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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Articles > Guide to the PetPets of the Lost Desert

Guide to the PetPets of the Lost Desert

by goldensaluki

Have your pets been asking for a PetPet from Sakhmet? If so, this article may help them decide which one best suits their lives. Desert PetPets are a diverse group of species that originated in the lost desert of Neopia. They were rarely found outside of Sakhmet until the Lost Desert was discovered. Now desert PetPets make their homes with all types of Neopians, and live everywhere from Tyrannia to Krawk Island. They are found for sale at Peopatra's PetPet Shop. Peopatra is a Peophin who began to give away PetPets as the number of lost and abandoned ones she took in became too large. One thing led to another, and now her shop sells PetPets to any Neopian who wants a lost desert friend. First, some general information on all the desert PetPets. These pets are adapted to live in a hot, dry environment. Humidity cannot hurt them, but if you live in a cold place, you might want to keep your PetPet inside on the colder days, and buy them a sweater for their outings. These PetPets also frequently make gasping noises. This is because they are used to being thirsty, and even if they are provided with adequate water they will not drink it until they absolutely have to. So, if your desert PetPet does this, just check their water bowl and if it's full, don't worry. Another intriguing thing about these PetPets is that they will occasionally leap up, for no reason, and say, "A Curse on You!" This is one of the many mysterious things about these PetPets, and usually when they do this you and your NeoPets are in no danger. The curses usually involve, say, a certain hair on a Lupe's back growing half a centimetre longer than the rest, or some silly thing that you will probably never know of. Now, here is some information on the many species of desert PetPets!

Anubis - These are the friendliest Desert PetPets. They will befriend any NeoPet who wants to befriend them. They are beautiful pets, too, with long ears and sleek coats. They can also be painted white, red, and Christmas apart from their usual black colour. Though they are usually quiet pets, they also do tend to yap and yelp when they get excited, and when they are very bored. Usually they will uncomplainingly comply with almost anything their NeoPet friends tell them to do, but they are very sensitive pets and can become unhappy if they are treated poorly. But, if you love and care for your Anubis, he or she will be a friend for life!

Apis - Apises can store large amounts of water in their hump, so your NeoPet can explore the desert with an Apis and not need to worry much about water for their PetPet. These PetPets are very shy and quiet. They are rarely playful but generally have a very good temperament, and their shyness will melt away when they are with a NeoPet they know well. Apises were rarely seen outside the walls of Sakhmet, as they had always been raised by Sakhmet residents and so never really roamed. But since the lost desert's discovery they have become well known and well loved PetPets.

Erisim - Erisims are quite scary! They are black in colour, and at night they are all but impossible to see. However, you can hear wild Erisims slithering around at night, cackling and laughing menacingly. Despite this, they never harm NeoPets or their owners, and do make rather nice PetPets. Erisims will generally sleep for most of the day, but when they are awake they love to be cuddled and spoiled. During the night, however, they are usually awake, and love to go slithering around outside. They make great companions for more nocturnal NeoPets, as they like to do pretty much all of their activities at night. Erisims may look scary to your NeoPet at first, but once they meet they can become great friends.

Geb - These goofy looking PetPets blend in very well with the desert sands, so they are hard to find outside of Sakhmet. Gebs have a good sense of humour, and are very friendly. Sometimes they will do nothing but play, other times they just want to sit and contemplate the universe. This earns them their reputation as being one of the smartest PetPets around, a reputation which is well deserved. They are great companions for all NeoPets, as they always know how someone is feeling and will never make anyone in a bad mood. One thing Gebs love to do is eat, so make sure your NeoHome is stocked with lots of extra food for these PetPets, as they are perpetually hungry.

Horus - These PetPets are very loyal, and will form a close bond with their NeoPet friend. They are always there to help their NeoPet in any way, and can warn them of impending danger. If your NeoPet is the adventurous type, a Horus may be a good PetPet for them, because they love to explore and can help your NeoPet get out of a bad situation. It is wise never to harm a NeoPet who has a Horus, because it is well known that these PetPets often will try to get revenge in their own Horus-ish ways. However, they are PetPets who need companionship. They will want to go everywhere with their NeoPet friend, so make sure your pet is ready for this.

Khamette - Khamettes are PetPets with a sense of humour, however their jokes tend only to be funny to them. It is well known that they hide in tombs, and when an unsuspecting Neopian comes along, they reach for this "treasure" only to have it chomp their fingers and run away in a fit of giggles. Despite this, Khamettes make good PetPets and, if they are trained well at a young age, they will rarely play tricks on their owners. The antics of Khamettes can amuse your NeoPets for hours, as they are constantly bouncing, rolling, and running around, giggling insanely. They are good PetPets for energetic NeoPets, who will have a fun playmate with a Khamette.

Khnum - Khnums are easygoing, calm pets. They can lay motionless for hours and even days at a time, which can seem a little scary, but it is perfectly normal behaviour for them. If your NeoPet is not the hyper type, and wants a calm PetPet who will not be very demanding or destructive, a Khnum is a good choice. Despite their slowness, Khnums are some of the most intelligent PetPets out there. They spend their motionless hours contemplating the world, and some say they are the smartest beings in Neopia. As they have never told anyone but other Khnums of their knowledge, we can only guess. Khnums are loving companions for any NeoPet.

Khonsu - These PetPets are considered to be very unlucky, but mostly they are just clumsy. They have poor eyesight, so frequently run into things and knock them over. Make sure your NeoHome has no delicate things in a place where a Khonsu may be running around. Some say Khonsus will bring bad luck to your NeoPets, but they don't usually make anyone have any worse luck than usual. Except for that one Chia.... Anyway, Khonsus will befriend any NeoPet. They are playful but not too hyper, and usually very easygoing, good companions for anyone.

Lyins - If you come across a Lyins in the desert, you will most likely never know you did. These PetPets spend most of their time underneath the sand. This is where they find their food, however, no one is entirely sure what food they find under there. If your NeoPets want a Lyins, you should make a sandbox for the Lyins to burrow in when they want to. Also, you should bury their food in the sand box, as this is the only way you will get them to eat it. Lyins are not particularly cuddly PetPets, as they have a very hard outer shell, but are surprisingly playful and can be wonderful companions for your NeoPets.

Scarabug - These PetPets first showed up in Sakhmet several thousand years ago, when a huge swarm of them seemed to come out of nowhere. These lovely little insect-like PetPets have lived there ever since. Scarabugs make loud humming noises when they fly, and have lots of energy. You must make sure your NeoPets give their Scarabugs lots of exercise, or else you may find them flying and buzzing happily around your NeoHome late at night, and this can be quite annoying. Scarabugs are rarely bad-tempered, but they never get particularly attached to any one NeoPet. They love to fly around with members of their own species, so it is good to find other NeoPets with Scarabugs so your PetPets can get together occasionally.

Selket - These pets are quite good friends, though they are not too bright. In the wild, they burrow underground to hide. Make sure your NeoHome has strong carpeting, or else you may find your carpeting has been torn up by a panicking Selket. Also, make sure you provide them with a sandbox or something similar which they can burrow into when they feel threatened or just want to be left alone. A Selket is a good PetPet for a NeoPet who is gone during the day, as they do not need constant companionship.

Sunutek - Sunuteks are possibly the most bizarre PetPets of any world. Although they are made seemingly entirely out of stone, they are very intelligent. Their origins are quite strange, as they first appeared one night under a full moon as an unknown lost desert NeoPet was casting a bad curse. No one can ever be sure whether their intentions are good or bad, and they are quite unpredictable. Some even say Sunuteks have psychic powers. Not all NeoPets will like Sunuteks, but some find them to be very interesting companions. They are not particularly energetic, nor entirely lazy, and sometimes they just need to be left alone. Sunuteks are probably not good PetPets for younger NeoPets.

Wadjet - "Is that a necklace?" Have you ever found yourself asking that question to a NeoPet and its Wadjet? Wadjets have the strangest habit of curling around a NeoPet's neck, and they will want to come everywhere like this with your NeoPet. They don't curl tightly, but loosely, just like green and yellow necklaces. (Though with a trip to the PetPet puddle, Wadjets can be other colours, too.) These PetPets are very outgoing and friendly, and they love to be cuddled and held. Some NeoPets are afraid of them for their snakelike appearance, though they have nothing to fear from these very sweet PetPets. Wadjets make great friends for NeoPets young and old.

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