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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 29 > Continuing Series > The Ice Scorchstone: Part Three

The Ice Scorchstone: Part Three

by fire_faerie_8080

The Journeys 2
After a long flight I finally arrived at 1:00 NST in the middle of the night in the lost desert I found a valley between two sand dunes and fell fast asleep.

I awoke and sat up screaming there was a monster staring me in the face I jumped a foot away before I realised it was a Searex, my Searex. "What in Neopia are you doing here, Seasong?" I asked it. It only came up and licked me in the face, purring happily as soon as I picked it up.

"Oh well," I sighed, "I suppose you can come with me but you must not cause any trouble."

It looked at me and nodded its head in agreement. I placed my Searex, Seasong, upon my back and ran into the Haunted Woods. I was so concentrated on running and not getting caught by ghosts I failed to realise I was being followed by a Green Krawk. This Krawk, of course, worked for the Dark Faerie. He was called Dark_Fang and he was captain of a whole army of Krawks enslaved by the Dark Faerie.

"Heehee," he crooned to himself, "once I catch this Meerca I will surly be reward greatly by my mistress.

He slinked off into the shadows so not to be seen by Chloe52589 and continued to follow her.

Chloe52589 had reached the Spooky Marketplace. She ran to the Shop Wizard to get some help

"Excuse me, Mr. Shop Wizard... I need a small knapsack and some bottled water oh and also some organic vegetables," I asked him hoping her could find it.

"Ah yes, go that way and to left he pointed and you will find exactly what you need," he said smiling.

I thanked him and ran to the shop. I bought my supplies with some NP I had luckily thought to bring with me. I found a rock to sit on and fed some leek to Seasong and I made myself a small salad. We both hastily finished and continued on. Soon I began to feel a chill in the air and by the time I had reached happy valley I was very cold. I needed to find shelter and some warm garments for me and Seasong. I went to the top of Terror Mountain and I was so cold I collapsed in front of an igloo. It just happened to be owned by the two friendly Chias that happened to run a garage sail. These Chias are of course Mika and Carassa. Mika just happened to need to run out and get something and discovered Chloe in the snow.

"Oh my word," Mika gasped, "Carassa help me we have to help this Meerca inside we need to help it."

Chloe awoke to find herself warm and being fed an omelette. She thanked the Chias profoundly once she recovered fully a day or two later. They gave her some warm thing so she wouldn't get so cold. She thanked them again and went on her way. She heard a lot of hissing going on as she passed the Snowager's Cave in order to go through the great crack that was a path to Tyrannia. She ventured closer.

"Ahh yesss, Dark Faerie I believe the stone is very near I can sssenssse it," said the Snowager.

"Hmm, yes I sense some sort of power," she said evilly, "I will go in search of it," she continued walking out of the cave and bumping right into Chloe.

"Ach! It's you!" she screeched and continued, "just who I was looking for."

She laughed and approached me with the intent of capturing me but I had a plan. I threw a Fire Bomb into the Snowager's Cave which brought the ice snake (who hated fire) out and rampaging it collided with the Dark Faerie putting her out cold and jumped into the big crack in the ice caves that led to the steamy lands of Tyrannia.


The Dark Faerie came to in about an hour she was very angry that the Snowager not only knocked her out but did not manage to capture the Meerca. Little did she know what had happened while she was out cold.

Tyrannia- I landed in a soft patch of grass. Lucky it was there to break my fall I also noticed a castle off in the distance. It was a fair way from me but not too much further. I quickly began to sprint toward the castle I came to a clearing and suddenly I was surrounded by Krawks led by Dark_Fang.

"You are under arrest by order of the Dark Faerie," Dark_Fang growled.

"No way," I said baring my teeth.

Then there came a battle I defeated them all one by one I kicked, I bit, and I threw punches until they had all fainted from lack of energy. I continued my sprint toward the looming castle a bit slower than before from a few minor injuries inflicted by my enemies. I finally reached the castle and began to scale the walls. Since I couldn't fly I decided to work on climbing since it was close and both helpful. I reached a place that looked different than all of the rest. I hypothesised that it must be the exact place that my sister broke out on her adventure. I felt exhilarated I went up and saw a small window hoping the Dark Faerie had put her in the same place as last time. I was lucky and very relieved seeing my sister and fire_faerie_8080 (who by now had recovered for the most part). They both looked quite worried and sad.

"Cheer up mates," I exclaimed, "the calvary is here!"

They both whirled around and broke into grins and began to cry tears of joy.

"Oh Chloe I was so worried that wicked witch had captured you," said a teary eyed fire_faerie_8080.

"I knew you could do it Sis!" exclaimed an excited Air Faerie.

"Now that you are here we are sealed in this cell with magic the only way you can open it is with the key. The Dark Faerie enchanted it so it could break the enchantments and unlock us from this nightmare. You must release the Uber Faeries first they are imprisoned in bottles in the treasury below us," said Air_Faerie_8080.

"Okay Sis, I'll go do that hold down the fort," I said, winking and going off to make the rescue of the Faeries and my family.

A groan came from Air_Faerie_8080 as her sister said hold down the fort she told her sister ha ha very funny as she ran down the hall.

Little did they all know the Dark Faerie was only two minutes away from reaching her castle.

To be continued...

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