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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Short Stories > The New Sister

The New Sister

by arokh128ii

Scucian sat and watched the rain pat-pat against the window. It fogged the outside from him, and he could hardly see the transport that his owner always drove. It was one of those long, boring days.

"Scucian, c'mere, look at this!" Scucian's owner called from the living room. Finally, something more interesting to do than sit and watch rain hit the window. Scucian turned and trotted off to the living room.

He saw my owner, Arokh128ii reading The Neopian Times.

"What is it?" Scucian asked.

"You know how you always wanted a Gelert sister?" Arokh128ii (but I'll just call her Arokh128) asked.

"Yeah, but I didn't like the way they looked. Besides, all that voting made me ill," Scucian said, sticking out his tongue and remembering how the gross, chicken-looking Gelert won and there was a "recount". Scucian, however, knew that the second choice or something would eventually be chosen as the winner, as chicken-Gelerts would probably become less popular than Lennys. However, Scucian jumped up next to Arokh128 and she held up The Neopian Times.

"Well, they changed it to a new look, see?" Arokh128 said, pointing to a picture. There was a Faerie Gelert, sitting with her wings folded. Her front lip wasn't as floppy as it used to be, and she had more muscle.

"Oooh, pretty!" Scucian said with a grin. Arokh128 smiled.

"I knew you'd like it. So, we're going to look at the pound for a sister or brother as soon as the rain clears," Arokh128 said.

"All right," Scucian replied, excited. He remembered the dark pound with its small cages and foul smell. He remembered how Arokh128 had rescued him from the depths of eternal suffering, and feared returning. But he didn't show it, he was going to get a new sister or brother to play with!

When the rain cleared, Arokh128 and Scucian walked to the pound. The sun now shone a bright gold in the blue sky. The clouds were disappearing now, and birds sang happily. Scucian smelled the fresh air again and again.

They reached the pound and found the pink Uni at her desk.

"Hello there, I'd like to adopt," Arokh128 said.

"Oh, good! We're getting too many pets these days. Do you have any species in mind?" the Uni asked.

"Yes, Gelert," Arokh128 replied.

"Ooh, they've all been adopted after they've changed appearances. However, there is ONE left. We can't keep her in a cage, though. She's so violent and dark. She never speaks, only barks and drools and runs around screaming, "I'M NOT A SLAVE!!! ARG!!! NO!!!! SLOTH!! GE5671!!!! NOT A SLAVE!!!!' She's given herself lots of cuts. No one wants her," the Uni said, searching in a drawer. She pulled out a file. It had blood stains and was ripped. Inside there was a picture of a blue Gelert. Her ears were pierced, her eye was scratched, and her claws were fully extended. Her eyes also seemed to be covered in black shadows. On her forehead, however, there was a symbol. It looked like a spaceship in the shape of an "S".

"Do you know what the symbol means?" Arokh128 asked.

"No. When we found her it was much brighter. But it's been fading now. Maybe it has a connection to what she's screaming," the Uni said.

"Can I see her, please?" Arokh128 asked.

Scucian gasped. They could just create a pet! he thought, and said so.

"No, Scucian. This Gelert needs help. The longer she stays here, the worse she'll be. Now c'mon," Arokh128 said sternly, and Scucian followed her and the Uni down the corridors.

They reached two large, metal doors. The Uni punched in a code and opened them, quickly closed them, then opened another set of doors with another code.

They walked down a hallway, then reached two doors. They were opened, and everyone was soon standing over a balcony looking over very thick glass. Below, there was a cement room. Inside there was the blue Gelert, whimpering in her corner. Suddenly, she leapt up and saliva flew from her mouth. Her sharp silver claws slashed at the air.

The Gelert screamed, "SLOTH!!!!! I'M NO LONGER A SLAVE!!! NO LONGER GE5671!!!" the Gelert ran headfirst into a wall, and a huge bloody gash was driven into her skull. She yelped and fell over.

"I must see her," Arokh128 said.

"Are you sure? She'll rip you to shreds!" the Uni protested.

"No, she won't. Trust me. Please, let me down there," Arokh128 said. The Uni sighed, then handed Arokh128 a key.

"Go down that flight up stairs. Unlock the first door you come to, and you'll be with her," the Uni said.

"Thank you. What is her name?" Arokh128 asked, pointing to the crying Gelert.

"Well, GE5671 won't be a good name to call her. The other pets call her Aerclya, though, which means Fierce One in the ancient NeoPet language," the Uni said.

"Then I'll call her that," Arokh128 said, and told Scucian to stay. Arokh128 bravely walked down the stairs and, when she reached the door, she fitted the key into the lock. Holding her breath, Arokh128 turned the key and opened the door.

Arokh128 saw the poor Gelert laying in the corner, monotumously saying to herself, "No longer a slave... free... GE5471... GE5671...." then, she suddenly stood up and looked at Arokh128, who stood still.

"S-S-Sloth? I know your disguise! Prepare to be destroyed!" she cried. Arokh128 held out her hand.

"I am not Sloth. I am a Neopian. Trust me, Aerclya. You are not GE5671. You are not a slave," Arokh128 said, kneeling down. The Gelert looked at her, shaking. Quietly, she asked, "Prove it."

Arokh128 took a deep breath and looked at the Gelert. "Because I love you," she said softly, and the Gelert suddenly began crying. "Shh, don't cry, Aerclya. I love you! I think you have a wonderful personality, and I want to take you home with me. Please, Aerclya, trust me," Arokh128 said, holding out her arms. Scucian and the Uni held their breath.

Slowly, the Gelert walked up to Arokh128, then threw her paws around her.

"I love you too, mum," she whispered.

"No longer GE5671. You are Aerclya the brave, fearless, and free Gelert, and I am your new owner," Arokh128 said. The Uni burst into tears as Aerclya slowly walked up the stairs with Arokh128.

"You did it!" the Uni cried.

"How much?" Arokh128 asked.

"Pay nothing! This Gelert is worth things that can't be paid," the Uni said, smiling. Arokh128 thanked her, and took Aerclya out into the world.

The End

Author's Note: This is partially true. Aerclya is a vicious, dark-hearted Gelert who has an unknown past. She guards the house day in and day out, and is very protective of her family. I love her still, and so does Scucian and Uhbejane, the newest family member.

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