"They were freshly picked!"

"Are you sure they were all right to eat?"

"Pretty sure!"

ShoyruMew smiled and left to go dance. Ashley sat on the couch and started to pet Kat. A little later, Kat started to moan and groan. Worried, Ashley thought of what was wrong and then she thought, The mushrooms!

Everyone suddenly headed to the Neopian Hospital to get treatment for that nasty fungus. They were all check and many wanted to be treated just in case something didn't show up. They headed back to Ashley's house to gather their stuff. Ash apologised to everyone and told herself that mushrooms weren't that good anyway. She gave up mushrooms except on little things like a piece of pizza.

Ashley walked in and looked for Kat. There she sat, with five new-born Kadoatie and no other harm. Relived but stressed, Ashley got a little Kadoatie and showed everyone. They were frustrated for having to go to the hospital, but were very joyful and they congratulated Kat.

The End

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