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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 31 > New Series > The Rainbow Teardrop: Part One

The Rainbow Teardrop: Part One

by windsweeper

I woke up one morning and groaned. I hated waking up; I loved just lying there asleep in my bed. My sister Amber the Gold Shoyru turned over, too. Me and my two sisters shared a bedroom and my owner had her own room across the hall.

My other sister, Saffron, mumbled something in her sleep. Saffron is a silver Shoyru. You can always tell where my sisters are because they are so bright. And me? Oh, I'm a rainbow Shoyru. My name? It's Star. My owner's name is Emma. She adopted us and moved us to where we live now--Neopia Central.

There is bad in Neopia though; the Dark Faeries are a whole community of badness, but the worst is the Witch Faerie. It was rumoured she cast a spell of silence over the town long ago and anyone who spoke fell to their demise instantly.

So Neopia wasn't totally safe, but it was home. I sat up and swung my legs out of bed. I was fumbling around for my slippers when I heard a something coming towards the window.

I ran across to the window but by this time amber was awake and she pulled me back.

"It could be anything, it might crash through the window!" she cried.

I hung onto her and we both stared at the window waiting for something. Then suddenly and eerie rainbow glow rattled the window and shattered it into millions of pieces. I gasped. Then the rainbow thing made its way through the hole and it sat on the floor. It was a rainbow teardrop.

"Don't touch it," warned Saffron, who was wide awake now. We all looked at it. Then Emma came running in having heard the window crash.

"What on earth is that!" shrieked Emma.

"It's a rainbow teardrop," said amber, looking very closely.

Slowly emma edged forwards to touch it. When it didn't hurt her she put it on a shelf in our room.

"Come on, all come down for breakfast," she said, but amber and saffron didn't want to. I went off to get breakfast and left emma, amber and saffron with the rainbow teardrop.

I had just finished eating and was about to go back to the drop when I realised I was thirsty. I looked at the water in my cup-and suddenly it seemed to form into the Witch Faerie's face! I trembled and threw the cup on the floor, spilling water everywhere. Then I heard a huge explosion and screams coming from my bedroom. I ran back up, and no one was there.

The room was burnt entirely black and the beds were singed and upturned. The only colour in the room was the rainbow teardrop.

I gasped. This was the Witch Faerie's doing. She had capture my family! But why?

I didn't know why. I suddenly felt fuzzy and decided to go to the bathroom and get some cold water to clear my mind.

I got to the bathroom and looked in my mirror and saw something. I was wearing a necklace. I don't remember a necklace like this at all. It was a long thick chain and had a mini rainbow teardrop at the end of it.

Then I began to understand it. It must have something to do with the teardrop. But how did it get on her? and why did the Witch Faerie want it? I remembered seeing the Witch Faerie in my cup of water, and then the explosion... it had been a warning! only I hadn't been quick enough, and now they were gone.

"It's all my fault!" I cried, and then I lay on Emma's bed and sobbed. When I finally emerged I decided I could only do one thing--I would get them back. I grabbed my bag and packed it with some food, some water, a map of Neopia, the book on the Witch Faerie, and finally, the teardrop. I kept the necklace on and set off.


I stepped outside and looked around. There could only be one place they could be, in the Witch Faeries dungeon. But I didn't know where it was. It might not even be on Neopia, it could be anywhere on the planet.

So the first thing I did was take out the book and look for her dungeon. The book did not know. It did, however, say that you should set off to towards the east. So I ran back inside to get a compass, and then back outside, and then I began to run towards the east. The east way lead towards the woods. I stepped in carefully, terrified of meeting anyone or even worse, anything. So I ran through the woods, always keeping east, until it got dark. Then I got scared. I could hear low growling from nearby and they seemed to be following me. I saw a shadow move through the trees and shrieked. I hated it in the woods; I was scared and I knew any second something would jump out and get me. I ran faster and faster and faster until I got a stitch and couldn't run. I collapsed on a log and the shadows came out from the trees growling hungrily. It was loads of shadow Lupes and I could tell that if I stayed much longer they would get me. Fighting my stitch I got up and ran again, gasping for air. The Lupes followed me and I could see the edge of the woods so I ran faster and got out the woods. The Lupes stayed inside and I got away. I still had a stitch and I was very thirsty from the run so I sat down and had a drink and then got out the map.

I followed the path I'd gone through and then came out the woods . I looked around and saw I was in a green field. I looked at the map and realised it was the Uni Fields. As it was night the Unis had gone home but one or two were still out. I decided to carry on eastwards and set off across the huge fields. It takes ages and it is morning but the times I get across.

Then I looked around. Now I was out of the Uni field I wasn't sure where I was. I carried on east and kept the compass out until I realised I was starving hungry and I hadn't eaten since yesterday. So I got some food out and ate it on the way. I was getting a little short on supplies I would have to buy some food.

Then it hit me. I hadn't any NP with me.

I would have to start rationing my food or else I would go without. I carried on east and I seemed to be crossing a large dirt-track. There were signs saying: "This way to Mystery Island" and "This way to Ice Caves"

I went to the Ice Caves because I had to go east. It got very, very, cold. I didn't like the cold. If I was an ice Shoyru I might not mind it so much. But I was rainbow, and I did mind the cold.

I carried on against the bitter wind, wishing I'd brought something warm with me. It began to snow soon, but the wind stopped so it wasn't so bad.

I carried on in the snow for hours. It was hard to see the compass in the snow and soon it began to get dark and I couldn't see the compass full stop. I sat in the snow, so numb it didn't even give me a shiver. I was mad to think I could rescue them from the Witch Faerie How could I, a measly little Shoyru, help them when even the Uber Dark Faerie could barely?

I slumped in the snow. I was getting covered. Soon I'd be a little snow lump, covered in white. Then maybe the white Lupes wouldn't find me. I hated Lupes not in the Chia way, but I just wished they'd leave me alone.

Soon I began to feel drowsy. I fell asleep there and then, covered in snow, numb and freezing. Not even sure which way east was any more.

When I woke up, at first I panicked. I was in a strange, fuzzy world, paralysed. Then I realised I blew a flame breath at the snow and it melted away, leaving me shivering. Then I got worried. I still had my bag on my back, but where was my compass? which way was east? How could I save them now?

To be continued...

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