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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Continuing Series > Kauvara


by my_dog_is_named_sam

The next day, Zoe and I were on the map's trail. We followed the dotted line to the Mystery Island Training School, where we both decided to take a rest and have a sandwich for lunch. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while Zoe had an asparagus sub.

"Yum! I love subs," commented Zoe between bites. I was still transfixed to the map, studying it.

"Zoe, look at this. We are at the right spot. This is surely the Training School, but look at this picture here! See the dotted line? It passes through a circle!" I pointed out.

Upon the map, by the picture of the Mystery Island Training School, the dotted line passed through a small circle. Zoe laughed.

"Isn't it plain and clear? That circle is a hole! The map explains that we must go through a hole!" said Zoe, and she took another bite out of her long sub.

"I am done with my lunch," I said, getting upon my four feet. "I think I will look around for the hole. And Zoe, make sure we have flashlights! We may be traveling underground for a while."

Zoe nodded, and I traveled around the Training School. I saw NeoPets exchanging Codestones, and others learning karate kicks. I saw a little Jubjub breaking a wooden board with his feet. A Skeith tried to do it too, but he just ended up with a throbbing hand. This just proved that the strong ones don't always prevail!

Finally, I found the hole! Under a jumble of leafy bushes, there was a black hole that led down to a tunnel. Quickly I ran back to Zoe... but what I saw horrified me. There was a green Pteri, pointing a sharp sword toward Zoe's neck. Behind him was the blue Bruce and the red Eyrie, laughing.

"Tell me where the map is, you yellow... errr... pink-bellied coward!" snapped Captain Feather. Zoe shook her head angrily. I saw the map under Zoe's sub. Thankfully, the pirates did not see the paper.

I reared up upon my hind legs, and charged forth. With my sharp horns, I poked Captain Feather on the bottom. He yelped and sprang nearly three feet into the air, crying in pain!

"Ahhhhh! Pain on the poopdeck!" he whimpered, dancing around in circles. I couldn't help laughing. Zoe, having no sword at her throat anymore, leapt forward and grabbed the map from under her sandwich. Tank and Snapbeak saw the piece of paper in Zoe's trunk, and ran after us.

"Who are they!" I cried to my friend. Zoe was very fat, but she is also an extremely fast runner, and was a few paces ahead of me.

"Kauvara, don't you ever keep up with the times?" Zoe called back. "That is Captain Feather and his Treasure-Raiding Gang! They are famous throughout Krawk Island. They stole gold and jewels and ------!"

"The hole!" I interrupted.

"No, I don't think they stole a hole!" said Zoe.

"No, no! I mean, go down the hole! Its in the bushes!" I screamed. Zoe then dived into the bushes and down the tunnel. I dived as well.

The tunnel was dark, dank and smelly. Fungus grew on the walls. Pools of water were on the floor. I splashed through the puddles and kept on going, though I could not see a thing. I could hear Zoe a little bit in front of me, panting. Were the pirates still behind us?

"Tank, go faster!" I heard Captain Feather call. But his rough voice was farther and farther away as we continued to run.

"Few," I said, gasping for breath. "I think we lost them."

"Well, this is a one-way tunnel," observed Zoe, sniffing the dank air with her trunk. "They will catch up to us sooner or later if we don't keep moving."

Though my lungs were worn thing and my feet were weary, I traveled beside my best friend Zoe. I felt a sort of sickness in my stomach. I missed my shop. I missed Neopia Central. I missed the potions, the customers, and even that storm! I missed everything. I began to cry.

"Oh, Kauvara!" exclaimed Zoe. "What's the matter? Are you hurt?"

"No," I wept. "I am homesick!"

"Ohhhh, don't cry," soothed Zoe. "Once we get out of this tunnel, and get our treasure, I will personally pay for the ticket to send you back home."

"I don't care about the treasure now," I snorted. "All I want to do is get home."

Zoe said nothing more, not wanting to provoke any more tears. I kept on crying, and walking. I just wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel, climb out, and then ride a car or a carriage or something back to the airport. That was all I wanted.

THUMP! A huge mass of red feathers and claws jumped upon me. I didn't even have a chance to scream, before I was pressed down onto the cold floor of the cave. Zoe was squeaked with surprised as the blue Bruce, Tank, leapt upon her and pinned her to the ground. We both struggled, but we could not get loose at all. Before us was Captain Feather, his bottom bandage.

"It was bad enough that you stole me map," he sneered. "But to poke me tail feathers... that just isn't right! Tank, Snapbeak, make sure the two stay put."

Tank pulled the map free from Zoe's trunk. He then handed it to Captain Feather. I started to talk.

"Listen, mister!" I said quietly. "You may have the map, but just let us go! We won't tell anyone about the map or treasure or anything! We will forget we ever met you!"

"No way!" snorted Captain Feather. "I like having captives! Now stay put, and let me tell you something, missies! We found this map at Krawk Island. It shows where we can find the Golden Tiki in Mystery Island! We took a boat and we rowed all the way here! However, Tank wanted to spend the day at the beach, so we did, and then he looses the map! We then spend an extra day searching for it, and after finding it, I get injured! As you can see, I am pretty angry right now!"

I perked up my ears. The Golden Tiki? That was probably the rarest thing on Mystery Island. It was a regular Tiki Stone, only carved from gold. It was extremely valuable, especially to a pirate.

"Tank, pick up these two lubbers and follow me! We gotta keep going," said Captain Feather. Tank picked us up under his two wings, and wobbled behind Snapbeak.

I do not know how long we walked. Probably a day, or maybe even too. We did not see any sunlight under the tunnel. However, I did heard the sound of water. The tunnel must've gone under the ocean.

Then, the sound stopped. I remembered the map! The X was near the Island Mystic's isle. Therefore, we must've been under the Island Mystic! I saw a bit of light up ahead. The end of the tunnel!

"Whooohoooo!" shouted Captain Feather. "We made it to the end! Snapbeak, where are ya, ye scurvy dog?"

"Eyrie!" snorted Snapbeak. "I am scurvy Eyrie!"

"Whateva," snorted Captain Feather. "Anyway, crawl up to the surface and tell me about the landscape."

Snapbeak crawled up out the hole and was gone for a few moments, before he jumped back down again.

"We are on the Island Mystic's place. Bring up everyone and we shall start our diggin'!" smiled Snapbeak. Tank carried us up the tunnel, and Captain Feather flew up to the light as well.

I was almost blinded by the sun. I had not seen it for a long time. Near us, was the Island Mystic's house. I could hear him humming inside. However, Captain Feather's gang was less interested in the Island Mystic and more interested in scratching the grassy ground.

"Dig, ye fool!" snapped Captain Feather to Snapbeak. "Tank, hold those too slaves! I want to through them to ye sharks after we found our booty!"

I could hear Zoe gulp. And I also heard something else, the Island Mystic. He was saying something... something weird.

"The Golden Tiki is under a tree, but where the sharks are, don't ask me!" said the Island Mystic from inside his hut. I smiled. I knew what he meant. He meant that I won't have to fear sharks, because they were none!

I suppose that Captain Feather heard the part about the Golden Tiki, because he started to dig under the only tree on the small isle. A few moments of fierce scratching, and Captain Feather shouted with happiness. With his green wings, he presented the Golden Tiki! It gleamed in the sunlight. Snapbeak began to do his dance of happiness. Tank even giggled with delight.

With their laughing and dancing, no one heard the Island Mystic again. I lifted my ears and strained to hear what he said in his hut.

"Those who jump and sing with a smile, will be trampled into a dirt pile!" said the Island Mystic from inside his house.

What does that mean, I said to myself. Trampled by what?

The ground began to shake horribly. Tank, out of fear, dropped Zoe and I, and we ran behind some bushes. The ocean began to churn with foam. The sound of neighs and calls echoed in the air. The sound of pounding hooves shook the sky. A herd of wild Peophins leapt out of the sea.

The pirates were never really trampled. However, they ran into the ocean, chased by the wild herd of Peophins. Captain Feathers, under the fear of being trampled, through the Golden Tiki into the air, and is plopped into the ocean, hidden underneath the lapping waves.

Zoe and I stood in silence for a few moments, not quite sure what happened. Then, I heard the Island Mystic for the final time. This time, he stepped outside his hut, with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Those who miss their shop and the rain, she go home in a flying plane!" he snickered.

You can guess what happened next. After I went home, and fired my sister for selling potions for fifty NP or less, I called Zoe to ask how she was doing. She managed to fly back to the main island and then took a bus back to her hut that was on the beach. However, before flapping her wings back to Mystery Island, she picked up the map, that was trampled on the ground, and put it on her mantle as a decoration. When I visit her today, I can still see it.

So that was my vacation. It was a little bit more than sun basking and swimming, and it wore me out, rather than relaxing. However, I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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