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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Articles > The Wizard's Guide to Neopian Survival

The Wizard's Guide to Neopian Survival

by wizardofaus

So, you've come to the realisation that the Neopian shopkeepers, faeries, quest makers, and game designers do not like people. The rare item codes will never be yours. Your weapons are outdated and downgraded. The hidden tower items will only be seen when the one-player challengers use them to kill you. You're pretty much at the bottom of the food chain, and the Neopian powers that be want you to stay there. Right?

Wrong. There's a way out of the cellar. No, it does not happen overnight, but it's possible to rise above the 100,000 NP bank account level even if you've only recently become a Neopian. How, you ask?

Let's say you have a meager pittance to start from - 500 NP, and no items. You still have plenty of free opportunities. But how will you feed your pet in the meantime? First, check your pet(s) into the Neolodge - Cockroach Towers might sound like a bad name, but at 5 NP per day, with no frills (the pets don't get in a worse mood no matter how rotten their stay is), your pets will remain bloated until they leave, so you can get up to 28 days of food-free living, for only 140 NP per pet. If you have four pets, and only 500 NP, though, this is still not in your reach... so let's start small. One week costs only 35 NP per pet; so for four pets, that'd be 140 NP gone.

360 NP to go. Let's open a shop. Yes, I know you are going to start indignantly protesting that there's no reason to bother, because you can't purchase anything from the main shops, but you have to have an outlet in order to sell anything you find, unless you put it up on the trading post. At any rate, a shop costs 250 NP to open, and gives you five item slots to start with. 110 NP to go... I'd spend 50 to increase the shop size by one, giving you ten item slots. 60 NP left.

How is this making money? It isn't. But it's a necessary precursor to the true Neopian survival tactics that follow.

There are six places you should visit at least once a day in order to reap their benefits, even if you're extremely poor. First, there's the Tombola. When it's open (it does close so that the Tiki Tack Man can get donations), the Tombola gives various prizes, from worthless keychains to wonderful codestones. He also gives out NP occasionally to people who he's given poor prizes to. The beauty of it is that you can sell anything you get. Even if it's only a 1 NP keychain, that's an NP you did no real work for. And at 3,000 NP, a codestone or faerie can quickly turn around your struggling finances if you win one. I'll explain how to take advantage of your free stuff later.

The next place to visit is in the lost world of Tyrannia, on the plateau... you guessed it, the Omelette. Although the Omelette is sometimes gone, it always returns, and each piece of Omelette is worth three bites of goodness. But, more importantly, omelettes can be sold for 20 NP or more, depending on how rare they are. A single omelette can pay for that day's Neolodge care in itself.

After that, our next destination is the Lost Desert, where there's two places to visit: The Fruit Machine and Coltzan's Shrine. The Fruit Machine usually gives nothing, but may give you Neopoints, weapons, petpets, or most commonly, desert food. Coltzan's Shrine is a place to visit that may turn up food (sometimes burnt), Dubloons, items, or may increase one of your pet's stats; it is more likely to increase statistics on a pet with lower statistics. It also may make you a bit richer (your NP goes up somewhat) or may restore your visiting pet to full health. Remember, if you get anything, it's a profit and hang on to it, because we've got two more places to visit.

Up in Faerieland, on a peaceful cloud near a fountain, sits a friendly Water Faerie who runs a Healing Shrine. While this faerie can heal your pets, and sells nifty potions, sometimes when you ask to be healed, you get a potion instead, which you can then turn around and sell later. Also remember that you don't need to spend a lot of money on medicine--just make sure the sick pet is your active pet, and visit the Healing Shrine regularly. Eventually, she will cure your pet of the disease (the completely healed result.)

The last place to visit would be the Neopian National Bank. Open an account here, and be certain to keep your excess finances in here (especially now that the ghosts are much more likely to rob you...) A bank account can be started with even a few NP (say, 1), and gives you a safety deposit box to store your extra items in, and allows you to earn interest on the funds you have in the bank. When you have enough money to earn interest, be sure to stop in daily to collect it.

Now that we've gone on this little trip, we should have at least a couple of items to sell in our shop, so go to your inventory, and select "Quick Stock" to select all the items you want to put in your shop at once. It's easy!

Now for the harder part. Go look at your shop stock, and you'll see your items waiting to be priced. Now, open a second window, and use it to use the Shop Wizard, looking up the items you have in your shop, and determining what the lowest price on the market is. Then, simply charge that much or less for your own item. After all, you paid nothing for all the items you got on this trip... so every NP is profit!

Your items may take a while to sell, but unless you've put a lot of worthless graphics, music, and so forth in your shop description, if your prices are good, people will eventually buy up your goods (except perhaps for objects selling for 1 NP - those do take a while to go away.) If it takes more than a day or two, you might consider dropping the price slightly, but overall, this should net you a profit of at least 20 NP per day (remember, you can always get an omelette, once per day) so you aren't losing any money by keeping your pets in the Neolodge.

Once you've amassed a somewhat larger fortune--600 NP, to be precise--you can go to the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain, and purchase a Scratchcard from the Kiosk Wocky. While these cards do stand a chance of winning a lot of NP or items, a safer bet is to put the card in your shop. These items always turn a profit when sold, as nobody can buy them for less than 600 NP, and the addiction to scratching off scratchcards generally keeps people buying up large numbers of them rather than wait two hours for the Kiosk Wocky to let them play again. Once you can afford to buy a scratchcard daily, your daily profits should go up significantly.

Since NeoPets cannot live on free gifts alone (at least, if you have significant shopping desires), you are also going to have to supplement your income. One reliable method of doing so is playing card games. Pyramids and Cheat are two card games that cost to play, but both give very good return if you're good at them. Pyramids costs 50 NP to play, but every card you clear from the Pyramid increases your score, and you win your score in NP when you are done; a good player can get a score of at least 100, thus doubling their money each time they play. Cheat also costs 50 NP to start playing, but every time you catch a cheater, you get NP for it; catching a few cheating players can quickly earn back your investment. If you win a round, you get 160 to 640 NP, depending on the round you beat ,and can even earn a trophy for it. You can continue a card game from where you left off at any time, making it ideal for people with computers that crash inopportunely.

If you're more active, have a computer that can keep up, and have no distractions (aren't talking to other people, doing other work at the same time, etc.), you can try a Flash game. Flash games are more interactive, but require your complete attention, because most of them lack a pause button. Flash games also require no NP to play, usually, so they're better for earning NP in a reasonably quick manner. Destruct-O-Match, Meerca Chase, and Chomby and the Fungus Balls are relatively easy to play and make NP at; Nimmo's Pond and Korbat's Lab are more recommended for those who want a game to play, rather than a quick source of money.

See? Surviving isn't all that hard. With a lot of patience, gameplaying, and daily visits to the wonders of Neopia, you can build up your bank account even though it seems to be getting harder every day. Now that you've got a good start, look forward to my next article, The Wizard's Guide to Merchantry.

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