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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 35 > Continuing Series > Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Two

Battle of the Shoyru Gang 2: Part Two

by jlcchaolover3

"Hey, you!" a voice shouted, from behind the leaf. Shoyru spun round, and the blue blob of 'water' was actually a Shoyru. It was standing tall and angry, its dark-blue coat giving it camouflage in the darkness and a lighter glow on its front, on its face and inner arms.

"Me?" Shoyru said, startled.

"State your business!" it snapped.

Words were racing through Shoyru's mind wondering what to say. Impatiently the blue Shoyru gave Shoyru a swift punch in the face. In pain Shoyru snatched back his head in his hands.

"Ouch!" he wailed. "Stop it!"


"All right already!" Shoyru said with a sigh of relief that he wasn't going to get thumped again. "I'm a traveller, my home was destroyed by a tornado, and I'm looking for the Shoyru Gang."

"Just WHY are you looking for the Shoyru Gang?" the blue Shoyru snapped, threatening Shoyru with a curled fist and pointing at his chest.

"They... they possess a ruthless fire Shoyru known as the legendary Volcano Shoyru!" Shoyru cried. "That's Voltager's elder brother, but it seems he was transformed to evil!"

"VOLTAGER?" The blue Shoyru was astonished. It was looking at Shoyru as if he were a ghost himself. Then it looked as if it would have hysterics, grabbed Shoyru by the throat and shook him rigorously back and forth whilst shedding tears twice as fast as it shook Shoyru. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY YOUNGER SISTER?"

"I haven't done a THING!" Shoyru screamed, he too was shedding tears of fright. "On the contrary, she is fine, with our gang and Goldy20001 and his buddy! If you don't believe me, go search for them! They should still be in this forest!"

"I'll do just that, stranger," thundered the blue Shoyru shaking Shoyru again with no fear of letting go, "and when I find Voltager, and ONLY then, I'll call a truce!" At last, the Shoyru let Shoyru free, dropping him to the ground. Then it disappeared from view.

Choking, with a sore throat, Shoyru stood up, still shedding tears of mock anger, wiped tears from his eyes and scuttled into the clearing. Passing Neopets nearly bumped into him along the way. He ran the same way he came, slipping underneath the thorn bushes and bursting upon his team, who were still arguing.

"Wingman!" he gasped, panting for breath. Wingman stopped arguing with Voltager and turned round. "Kacheek! Voltager! You'll never guess what just happened!"

"Have you been sneaking off again behind our backs Shoyru?" Wingman scowled, waving a finger at him.

"Oh come off it Wingman," Voltager said, waving a finger back at Wingman. "He's found something."

"If you found something," Kacheek said reasonably, "why didn't you bring it? We used to go treasure hunting and..."

"It ran off, and half-throttled me beforehand," Shoyru spluttered, then started in a coughing fit.

"Who would do such a thing?" Voltager wailed. Again Felicity and Red tried to calm them down. Goldy sprang up in horror despite their attempts, nose twitching.

"I smell trouble," he said tensely. The dark-blue Shoyru was hiding behind a bush behind them. After observing the voices carefully, he darted out into the clearing.

"Voltager, are you there?" he called. The group huddled together, except for Shoyru and Goldy. They glared.

The blue Shoyru pointed at Shoyru. "You again!"

"I could say the same thing," Shoyru replied, between coughs. "By the way, aqua, your sister is here!" Shoyru lifted Voltager up and propped her in front of the blue Shoyru, despite Voltager's protests of please not picking her up by the wing like that. The blue Shoyru smiled at Voltager and said he would call a truce, but he demanded to know how Shoyru had known his name. Shoyru just shrugged his shoulders.

"I never knew your name, aqua," he said. "It was just a nickname."

"That IS his name!" Voltager told him. "Aqua, the Aquatic Shoyru. That is one of the mysterious Shoyru who were 'genetically modified'. This also enabled us some special powers, fire, water and electricity."

"So...." said Aqua with a tight smile. Shoyru gulped. "This 'Volcano Shoyru' is actually my elder brother? It has to be. We can't destroy him, stupid lot! He can't be evil, he's being used. Get it?"

Shoyru nodded, but he was talking to Voltager. Aqua started to get annoyed. "But just how do you think the Volcano Shoyru turned evil when you two are goodies?"

Hearing this Voltager turned completely static with fright. Electric sparks flew from her eyes and tears that spilled at the same time mixed with the charge, causing her to shock herself, and draining the energy out of her.

"He turned evil" screamed Voltager, "because he must be suffering from a disease similar to what Shoyru has, and the side effects are unknown. Who knows what might happen, apart from the fact that he's turned evil....

"He has NOT turned evil!" Aqua fumed, trying not to lose his temper with Voltager.. "LISTEN to me! What evidence is there of a strange disease?"

"But the symptoms were almost the SAME!" Voltager screamed back at her brother. "He fell about in fright, fell faint, and then after a week, I don't know! I don't know what to do!"

"Then what can we do to stop this?" Wingman butted in impatiently and carelessly.


Voltager's screams were soon fading away as she fell to the floor, lying headlong across the ground. Aqua looked at her, eyes watering, then turned to Wingman with an angry glare in his eyes.

"You can never keep your mouth shut, can you?" he growled.

Wingman reacted by glaring back. With one swift smack, Aqua was on the ground. Aqua punched him back and vice versa. Red and Felicity were keeping well cool, just watching them, with Shoyru huddled with them. Then Goldy burst out. He was a nice Shoyru, but not when friends were getting hurt, emotionally or physically.

"Go away!" he raged, thudding towards Voltager and slumped down, rubbing her cheeks gently. Voltager pulled herself together and rose to her feet, but she still didn't look any happier. Kacheek started to run rings around the clearing so quickly and swiftly to entertain himself while the others stayed put and tried to discuss.

"Look little timid electric dragon," RedShoyru767 said, reasonably, "you don't have to destroy the Volcano Shoyru to stop his evil nature. You just got to play it a little harsh and send a few jolts but it's not as if you contain millions of volts, or we'll all be dust by now."

"But what if somebody else gets there before us!" Voltager said in panic. "We'll never get him back to the way he was!"

"For the last time he is NOT evil," growled Aqua, squirting Voltager with freezing cold water, "the Shoyru Gang are just USING him to become evil. Listen to me!"

"Will you PLEASE keep it down Aqua and Voltager..." Felicity said, with great restraint. "How many times have I told you lot? Take it easy!"

Meanwhile, Shoyru was sniffing the air, suspiciously. He smelt nothing for a moment, but then he smelt something like burning wood. He felt dizzy for a moment.

"W... what's that smell?" he said, panicky. Goldy too sniffed the air.

"It smells like fire," he said loudly. Kacheek stopped running and yelped.

"FIRE?" Kacheek yelled. "Get running!"

Voltager and Kacheek together panicked and clutched onto Shoyru for dear life. Goldy and Red clung together tensely, getting ready with their wings to fly. Aqua grabbed onto Felicity, whilst Felicity tried to throw him off her shoulder.

"Just splash the fire with water already!" Felicity said hurriedly.

"I can't SEE it!" Instead, he grabbed onto Wingman, who too tried to throw him off.

"Get OFF!" he blurted. "It's hard enough trying to find the SOURCE of the blaze with you meddling in front of me!"

Struggling to even see, Shoyru pointed at what looked like a volcanic blare, whizzing its way among the forest clearings. Everywhere it went, flames spread, causing forest fires to spread further and further among the trees, now ablaze.

"I can see it!" Shoyru cried, pointing and quivering all over. "It's right THERE!"

The glare of fiery light zoomed into the gang's clearing, where they were resting. Wings twitching, Red and Goldy moved backwards, stumbling over each other, then started flying high, above the fires, to see what was going on safely. Then they flew higher, and higher, until they were out of view. Shoyru, Wingman, Felicity and Kacheek doubled back with them, but Voltager stayed where she was. Her eyes were fixed on the ball of fire moving to and fro across the trees, setting each one on fire.

"Brother..." she murmured sadly underneath her breath. The fireballs had now set fire to the trees around the forest clearing. Sparks flew from the fire, and shot across the clearing, nearly trapping Shoyru's gang and Voltager. Goldy and Red weren't anywhere near now; they weren't even hovering over the gang any longer. What happened to them, Shoyru thought to himself. He tried with the team to escape the flames, but the heat and smoke made him cough and splutter. He began choking.

"Voltager!" Shoyru cried. "Quick, get out of the way! You'll get burned! Oh, Aqua, do SOMETHING!" Aqua came to his senses, leapt high into the air and sprayed water where the fires were raging. He managed to put out several trees and flew above the fiery creature and aimed at it, while spraying other areas of the forest. Then he remembered. The gang! The fire that was surrounding them also had to be put out. He raced above the clearing again The fireball-like creature hesitated for a moment, then it threw a ball of fire at Aqua's wings, knocking him out of the air.

"YIKES!" Plummeting to the ground where the fires had been put out, Aqua was knocked unconscious.

"Oh no," Kacheek started to yelp. "FLY FOR YOUR LIVES! LEAVE ME! I'LL FOLLOW!"

"No you won't, Kacheek," Shoyru objected, and although feeling incredibly weak, grabbed hold of his arms, and took hold of Wingman's, who grabbed Felicity's. "We're in this together! HURRY!" Grasping hold of Voltager with all his might, Shoyru rose from the flames, and tried to keep his flight by thumping his wings hard and the pain was just too much. Voltager eyed the fiery creature, and now it started running at full speed to catch up, Voltager tried to break free of Shoyru's grip. With a growling pain in Shoyru's hand the flight descended dramatically, nearly touching the blames beneath him.

"VOL... VOLTAGER!" he screamed, desperately grabbing onto Voltager's hand again, but with so much weight on his other arm, he couldn't hold on. "I can't hang on much long..."

Shoyru's hand released Voltager from its grip; frightened shrieks filled the air as she spun and fell headlong into the heart of the flames. The creature dived into the flames, and caught hold of her, pulling her out and flying out of the forest, dangling her from its hands. Shoyru saw her face was bruised, her body rigid and arms almost on fire. She wasn't moving. Shoyru let out a howl of despair.


The cry was so loud that neither Felicity nor Wingman hung on any longer, the noise being to loud to bear, and Shoyru with Kacheek plummeted to the ground nearly a mile ahead of them, in front of some gates with a town behind.

To be continued...

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