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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Short Stories > Spudd and the Koi Criminals

Spudd and the Koi Criminals

by spuddie_hang

Darky was walking home one night. The stars glittered above him and freezing breezes blew past. It was quiet and the moon was shining an eerie light. Hugging himself, Darky continued down the road. Suddenly, he froze. He heard someone calling his name. Scared, he started walking faster, but the voice kept becoming louder and louder. Covering his ears, he started howling into the dark night sky until he was knocked out by a Koi Trident...

Sky woke up warily, frightened. She had heard a long, freaky howl, like a ghost hounds howl. Cowering in bed, she threw the covers over her head and started shivering from the nights cold and fear. Suddenly, she heard her window clicking. Taking a peek from her covers, she made out a figure of a fish opening her window. She then stuffed her head under her pillow and waited in fear as the flopping noises of the fish came nearer and nearer to her bed...

Little Chaeos was happily playing Destruct-O-Match on his Neostation. The blowing up of rocks made a lot of noise so Chaeos didn't hear someone climb into his kitchen window. Happily pushing the buttons on his control, Chaeos was suddenly grabbed. He was thrown in a bag and was carried back out the kitchen window, fighting and struggling endlessly...

Spudd was sleeping peacefully in her bed, having dreams about winning the Beauty Contest. "Thank you! Thank you! I owe it all to my owner for feeding me healthy food and grooming me everyday," she mumbled in her sleep.

Tap Tap Tap.

She suddenly woke up.

Tap Tap Tap.

The sound of someone tapping on her window. She was frightened. She cowered under her covers and threw her comforter over her head. Trembling, she heard her window slowly open. Shutting her eyes and waiting for the worse to happen, someone grabbed her and started to shake her.

"Spudd, wake up, wake up!" Spudd threw her blankets off her and peered into the face of a cloud Lenny.

"Larry, what are you doing here?!" whispered Spudd. She threw her blankets and aside and sat straight up.

"Someone has kidnapped Chaeos," said Larry. Larry was Chaeos' elder brother. "I went into the kitchen for a drink and I saw a bag disappearing out the window. Worried, I went into the family room to check on Chaeos and he was gone!"

"Did you check his room?" asked Spudd, rubbing her eyes.

"Yes, I checked everywhere," answered Larry. "Please, Spudd. You have to help me. Dad is coming home next week and if he finds out I lost Chaeos--" Larry gulped, "--he'll ground me for two centuries."

Spudd yawned. "I'll help you in the morning."

"NO! I really need help now. I need Chaeos back as quick as possible!" Bullets of tears started to stream down Larry's feathery face.

"Don't worry, Larry. I am sure your Dad wont ground you that long," comforted Spudd. Larry started sniffling. "It's not that. It's just that my little brother is gone, lost. He might be somewhere, injured and crying. Please, Spudd. Help me find him," Larry said sincerely. Softened by his sincerity and care for his brother, Spudd agreed.

Climbing out the window together, Spudd looked at Larry and said, "I have to be back by 6:00 sharp. Sherrie logs in that time to feed me breakfast." Larry smiled. "Don't worry." "Great, now let's gather some recruits." Spudd grabbed a branch of from the tree near her window and pulled herself onto the branch. Helping Larry up, she huffed. "You know, you could've just called."


Walking down the cold and lonely sidewalk, Larry started shivering. "S-s-soo, w-who are t-t-the recr-cruits?" he said, stumbling his words.

"Same as always," replied Spudd, warmer than ever in her fur coat. "The Screaming Sky and Darth Darky."

"Hey, Sky, wake up!" Spudd rapped on the window abruptly. "SKY!" Larry slapped his hand over her snout. "Ssshhh, you might wake up her sister." Spudd rolled her eyes. Breaking off a strong twig from a nearby branch, Spudd slowly pried open the window. She grinned at Larry. "A little trick I learned from Sky."


"Here's the checkered mutt, boss," a Koi dropped a shuffling bag in front of a large, golden throne. On the throne sat the most biggest Koi in Neopia, King Fin. King Fin grinned his fishy grin.

"Good work, Kwoyfin," he praised. "Bring it over to those two mutts over there." Pointing with his golden Koi Trident, Kwoyfin looked over to the place he was pointing at. A shadow Gelert and cloud Gelert were bound in rope, there snouts tied shut with chains. They were both squirming in their seats, trying to loosened the chain so they could bite their way out. Kwoyfin laughed. "Foolish hounds," he mocked. Picking up the bag, he reached in and carried out the checkered Gelert.

"Oh, thank you. I couldn't breather much in that bag. My thanks." Chaeos reached out to hug Kwoyfin. Backing away, Kwoyfin drew out his trident and pointed it at Chaeos. "Go over to your friends and tie yourself up," commanded Kwoyfin, easily recognising Chaeos' dumbness and weak mind. Smiling, Chaeos went over to Sky and Darky.

"Hi, you guys. Oooh, what game are you two playing? Cops and Robbers? Can I play?" Chaeos was chatting endlessly as he stupidly tied the rope around his waist and over his shoulders. Tying the knot, he noticed the chain around Sky and Darky's snouts.

"Hey, I want a chain too." Chaeos looked around and then spotted a length of chain near him. "Cool." Chaeos tied the chain around his snout and locked it in. He smiled as he swung his head back and forth, humming to the theme song of the show "The Chia Police." Sky and Darky looked on with shocked faces as Chaeos hummed to himself.

"We're doomed," Sky and Darky thought dreadfully.


"I don't understand. All of them are gone," Spudd slumped on a bench and covered her face with her paws. She and Larry had gone to both Sky and Darky's houses and both of them were gone.

"I don't understand. It's like they are kidnapping all my friends that are Gelerts," Spudd said.

"I know. Who do you think could've done this?" Larry frowned confusingly and scratched his forehead.

"I don't know," Spudd replied. Suddenly, she heard a sort of bubbling. Looking around, she saw nothing.

"What's wrong?" Larry asked.

"Nothing," answered Spudd. Then she heard it again. That bubbling sound. She turned around and saw some bubbles floating on the surface of a little pond behind the bench. What? Then, out of the blue, Spudd's eye's started to darken. She was going blind! Rubbing her eyes and shaking her head madly, Spudd then felt a pain in her stomach. She cringed.

"S-Spudd, whams the matter?" asked Larry worried. Spudd held her stomach and looked up at Larry. There was only a blurred vision of him now. His furry face then started to turn green and shiny. Suddenly, Larry transformed into a Koi. Well, it had the shape of a Koi. Spudd couldn't really make out the shape. "SPUDD!" cried Larry/The Koi. Spudd's stomach pain then softened and stopped and her eye sight came back. Kois. That was all Spudd could think about. Kois. What about them and that hurtful vision. She sighed, wheezing a little. She tried to shake the vision of that Koi out of her head, thinking it was crazy, but it wouldn't leave. There has to be an explanation.

"Larry," began Spudd. She was interrupted by another bubbling sound. She turned back and stared at the pond. The pond started frothing and bubbling madly. Water overflowed it and flooded a little of the area around it.

"What in Neopia..." Larry stood up and walked up to the pond.

"Larry, wait--" Spudd gripped her stomach. The pain was back. Larry continued walking up to the pond. Suddenly, his eyes closed and he fainted. "Larry!" Spudd ran up to her friend but also fainted by the pain of her stomach.


Groaning, Spudd opened her eyes. She found herself in a damp, foul smelling cave. She tried to move but saw that she was tied up. She looked behind her and saw her three friends behind her. Sky, Darky, and Chaeos! They were okay. Sky, fidgeting in the ropes that bound her tightly. Darky, trying to open his mouth and break the chain. Chaeos, humming and smiling his head off. Groaning again, Spudd was then poked by something sharp. She looked up. A slimy looking Koi was standing next to he, his trident pointing directly at her.

Still holding his trident, he used his free fin to unlock the chain that wrapped around Spudd's snout. As soon as Spudd was free, she snapped violently and the trident. "What do want with me?!" she cried.

"HUSH!" commanded the Koi, who was Aquafin. Kwoyfin walked up to him and said, "We're done, Aquafin." Nodding, Kwoyfin and Aquafin silently retreated into a corner in the cave and disappeared.

Right after the two Kois left, Spudd started gnawing off the tight rope that bounded her. Free at last, she started untying her friends. Prying off the last chain, Spudd and her friends started looking for a way out.

While looking, Spudd asked Sky, "Who were those Kois?"

"I heard about them. The Koi Criminals. People don't know what they actually do. Their hobbies are very secret. The victims of the Koi Criminals are usually knocked out and they can't remember anything. We're lucky," said Sky.

"Hey, I think I found the exit!" Darky ran over to a little hole in the ground. There was a faint light in the hole.

"Freedom...." murmured Sky before she crawled into the hole.


"Finally, home at last." Placing her paw on the doorknob, Spudd looked back at her friends. "Wanna come in for some Borovan?"


"That sounds great."

"What's Borovan?" Spudd smiled. Turning the knob, she entered the house.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Spudd's mouth fell open. Sky, Darky, and Chaeos ran to her side. They looked in the house and too their mouths fell open.

"Uhhh... Spudd, what happened to your furniture?" asked Darky eyeing Spudd.

"Those dang Kois!" cried Darky. Spudd, mouth still open and eyes wide, looked at Darky.

"I-I--" started Spudd. She looked back at her empty parlour and fainted...

The End

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