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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Continuing Series > All Because of a Scarf: Part Two

All Because of a Scarf: Part Two

by katchi_k

I was now back in my crowded NeoHome. I couldn't get rid of the items for my shop, because the stupid Fire Uber-Faerie thinks I'm cheating! I was mad at the time, but now that I got back at her in my own way (setting her pants on fire) I feel much better. Well, mostly better, all in all, it was still hot and my air conditioner was broken!

"Hey, Wild_K, where'd you run off to?" Ravenclaw113 asked once I came back into the living room, where she, Cheena420, Kareem265, Monasooee, Balfore and the PetPets remained.

"Ohh, you know... here and there." I didn't dare tell them that I got in a fight with one of the Uber-Faeries; they would all rip me to shreds! Especially FaerieQueen90; just take a load of her name, that should be clue enough! FaerieQueen90 is my friend, who was now sitting on my sofa in front of the TV.

I sat on my bed, thinking long and hard about what I should do. 'Should I help her, and get this fight over with; or should I protest and fight the bossy Faeries? This is all so confusing!' I rolled over and looked out my window, and that answered my question. It was the clouds, the free-loving clouds! That was the answer. Go for the goal, don't stop for nothing and believe in what you think is right. 'I will fight the Faeries until my say is heard!'

I sat up and looked at the floor, I have had enough of being pushed around and being told what to do and when! This is the time to get the freedom I deserve! Or am I just over exaggerating? Man, I hate when I do that! Ohh, I'll just buy the stupid items and shut that stupid Faerie up. Just then, Cream Puff, the Floud, bounced into my room and onto my lap. I petted her softly and then placed her on the floor, and left.

I decided to buy the two items the Faerie wanted me to get her, but first I wanted the air conditioner fixed. I knew it was already summer, and it would get hotter (if that is possible, which it is...) and we would need it to be cold and not so you could fry and egg on the coffee table!

Well, let me warn you, I'm not good when it comes to fixing things, especially big things! Sometimes, I get lucky, but that's a rare occasion when I do! So, I took my trusty hammer and my friend extra heavy battery and hoped for the best when I was ramming the stuff into it. Nah, I'm just joking, I called the repair guy.

As the repair guy was fixing my air conditioner, Sana110 and I went shopping again, to Uni's Clothing this time. I found some very nice clothes there; ya, that my step-grandmother would like! Well, that's beside the point. I found the overalls but there was no scarf! I walked up to the Shop owner and she replied that a new shipment would come in about fifteen minutes. If you were anything like me, you would be a little mad. I don't usually have fifteen minutes to spare on waiting for a stupid scarf that a Faerie will toast in about thirty seconds flat!

Well, I waited anyway. I guess I had nothing better to go back to. An overheated NeoHome isn't what you call relaxing these days... but then it hit me, I could visit my mom in Terror Mountain, but by the time I got there, Uni's Clothing will have restocked and sold out again!

So, I waited and I waited, if it weren't for Sana110 talking to me as I did, I would have left from the boredom! Then eventually the shipment came in, but there was no scarf in it! I asked the shop owner, the blue Uni, and she just said to wait longer and it eventually will come...

"Couldn't you sell me the scarf you're wearing? I'll pay good money," I said, I'm guessing the heat was getting to my head at about this time, but I was desperate to get the scarf--she refused to sell me her scarf, and I told me to wait for my own... I gave up at this point.

I walked over to the gate to the Marketplace, maybe the Fire Uber-Faerie wouldn't notice... too bad she did. The little annoying bugger of a Faerie appeared right in between my two eyes and stared at me.

The Fire Uber-Faerie smiled at me, for the first time, she smiled at me! "Do you want to give up the quest, chicken?" she snapped. "You probably want to surrender; you can't stand being overpowered by someone smaller then Pink Poogle Toy, can you?"

"Actually, I was trying to get a scarf from the marketplace for you, but if you don't want it, I'll just wait until you come crawling back to me…" I started to file my nails, and act like she wasn't even there.

"I have you know, there are over 13 million pet owners out there, and over 19 million pets!" She smiled (at the time, that's how many there were…), "I could get one of them to get me a scarf instead of you!" Her smile then faded, "But why are you doing the quest? This is a quest for Sana110!"

"Ya, but all in all, I end up paying for it," I said, "So I thought I might as well help get the items. Besides, I don't really think Sana110 wants to do the quest…" I looked her and she just shook her head, like I was right (which I was).

"Fine then," the Fire Uber-Faerie said, "Get me the items, ASAP!" Then she disappeared in a puff of smoke that made me gasp for breath (considering it was smoke and it was one inch away from my face).

"You know, Sana110, I think I will get her a scarf ... in two days!" I said, we both laughed and walked home in the heat of the sun. When we got home, Ravenclaw113 was paying the repair guy for fixing my air conditioner.

"You now owe me," Ravenclaw113 said as Sana110 and I walked up our steps and passed the repair guy. I looked over at FaerieQueen90, she was all red in the face and she seemed very happy...

"Man, that guy was HOT!" she said as she watched him leave. I sighed irritated, and Ravenclaw113 started to yell at her for bugging him as he worked. Ravenclaw113 also said it would have been cheaper if he wasn't bothered every two seconds and that he was paid for every thirty minutes... weird. Do you see what I have to live though? Boy... I don't know how I do it!

Well, I knew that the Fire Uber-Faerie wanted her items, and just to tick her off, I waited two days to get the scarf that she needed. It was now the 26th day of Relaxing year 3 (26th of June, 2001). I was relieved to find that it was much cooler this time (16 degrees), and it also said there would be scattered rain!

There I was; inside Uni's Clothing, waiting for another shipment of clothes, again! At the moment, I was looking out the window, staring at the raindrops slide down the glass. To some, this is depressing, for me, it's enlightening. It makes me feel happy. I love the rain, but yet I hate the water... Humm, really makes you think, doesn't it?

I watched as a man carried in another box of clothing for the Blue Uni to sell. I was the first to the counter to see what was in the box. And there it was, scarves! I bought one and Sana110 and I hesitated to go out into the rain again.

We ran out, laughing. We both adore the rain, and we just wanted to have fun. Then came the mood-destroyer--the Fire Uber-Faerie was back, and she was looking for me...

To be continued...

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