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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Articles > All About Light Faeries

All About Light Faeries

by roguegirl_37

Finally translated for the first time, this fancy hardcover edition of one of Neopia's most treasured book; All About Light Faeries has arrived. The fifth of a series of all the faerie books, this is sure to be a must have for all households.

Foreword from the author C.Chesterpot
I hope you enjoy this fifth volume from Faerie Books Inc. This is sure to teach you even more than you ever knew about the Light Faeries. This is sure to absorb and delight all types of readers of all ages. Once the winner of the Churros book award, and another time the winner of the Red Juppie book award, it has been at the top of the best-seller list for 4 consecutive weeks. It is guaranteed to bring out the Light Faerie lover in you! It has also been voted by The Neopian Times as " a book that will surely light up your day!"

Of course, being another one of the most expensive and sought for books on the market, Faerie Books Inc. was anxious to have me translate yet another one of the faerie series. Do I ever get a break! I decided to tackle one of the best faeries in Neopia. But don't let any of the others know I said that. This is between you and me only! So once again I was pouring over ancient scrolls and wandering around the world in search for information on the heavenly Light Faerie. I hope you treasure this book for many years to come.

Chapter 1: Where they live
You're probably thinking, if Earth Faeries like to stay in trees and flowers, fire faeries in hot places, Air Faeries in the air and Water Faeries in the water, then Light Faeries live in lighted places? Contrary to popular belief they do not like to stay in light bulbs, so stop burning your paws looking for one! The Uber Light Faerie lives up high in the clouds surrounding Neopia and Faerieland. (I told you to leave the light bulb alone, if your paw hurts you were warned!)

The Uber Light Faerie especially likes to stick close to Neopia Central, watching busy pets and owners go about their day. This doesn't mean you will see her around there often, since she likes to stay hidden from our inquisitive eyes. Light Faeries are shy little creatures that surprisingly only like to come out at night. They are truly the fireflies of Neopia.

Chapter 2: The likes and dislikes of a Light Faerie
The Uber Faerie is not very well known. She has always been a bit of a mystery to even the best of scholars. What I found is that the shy faerie likes order and laws. She likes to see things work like they are supposed to (guess she'll never own a cranky computer huh!) She will always help those who are wrongly accused, or those who have never broken the law.

That's why you can see her at the Wheel of excitement, making sure the prizes are given out to the right person. You can also see her at the shop wizard's. If you've ever gotten a quest from the faeries and then forgotten about it, you've probably experienced the frustration of going to the shop wizard and being stopped, right in front of his door, by none other than the Light Faerie herself telling you you're cheating. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to discuss your case in court about why you weren't cheating! (Of course, as long as we don't have to pay a ticket or fine I guess I'll just deal with it.)

She is also a big collector of trading cards. Rumour has it that she has a special, first edition collection of every single card in Neopia! Sometimes she sends pets on quests for cards that she's missing, these cards can be very hard to find since they are extremely rare. If you succeed her quest, she'll happily raise your level.

Her favourite pets are the Aishas, Kacheeks, Jubjubs and Gelerts. She is said to favour all those who are painted gold and silver as well. Good, organised pets are her favourite kind. Teenagers with messy rooms beware! The Uber Light Faerie believes in a healthy body and spirit for everyone. Fit, happy pets are those she likes best.

Chapter 3: Character
The Uber Light Faerie is actually quite shy. She's not very good at talking to people and tends to get nervous talking to people she doesn't know. (I guess we'll never see her doing any oral presentations any time soon) For this reason, she is usually very quiet and can sometimes seem quite mad or snobby when she talks to you, but she isn't like that at all. She is a very orderly person who likes to set rules and see them carried out properly. In fact, most of the laws of Neopia were written up by her!

She gets along pretty good with the other Uber Faeries. Unfortunately though, she tends to clash too often with the Darkness Faerie. The two are complete opposites and can't stand to be in the same room together. Many scholars have made dark predictions about those two. They say the next big war will come from the light and dark faeries fighting. The two of them are like siblings, each is constantly plotting how to hurt the other one and no one can stop them!

Just like their bigger version, the little Light Faeries are shy and like to stay hidden. When they do wander around, it is to make sure that the laws are being followed. If you release one from a jar, she will generally be quite happy to bless your pet, though, if you are a lawbreaker or you keep a very messy and disordered house, she may refuse.

Chapter 4: History
There has been evidence of the Uber Light Faerie's existence in Neopia for thousands of years. Some believe she may have even been the first faerie to come to Neopia! Ancient tribes have many legends about the Light Faerie. She was said to be able to bring a pet back from the dead!

The Light Faerie was also known as an early healer. Many offerings were made to the Light Faerie when someone got sick, begging her to cure the sick one. Most village healers and medicine pets looked up to her and liked to keep a few small Light Faeries locked in cages, in case they ever had desperate need of help from them.

It was not uncommon for the whole tribe to be out looking for a small Light Faerie when the chief got ill! That is how the Light Faerie hunts began. Even today, the spirit of the hunt continues with the annual Faerie hunt that happens every year in many small villages on Mystery island.

Chapter 5: Flying Skills
Just like the other faeries, the Light Faerie has many special flying skills. Like all faeries, she has her own special moves that she uses in her various attacks. This golden angel ain't no push over and you're about to find out why!

Her first move is the, err... brilliant Gamma Ray attack! This is one tough one to break from and terrifying to be hit by. The Uber Light Faerie makes a small yellow ball of light in her hand. No bigger than a snowball, so of course, the opponent is completely held off guard since "what could she do with a ball of light that big?" Of course what the opponent doesn't realise is that that ball of light is getting bigger and brighter every second. It's growing so slowly and slyly, the opponent doesn't notice that instead of fitting in the faerie's hand, it's now filling both her hands! By the time you notice that it has gotten big, it's too late! The ball of light begins to pulse and it gets even more brighter. Brighter and brighter, until the opponent can't even stand to look at it without burning his eyes. So of course the poor opponent has no idea when the ball is coming at him, all he can see is yellow! Anyhow this ball of lights gets whipped at the opponent at about ooh... 100 miles an hour and it slams right into the opponent with enough strength to send him a good... ooh... 30 miles at least! (Now do you get why I pay someone to fight these faeries instead of myself!)

Her next move is slightly smaller in size. (Thank the Asparagus Gods!) It's called the Needle attack. Simple little name huh? Just you wait and see. The Light Faerie gets straight to business with this move. As soon as the battle starts, she likes to pop little streams of light towards her enemy. These little streams of light are only about 4 inches long and a centimetre thick. She creates small handfuls at a time that she releases right at her opponent. Soon she has created so many, they fill the air all around, heading in one direction: the opponent. No matter what the opponent does, he cannot stop the flow of needle like streams of light coming towards him. The light beams can go right through swords and armour since they're light after all! They attack the opponent, coming in from all sides. Have you ever been stung by a whole hive of bees? Well, that's exactly what it feels like to the poor opponent. Each small stream of light is so hot it burns anyone it comes in contact with! Ouch! (As I was visiting my erm... friend in the hospital, I couldn't help but admire the huge body bandage he had on). So I think you get the point when I tell you to please avoid a battle with the Light Faerie because I think the NeoHospital is running out of body bandages at this point!

Chapter 6: Inventions
The Uber Light Faerie is the inventor of many things. She is the one who came up with the beautiful and costly, silver and gold paintbrushes. When asked why she made those brushes the answer was the following, " I really think it helps show a pets true worth. It's a way to show that what is inside a pet is just as special and worth as much as the pet we see on the inside. I think it helps pets gain confidence in themselves too." Now isn't that a great idea!

The Uber Light Faerie is not much of a cook but she did inspire many foods we see around Neopia. The Golden Juppie Delight is a special favourite of hers!

It is said she is the one who came up with the idea for the creation of motes, which are great weapons in the Battledome. She is also known for her various starlight potions and stream of light bottles.

Finally, the Uber Light Faerie is the creator of the Wheel of Excitement and Wheel of Mediocrity. These games take no skill and everyone has an equal chance of winning. No one can cheat either at her games! Which is exactly how the Uber Light Faerie likes it!

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