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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 33 > Short Stories > My Story

My Story

by glitter_usa

I was born on the Space Station. My first memory was of Dr. Sloth looking over the baby Grundos that had been manufactured on the Space Station. He was hoping to make evil clones of us so he could take over the world. But when Dr. Sloth saw us, sitting there, with webbed fingers, tiny toes, and innocent looks on our faces, he despised us.

I can remember his screams. His screeches of rage. He had bellowed so loud that all of Neopia could hear him. Yelling insults, he screamed about evil Grundo babies that did not look like toys or innocent little dolls that looked like aliens.

We were put to work after that. We were whipped and beaten. No one dared to stand up against Dr. Sloth. Our freedom was crushed; our spirits were crushed, and our hopes were crushed. The hopes of becoming someone's own ever since we had been manufactured in Sloth's Lab.

Then, after our work was done, we were shipped to the Space Adoption Centre. I sat in the station centre for one week. Then, one bright morning, a young girl around twelve years old walked through the door. In her hand she held a tiny Bruce, not even a month old. In the other hand were a few Neopoints.

She cheerfully looked at the receptionist and spoke, "I saved up all the money I could from playing games, and now I really want to adopt a Grundo."

She said the name wrong, saying Grundo like it was "Grando". But that made me like her even more. She was brave, coming up here to the Space Station. She was bold, facing a receptionist who gave her a cold stare.

She looked around a bit, clutching the sleepy Bruce in her hand. She walked the long hallway filled with Grundo slaves. She walked and walked, her black shoes clicking along the cement floor. She stopped, and then continued walking. She stopped again, foot poised right in front of my door!

A small hand with nails that were painted with chipped nail polish struggled to open the lock that had forever held me a prisoner. At last, with a resounding click, the door swung open. The hand reached in and patted my head.

"Hello, little friend. Would you like to come home with me?"

A soft voice, so gentle and so warm, washed over me. Almost drunken with happiness, I managed to stumble into her arms, which immediately clutched me close. I heard the rattle of Neopoints as they hit the counter, and I was free. I was free.

The girl walked out the door into the Space Station. She flew back in a pod toward Neopia. When we stepped out onto the cool, dew-covered grass, I looked around in amazement. So this was Neopia. There was a long, dusty path that wound throughout the streets. Colourful shops were decorated with signs saying "BUY BUY BUY!"

As we walked, the girl told me about herself.

"My name's Glitter_USA," she said, "but everybody here calls me Glitter."

I nodded my head. Glitter walked on the path until we came to a shop that said "Chocolate Factory".

"To celebrate our new Grundo, I've bought you each a little something."

The sleepy little Bruce woke up, shook his head, rubbed his eyes, and gazed wonderingly at me. He gave a small squeak and dove deep into Glitter's shopping bag. Glitter purchased a long brown stick, broke it in half, and gave a piece to the Bruce and I.

I looked at the stick. It smelled wonderful. I looked up at Glitter, pondering what I possibly was supposed to do with it. "Poor thing. You can put it in your mouth."

I did. Sweet heavens! It was delicious. I tasted wonders when I bit into it. I ate the whole thing in one minute. Back on the Space Station, the only food we had received was the scraps from the workmen, who usually ate all their food. I patted my stomach and fell asleep.

When I woke again, I was on a warm, soft pile of wispy hay. I stretched, and started walking around the room. "So this is home," I whispered to myself. "My home." Finally, something I could call home.

Glitter walked in the door with the Bruce. She set him down next to me. Then, she spoke to us.

"Grundo, this is your brother Pennimay. He is only a few days older than you. I'm sure you both will enjoy each other's company."

The Bruce scowled at me for a few minutes, and then, kindness leaking into his eyes, took my hand. He led me over to a corner where there lay a few pieces of paper and a Set of Coloured Pencils. At that moment, I received a friend and a brother.

Pennimay and I became the best of friends over the next few days. We played, shared food, and did everything. Then, one day he showed me a little tiny animal that looked like a spider.

"His name is Woozlewink, but we call him Woozy."

I smiled. Maybe someday Glitter would get me a pet of my own.

"Say, Glitter never told me your name. What is it?"

I choked. That's right, I thought. Glitter has never really given me a name!

"Uh, I, uh, don't know…"

Was Pennimay trying to tell me something? Maybe that I didn't belong because I didn't have a name? I sighed. I twiddled my thumbs. I didn't want to ask Glitter, but was she going to keep me? Forever? Was she my real owner?

Just then Glitter awoke from where she had been taking a nap. To my surprise, Pennimay dashed over and whispered something in her ear. She nodded. I sat there, trying to keep as still as possible, but fearing the worst. All the rest of the day no one said anything. Night came, and my mind was pulled into sleep. When the rosy sun peaked his head above the clouds, I felt myself being shaken.

"Grundo, wake up!"

Glitter dragged me out the door, and, picking Pennimay and I up, walked in quick strides to the pod deployment centre.

We whooshed through space in the pod, flying past stars and planets. I recognised only one thing in this different world--The Space Station.

No, I thought. She's taking me back… Glitter rushed up the stairs and into the Adoption Agency. She thrust me into the blank face of the receptionist, and…

Then came my doom. I stared off into the crevasses of space, silent tears of silky wetness trickling my face.

"He needs a NAME!" Glitter cried. "He needs a NAME!"

Ahhh, the young hours of morning, when most pets have not woken and are softly snoring. The young hours of morning when the brilliant rays of sunlight have not yet touched the earth, that was when I was named.

I was given a simple name--Google_Frunden. Even though it forever provoked young NeoPets to tease me and adults to look down upon me; even though it was a silly name thought of by a young girl with a fresh beginning; even though it was a name repeated by the unforgiving lips of the receptionist, I finally, finally, finally had a name.

The End

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