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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 29 > Continuing Series > The Rogue Wocky: Part Two

The Rogue Wocky: Part Two

by hazelrat31

Pluoh felt something holding her down, she struggled against it. I must be buried in the snow, the battered Wocky thought, except it doesn't feel cold. When she opened her eyes she found herself in a bed covered by warm wool blankets. The room she was in was small and sparsely furnished. And a low domed roof must have been holding up lots of snow. Just to make sure that nothing was broken Pluoh flexed all of her limbs. Pain shot through them all, and the blue Wocky groaned.

The door creaked open across the room and Pluoh's attention snapped to the person coming in. A girl with grey eyes and brown hair came in bearing a bowl of soup and a healing potion.

"You're up I see," the girl said giving a good natured smile. She walked to the side of the bed and told Pluoh to open her mouth. The Wocky refused.

"Who are you, and where am I!?" she demanded.

The girl explained that she had found Pluoh outside of the Snowager cave with no owner. She and her Lupe _Moon_Paw had taken Pluoh in and once she was better the Wocky was free to go. Grudgingly Pluoh opened her mouth and felt the healing potion go down her throat. The blue Wocky felt strength returning to her limbs, and when she moved them again the pain was gone. After making sure that Pluoh had eaten the soup the girl left the room to leave the Wocky to think over her situation. I'll get going tomorrow, then I can go and explore the rest of this place. Pluoh found herself yawning, so she burrowed down under the sheets and began to snooze.

When she woke up Pluoh could hear voices in the next room. She got up and put her ear against the door,

"Good morning Roywyn!" said a Lupe's voice, "How's that Wocky doing?"

"I haven't checked on her yet. By the way Moon, did you do that pet lookup like I asked you to?" replied the girl's voice.

"Yes, she doesn't belong to anyone I'm afraid. She probably escaped from the pound and walked all the way here. Roywyn could we adopt her?"

"That's completely her choice, Moon," the girl replied. Then Pluoh opened the door surprising both of them,

"Erm, good morning," she offered, "I'm feeling much better, can I go now?"

In the end Roywyn and Pluoh agreed that she would stay one more day just to make sure that her health was good enough. She spent the day playing Usul's Alpine Challenge and checkers with _Moon_Paw, and that night they ate dinner together in Roywyn's kitchen. The conversation that started up was to Pluoh's liking, as it was about previous explorations.

"And then we came upon this door," Roywyn had been saying, "and no matter how hard we pushed the crazy thing wouldn't open. So I carefully inspected the hinges only to find out that we were supposed to pull the door open. That was embarrassing, but we found an ice treasure chest inside, so I guess it was well worth it." When Pluoh went to bed that night she felt a little odd. I've never wanted an owner before now, she thought, I wish that Roywyn would adopt me. She's so cool and she obviously knows how to take care of NeoPets.

Dawn came all too fast for the blue Wocky, and when it did she felt something sinking in her stomach. She got out of the bed that she was borrowing and slowly walked into the kitchen. There Roywyn was making breakfast as usual with _Moon_Paw.

"Good morning Pluoh!" Roywyn said, looking away from the asparagus that she was cooking, "Moon and I were going to travel with you back to the Haunted Woods to make sure that you get there unharmed. That is if that's okay with you," she quickly added.

"That's fine! Can I help?" Pluoh replied. Roywyn nodded and motioned to the frying pan that contained some eggs.

After breakfast Roywyn got her warm clothing on, and then went into her room to get something. When she returned she had something in her hand. Pluoh suddenly found a red bandana being tied around her neck.

"This will help you keep sand out of your face in the lost desert," the teen-age girl explained, "You said that you were going down there next, so I thought I'd give you a going away present." At this Pluoh felt her eyes getting watery. She wiped them quickly with a paw, not wanting her friends to see. Then she thanked Roywyn, and they set out towards Haunted Woods.

Outside it was colder then usual and an icy wind pierced Pluoh's thick fur. The Wocky shivered, she could feel a bad storm brewing. Hoping that they could beat the blizzard Pluoh urged the other two on. Suddenly Roywyn stumbled, and _Moon_Paw rushed to her side,

"I think we should go back!" Moon shouted above the winds roar. They were about to when the storm hit. Immediately Pluoh could barely see her friends who were only a couple feet away. Roywyn grabbed both of the pets and held them close, "The storms are often short, we may be able to wait it out!" Pluoh thought she could hear the human say. But after twenty minutes the blizzard had only gotten worse. Knowing that Roywyn could freeze Pluoh hatched a plan. It was stupid, but Pluoh felt that it was better then doing nothing. Trying not to lose her balance she clambered onto Moon's back, then she untied the scarf from around her neck and started waving it in the air. I hope this works! Pluoh thought, feeling like an idiot, It's all my fault that we're out here anyway!

Just then something bumped into Moon making the Wocky fall off the blue Lupe's back. The next thing Pluoh knew was that she was being scooped up into someone's arms. Looking up she saw the face of the Snow Faerie staring back. Seeing the Wocky's frightened face the faerie smiled,

"Don't worry they'll be safe," she said. Then with a woosh their surroundings went out of focus, and when it all came back Pluoh, Moon, and Roywyn were all sprawled in an igloo. To make a long story short, the faerie explained that she had been sent to rescue the people that had gotten lost. Being a Snow Faerie she could see better in blizzards then your average pet, and when she had seen Pluoh's red bandana she had come to find out if they needed help. Of course the three were very grateful, but the faerie couldn't stay long to hear their thanks.

The next day when the storm ended they went back to the house to discuss something,

"Pluoh, I've been thinking. We could use you in our exploring group, would you consider letting me adopt you?"

The Wocky felt overjoyed, "I would love to live with you guys, is it okay with you Moon?"

The Lupe nodded, she had always wanted a sibling. With Pluoh's permission Roywyn filled out an adoption sheet and sent it in to the pound. And that night they received confirmation that Pluoh was now Roywyn's Wocky.

They celebrated over a dinner of snowberries and Pea and Lentil Soup, then the next morning they trio went on their first adventure. And as they headed into a forest near the peak of Terror Mountain, Pluoh looked up at the sky. Only two weeks before she had been in a small, cramped cage, and now life couldn't have been any better!

The End

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