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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Continuing Series > An Eventful Week: Part Four

An Eventful Week: Part Four

by clumsy_17

"Those are hard!" Snu said.

"So? I know how to solve them," Poppy said. She led her sisters out of the forest. It went by surprisingly quicker then their trek in. She walked up to the Brain Tree. They were all silent for a moment, scared. "Excuse me?" Poppy finally piped up. "We'd like to in your quest for knowledge."

"Blummy Van Tramp died along time ago. I need to know where and when for my records," the Brain Tree boomed.

"Okay..." Snu said. They turned around unsure. "What do we do?" Poppy seemed confident.

"Now we go to the Esophagor. He'll give us a quest to find food. We bring it to him, and he'll tell us everything we need to know about Blummy Van Tramp," she said. They walked over the the puddle of mud that was the Esophagor.

"I'm hungryyyyyyy," he moaned. "Foooooooooood."

"Yes. We'll get you some," Poppy said.

"Goooooood... I have a craaaaving for some pork snout... aaand an alllllmost gummmy raaat." The three sister made faces at the food he was craving.

"All right," Lexi said.

"Now what do we do?" Snu asked. "We don't have enough Neopoints to buy those things! As disgusting as they are, pork snouts and almost gummy rats don't come cheap."

"I know. We'll just have to be careful when we put the food into our backpacks," Poppy said.

"What?!" Lexi cried. "I will not steal, Poppy. It's wrong."

"And leaving our sister to the Dark Faerie isn't?! What's wrong with the two of you? I would jump into pit of lava to get Anah back, and you two aren't even willing to steal?!" They looked up at Poppy with apologetic eyes. "Come on. There's a marketplace over there."

"Why couldn't we just buy a weapon at this marketplace?" Snu asked.

"Because, don't you think it would be a bit hard to hide a frost cannon in your back pack?" Poppy asked. Snu was quite. They looked around at all the shops. The shop keepers were all strange and scary, with mean and freaky Halloween painted pets. Some were nice, but not many. They found the things they needed with some difficulty, and ran back to the Esophagor. Her gobbled down the disgusting food, and then looked at the girls.

"Blummmmmmy Vaaaan Trammmmp ehhhh?" He asked. They nodded. "Heeeee diiiied innn the year 50 BN... in a smalllll forestttt off the shores of Neooooopia," he moaned. They nodded, thanked him and ran back to the Brain Tree.

"Blummy died in the year 50 BN, in a small forest off the shores of Neopia," Snu said quickly. He nodded and presented them with a branch of the Brain Tree. It was a special, magical weapon. They thanked him also, and ran back into the depths of the forest.

They quickly found the footprints, but to their dismay, the sparkles were slowly fading.

"We have to hurry!" Lexi cried. Her sisters nodded, and ran as fast as their short legs could take them. They followed the footprints all through the day and night, though they couldn't tell what time it was, because the horrible forest was always shrouded in darkness. They were almost ready to set up camp, when the foot prints led strait to a very tall tower. It was dark purple and black, and a swirling black mist, exactly like the one that captured Anah.

"What are you doing here?" A voice hissed. They looked around, and their eyes fell on a dark Faerie. Not the Uber Dark Faerie. Just a regular dark Faerie. Poppy held out the branch of the Brain Tree. The dark Faerie giggled. Poppy jumped forward and jabbed it into the dark Faerie's stomach. "Ouch!" she cried. She held one purple gloved hand around her stomach, and stuck her tongue out at Poppy. "You may have gotten past me, but the dark Faerie has more minions." The three sisters were very surprised that she gave in so quickly. It seemed almost fishy. They walked easily into the tower. They walked up a set of spiraling iron stairs. A step creaked under Snu's foot. She let out a piercing scream.

"Hush!" Poppy whispered harshly, turning around. Snu"s ears drooped.

"Sorry," she whispered back. She gave a look around the creepy tower. It was very dark, and full of cobwebs. She bit her tongue as she saw a group of Spyders scuttle across the floor. They looked at her for a moment, with many bright red eyes gleaming. When they reached to top of the stairs they were aching.

"This load we're carrying is too heavy," Poppy said. "We'll have to discard a few things." She tossed the sleeping bag. With some trouble, she set the books aside. Snu pushed her make-up away, and Lexi sadly let go of her plushies. "We'll wrap it all up in the sleeping bag, so when we come back it will be easy to carry. And our PetPets..."

"No!" Lexi protested, hugging Bellerie's tank to her.

"Yes," Poppy said. She set Katri down, and watched as her sisters did the same. "But we have to come back. I promise." They all nodded, and wondered to themselves if they'd ever see they're PetPets again.

Poppy walked in the front, holding out the Brain Tree branch. The scariest things they encountered were Spyders, until a high pitched cackling sounded throughout the walls of the Tower. It echoed and boomed in they're ears. It was very bad for Poppy, because Aisha's have 4 ears. She held out the branch with trembling hands, as she watched the Uber Dark Faerie float down from the ceiling. She was holding a rope of mist, which was around Anah's neck like a leash and collar. Anah had a disoriented look on her face, and didn't appear to recognise her sisters. This was very unnerving.

"Let her go, or you'll regret it!!!" Snu yelled.

"We'll just see about that.." The Dark Faerie floated towards the sisters.....

Clumsy sat at the kitchen table, sipping some Purple Jupie Java. She was very grateful that her sister's hyperactive Krawk had decided to watch TV for a bit. It was the only thing that kept him quiet. She sighed, and reached for the Neopian Times. She straitened it out with the shake of a hand, and spit her Jupie Java out in horror. The picture on the front page was of her four pets. They were all fancied up, it was the very same picture she had on the mantle at home. In large letters on top of it, it said "Four Young Pets, Lost in Haunted Woods." Tears welled up in Clumsy's eyes, as she read "the owner has been unreachable as of yet. All we know, is that these four young pets are in the Haunted Woods, and one is in the captivity of the Dark Faerie." She ran to the coat rack, and got on her rain coat. The Haunted Woods is a very drizzly place. She told her sister what was going on.

"Just read the front page of The Neopian Times. I gotta go!" And ran out of the door.

Poppy leapt forward and shoved the branch hardly into the Dark Faerie's thigh. The Dark Faerie screamed in agony, and wrenched it out. She threw it at Poppy, and watched as it toppled her over. She laughed, though they could see black blood staining the side of her dress. It seemed as though the branch was only like a thorn off a rose bush to her. Poppy cried out, but her sisters where strapped to the wall by black mist. Poppy though it was the end, when she suddenly heard a soft and musical voice from behind her. A bright light erupted in the dark tower. The walls, instead of murky, never ending purple, shone a bright gold. Everything glittered, as the Dark Faerie put her arm in front of her eyes. She screamed , yelling at whatever had caused the light. Poppy stood up, and looked around. The Uber Light Faerie was breaking the bonds that held Lexi and Snu to the wall. She then walked strait over to the Dark Faerie, and looked her in the eye. They were both silent for a moment. The Light Faerie was the most beautiful thing that the four pets had ever seen. Her skin radiant, as was the rest of her. Her golden dress flowed over her like light itself, and her wings with every movement assured soft, almost silent laughter. But her fair face was stern as she looked upon the Dark Faerie, who was cowering before her.

"Your silly kidnapping games will take place no more!" Her voice, though ringing, was harsh and stern. "This tower, as of now, belongs to me! You and all of your terrible minions are banished from it!!" With a swing of her arm, the Dark Faerie fluttered her wings, and flew out of the window, not looking back. They watched as a hoard of Spyders ran from the tower, after their dark leader. The leash that had captured Anah was broken, and she ran and hugged her sisters. The Light Faerie turned to them. "You may go now. You are brave pets." With a flash of light, the Light Faerie disappeared.

They returned and got their things, and walked from the tower. They were in high spirits, knowing that the Dark Faerie was probably quite afraid to go near them. The whole forest seemed less scary. What they saw next, brought tears of happiness to their eyes. Clumsy was running towards them, crying happily. She embraced them in a warm hug.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" she said. "I'm so glad you're safe. I'll never leave you alone again. What happened?" They relayed the story to her. "I'll deal with Tenley when we get home, which will be soon. We're going home right now, in fact." Her pets hugged her and smiled. It had been a very scary past couple of days, but everything was back to normal now. All five were reunited.

The Dark Faerie's tower is still there, but it isn't a place of darkness of fear anymore. It is now the Light Faerie's tower, and a beacon of hope for those unfortunate pets lost in the woods.

The End

Note: Tenley is a fictional character. If your real name or user name is Tenley, no offence meant to you. Also, I do not actually have a sister that has a Krawk--that part is fictional too.
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