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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Articles > A Guide to Aishas

A Guide to Aishas

by Strata_Skywolf_200

In this article I will tell you all I know about Aishas. Of course, I don’t know everything about them, so I’ll do the best I can! I hope this will show you that all Aishas aren’t that bad, and I hope that you might want to adopt one after reading this. I also have included a little bit about Alien Aishas. Now, from head to toe, the guide to Aishas. Let’s start with the ears, shall we? (If you do not have much time to read today, read the overview at the bottom and read the whole article later!)

I. Four-Ear Extravaganza
Most Aishas have four ears. The reason I say most is because Alien Aishas don’t have four ears, they have six (Go down to see more about Alien Aishas). With these four ears, an Aisha can hear things from long distances. I have tested this on one of my Aishas, Tigreno. I put him in a closet and said a word from the other side of the NeoHome. I opened the closet and he repeated the same word to me. Not all Aishas can do this; it depends on the Aishas, the size of the NeoHome, and a few other things. Aishas have great hearing abilities, they can ever hear a pin drop.

II. Aishas – Blind?
Some people have said that all Aishas are blind – I can disprove this. Other people have said they just have slits instead of eyes or that they can “magically” see - this is all not completely true. Of course some Aishas might be blind, but the truth is, they aren’t all blind. So don’t take your Aisha to get some eyeglasses just yet – they may not need any.

Here’s why: First of all, if you have looked at the full screen backgrounds you should’ve seen a red Aisha fighting a yellow Chia. If you click the small image you’ll get a new window with a bigger version of this – there you’ll see it has two eyes. If you go through more of the backgrounds you’ll find more Aishas – some with “slits” and some with eyes.

My theory is that the only reason there are these slits in most pictures of the Aisha is because they blink most of the time when their picture is taken. I suppose that some have to squint – thus causing the little slits.

III. The Invisible Nose
When I draw an Aisha I usually put a dot in for a substitute nose, of course, this doesn’t mean Aishas have noses. In all pictures of Aishas there is not a nose, but this doesn’t mean an Aisha cannot smell. I think that Aishas have a magical sense of smell. Although there is no proof of this, I still believe it’s a possibility. I don’t know too much about their noses/sense of smell. I’m certain that Aishas do have a sense of smell though, this is because Tigreno is always at the dinner table when he smells food, at least when he claims he smells food. I do not believe they have an actual nose, but they might have an invisible one!

IV. Mouth – Foods not included
No two Aishas have the same taste buds so I can’t really list foods that they’d like. I can tell you a little about an Aisha’s mouth though. They do have teeth (except for the really, really, old Aishas that have fake teeth), although they usually smile without showing their pearly whites. It’s a possibility that Aishas can’t last on a vegetarian diet; it's dangerous for them. Although this theory hasn’t been tested. Remember to make your Aisha brush it’s teeth every day!

V. The Tale of the Tail
The tail is one thing that helps keep the body balanced, if an Aisha had no tail it would probably walk sideways, or wouldn’t walk at all. The tail is essential to an Aisha’s balance. The tail could also tell you how your Aisha feels, if it sways back and fourth, rather quickly, your Aisha is most likely feeling happy. The slower it’s tail wags, the less happy it is, or, the more tired it is of wagging his or her tail.

VI. Arms/Legs
Aishas have two arms (which are usually used as legs) and two legs. Most of the time when walking they use their arms as legs – but when reading they use their arms as arms – it’s sort of a confusing situation. Their feet/hands appear to have no toes/fingers, although some people draw Aishas with toes and fingers. I believe Aishas have toes and/or fingers so they can draw and such things. If Aishas don’t have toes/fingers then how to they do such things as hold their food, or turn a page of a book?

VII. Other Body Parts
Here I would explain the bones, muscles, and all that – but I’m not a doctor. I hope you don’t mind, but I can’t really explain this part, so all I can say here is that an Aisha has a big heart with enough room for many friends and many members of a family.

VIII. Alien Aishas
There are two things that are different about Alien Aishas and Our Aishas. The first thing that people see that sticks out right away is their ears, there’re six (four on top and two below) instead of the regular four (two on top and two below). The second thing that usually doesn’t stick out is their purple triangle about their eyes. In the story, The Alien Aisha it says their eyes are bigger than our Aishas, I’m not sure that this is a fact but I thought I’d mention it. Also, Alien Aishas are famous for their vending machine – considering it gives out gross foods like Toe Nail Soup.

IX. Other Aisha Things
Aishas are quite loyal, but they love to have a fun time with you whenever possible! They enjoy making bunches of new friends. To tell how an Aisha feels is rather simple – When they have their long ears not sticking straight up in the air they’re usually unhappy, or tired. When angry they seem to hiss at you, and their fur gets all puffy.

X. Overview
Aishas have great hearing because of their four ears, so if you loose your cell phone (considering if you have one…) press the locate button (you know, the button that makes the phone make a noise so you can find it), and your Aisha could find it in a second or two.

Aishas are not blind, and the do not see magically or have slits instead of eyes either. Some may be blind, but not all are! I believe the reason that in most pictures they look like they have slits is because some blink, or squint, in these pictures.

I don’t really know if Aishas have noses or not, but I’m certain they have a sense of smell. The reason I’m so sure is because Tigreno (My Aisha) is always at the dinner table when he smells food – or so he says anyway.

Aishas do have teeth, although they don’t show them off. It’s a possibility that Aishas can’t last on a vegetarian diet; it's dangerous for them. Although this theory hasn’t been tested. Remember to have your Aisha brush its teeth daily.

An Aisha’s tail helps keep it balanced – if an Aisha had no tail then it probably wouldn’t be able to stand. Their tail can also help interpret if their happy, sad, or maybe even tired.

Aisha seem to have four legs but they can sometimes use two of their legs as arms – this makes it a confusing situation to explain whether they have two arms and two legs or if they have four legs. They appear not to have toes/fingers, but if they don’t they how do the turn the pages of a book, or hold onto their food?

Alien Aisha’s have two more ears than our Aishas, (four on top and two below). They also have a purple triangle about their eyes, it doesn’t stick out as much. Alien Aishas are well know for the vending machine – considering it gives out yucky foods like Toe Nail Soup.

XI. The End – For now
Thanks for reading; I hope that you’ll see that Aishas are great pals and that you’ll want one in your Neopian family.

Note to Aisha Lovers: If you adore Aishas, TAP (The Aisha Pack) is a wonderful guild to join. Located here.

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