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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > New Series > The Day My Story Began: Part One

The Day My Story Began: Part One

by elizabethopal

It was a warm day, the day my story began. It was the sort of day the people of Neopia Central thought of when thinking of their relaxed, wonderful life. The sun hung high above the hustle and bustle of the city, spewing its warmth down upon the people and creatures of Neopia. Light and airy clouds drifted lazily across the bleached-out blue sky.

A tall young woman had previously come to the looming Create-a-Pet Centre, and taken a seat in a corner of the large lobby. When supplied with 'The Form', she cast a quick glance around the spacious lobby and the people of all ages eagerly scribbling out forms, before proceeding to fill out her own.

Species: Gelert
Colour: Green
Gender: Male

The strokes of a pen that literally shaped my very being. She gingerly signed her name at the bottom, folded the piece of paper, and went to stand at the back of the line that led to the desk. She waited patiently as the procession inched along. When her turn came, she carefully handed the form to an adult Lenny in uniform. Then, after she left, the paper was carelessly tossed into a huge bin that contained all that days forms.

The next day, the bin was sorted and categorised by species, and each form's information was then neatly entered into the computer, and filed into the waiting list. I was the 67th Gelert on the list. My soon-to-be owner would have to wait three days.

When it was my turn, a scientist with an extreme 'here-we-go-again-for-the-millionth-time' expression, mixed the exact measurements of dozens of different potions with ease. Then he flipped a switch which shot extremely high voltage electrical currents to the large container he had been mixing potions in, and thus I was created. My owner was sent for, and I went home. I liked her right away. She had a kind face and soft brown hair. She rubbed my belly and scratched behind my ears-she even brought me a Fuzzle to play with. Her name was Caitlin Opal.

I soon grew out of my rough-and-tumble puppy stage and into a sleek, handsome, full-grown Gelert. Caitlin was far more strict than most, but because of her stern rules, I was well-behaved, polite, good-natured, kind, a hard worker, and, of course, sensible. All the people we knew adored me and my friends admired me... I mean, maybe I wasn't a strong battle dome fighter, but I had my priorities straight. I was one of the few Neopets that didn't long to be 'wild-and-free', or as my mother called all the animals out in the wilderness without owners, 'Foolhardy.' I was a good example, a role model. My Caitlin and I lived in a small, but well-furnished, expensive house in a sought-after neighbourhood. Caitlin had a classy shop called The Opal Paint Brush Shoppe. I was level 5 and had a genius' IQ, due to all the books I read.

I had passed school with flying colours, and was studying to be a "Paint Brush Professor." I could already rattle off all the different Paint Brushes that could be used on each individual species of NeoPet, and was working on compiling them all into a book. I'd make my first millions. And then I was faced with the most difficult decision I would ever have to make.

It all started the day I finished my book. I carefully filled the strap-on backpack-like sack with neatly packaged food, and tucked the thick stack of papers that was my book in a zippered pocket. Hearing Caitlin downstairs getting ready to go to work, I hastily tied on the pack and started down the stairs, reciting in my head; Benjamin Neeper, Magic Lane, Mystery Island. Benjamin Neeper was the surprisingly heavyset Nimmo, world-wide publisher. I would be making the journey from Neopia Central to Mystery Island... by myself. I swallowed hard.

When I entered the room Caitlin was in, she looked up, and instantly her eyes flooded with tears. "So soon?" She whispered. All I could do was nod my head miserably. I was excited about publishing a book, making my own living-well, I would still live with Caitlin, but I would be pulling my own weight... investing in the stock market, you name it. However, I was, admittedly, scared.

After quick goodbyes I was off, and I didn't look back, for fear of bursting into tears.

I hurried to the ship dock, at the edge of Neopia Central, and after looking around nervously for some sign of direction, I sighed with relief as my eyes fell upon a small wooden table with a sign taped to the front that said 'Tickets'. As I neared the table, I loudly cleared my throat, hoping to catch the eye of the Kyrii manning it. It ignored me and continued briskly brushing his Elvis-style do. Coming to a stop before the table my annoyance gave me confidence.

"Excuse me, sir. Uhm..." The Kyrii was still ignoring me. I squinted at his scrawled-out hand-written name tag and straightened with resolve.

"Mr. BeerMyer! I'd like a ticket please!"

"When?" the Kyrii drawled lazily, still brushing his hair.



"YES! Isn't it your job to sell people tickets when they want them?"

The Kyrii finally ceased brushing his hair, glared at me, and then started flipping through papers clipped to a clipboard. "The big 'un leaves in five minutes-is dat soon 'nough for ya'?"

I ignored his sarcasm. "'The Big 'Un'?"

The Kyrii heaved a deep sigh and pointed to a huge ship crawling with sailors. I nodded.

"Fifty Neopoints"

I handed them to him, and he gave me my ticket--a yellow piece of paper that simply said, "I have paid already." I turned to go and the Kyrii resumed brushing his hair. Then, profusely embarrassed, I turned back to him.

"Uhm..." the Kyrii groaned.

"Does 'The Big 'Un' go to Mystery Island?"

"Yeah..." the Kyrii drawled on absent-mindedly.

"Good!" With that, I hurried toward the ship.

When I got there I was shocked with the sailors' rough language... especially when talked to. I paused at the edge of the ramp, and as a sailor passed me, I began haltingly, "Uhm... sir..." I stretched out my ticket to him. He whipped around and cursed me, and, snatching the ticket from my hand, shredded it and stomped off. Not having any more Neopoints with which to buy a ticket, I had no choice but to sneak on and hope no one asked me for my ticket. Luckily, no one seemed to even notice me and we were off in no time.

The ship moved fast, and as we passed 'Terror Mountain' I began to over hear the sailors talk about landing. I tried to ask one of them. Finally I received an answer other than cursing.

"Dat Kyrii dun lied to ye', den, 'cause we sho' ain't landin' dere at Myster-y Island!

I groaned as the ship anchored on the coast of the cold island. After getting off the boat I hesitated. "What do I do now?" I asked myself. My stomach decided for me by rumbling loudly. I started to look for a quiet place to eat, and soon found myself in Happy Valley. To my dismay, rather than finding a quiet place, it became busier and busier. I was often jostled by Bruces racing past, or struck by a badly aimed snowball. It was also becoming colder and colder as I got higher up the mountainside.

Then I saw it. A cave. No one darted in and out or even seeming to notice it. It also meant warmth. I hurried toward it so quickly I did not see the large sign above the opening that read 'The Snowager'. The instant I entered I was startled by the comforting warmth. Almost like a huge beast lived in there, giving off body heat. I laughed at my silly thoughts and hurried deeper into the cave.

Suddenly I saw light catch and dazzle on two slanted blue eyes. My short fur stood up on end as my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw the huge ice worm lift it's long neck and look directly at me. A huge roar erupted from deep within the beast and shook me to the bone. It opened its mouth and sharp icy chunks sprayed, full force, out. I turned and fled for my life, but it was too late. The ice chunks struck me hard, and ripped my pack open. Still I ran, and flopped down at the cave's mouth.

My sides ached and my head throbbed where the ice rocks had hit. Everything in my pack had been strewn deep in the cave... including my book, which was undoubtedly shredded from ice shards. The bitter cold bit into my exposed belly and I forced myself to my feet.

Now everyone made a wide berth around me as if I was dangerous. I limped pathetically onward, not sure where I was going. Without any warning an Eyrie zipped towards me. I blindly flung myself out of the way, and landed, half my body hanging into the abyss. I desperately clawed at the sheer ice and it gave away.

I started to tumble down a deep, deep crevice...

To be continued...

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