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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Continuing Series > Faerie Tales, Vol. I The Negg Faerie: Part Three

Faerie Tales, Vol. I The Negg Faerie: Part Three

by taffychic

It took a few days of careful observing to figure out who was in on the operation and who wasn't. She found a nice inn run by a rather giddy Scorchio and spent several nights waiting for what she wanted. Finally the sign she needed came.

She was sitting for the fifth night in a row in the little tavern. She knew that under normal standards one of Edna's employees would never talk, but one who was under a truth spell would be a different story. Still, Tacy didn't like throwing her magic around without good reason. She needed some indication that they were involved.

It came in the form of a tiny female Cybunny. She had sauntered in with her friends and sat talking for quite a while before Tacy even noticed them. She had been scanning the conversation in the room, looking for clues, when the Cybunny's conversation turned to work.

"Ugh, I get so tired of picking those dreadful Neggs all day. At first I didn't mind because they smell so good, but when you just look at food and can't eat any of it all day it just turns into torture, I swear!"

"Yes!" thought Tacy silently. "I've found the one I need."

"Well, I'm really tired from work. I'm going to bed," said the diminutive Cybunny, and got up to leave.

Tacy quickly put on her least suspicious face. "Excuse me," she called out to the pet as she passed her table.

"Oh, I don't work here," said the little bunny, a little startled but very polite.

"Well, actually I wanted to ask you a question. Do you happen to know who I am?"

She glanced her way for the first time. Her eyes widened slightly. "Well, judging by your wings, miss, I'm going to have to say you're a Faerie. Do you need me for a quest?"

Tacy smiled. "Yes, actually. I have a peculiar craving for an orange Negg. Could you please fetch me one?"

The Cybunny, whose name was Deeane, shook her head. "I'm sorry, those aren't available to the public anymore. I'm going to have to turn you down, I'm afraid. I'm really sorry I can't help you."

She lies very well, the Faerie thought. "Oh but if anyone is capable of getting this for me, it must me you. My special Faerie sixth sense tells me so. I'm sure you can dig one up for me somewhere. Here, I'll tell you what," she continued as Deeane began to blush. "I really can't release you from the spell until you've at least tried for me, okay? So meet me here again tomorrow night. If you have the Negg, I'll reward you very generously. If you don't, I'll release you. Agreed?"

The furry brow wrinkled as she thought to proposal over. Tacy could almost see the wheels turning as the words "reward" and "sixth sense" sunk into her simple mind. "Deal," she finally said, with a resolution in her voice that told Tacy she had walked right into the trap.

The petite Faerie had not long to wait. At precisely the same time as the night before, Deeane walked into the little tavern. Tacy smiled affectionately at her as she marched up and presented her with a small Kau-leather bag. Inside was a carefully wrapped orange Negg

"Oh! Thank you so very much," exclaimed the Faerie with feigned admiration and enthusiasm. "Come with me, dear, and let me go get your reward."

Deeane allowed Tacy to lead her to the witch's lair without any questions asked. After a lovely exchange of bellows at the front door, Edna received them once again with a very cordial cup of tea.

"I've brought you a lovely Negg to go with your tea," said Tacy with an impish twinkle in her eye.

Edna was momentarily pale but regained her composure quickly. "Did you really? Where did she get this Negg, child?" she inquired, turning to the Cybunny

"I g-gave it to h-her, mum," stuttered the little pet. Apparently meetings with witches were not her cup of tea.

"Well then, you've completed my quest, haven't you, dear," she said somewhat regretfully. "Ah well, I can always find something else to horde. I'll fire my workers and you can do what you like with the things." Then, for the second time, Edna vanished without a trace.


Cairynn was very glad to see her mistress return safely. "Was your trip a success, ma'am?" she asked, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"Oh, certainly. Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

"Nothing, unless you count this Neomail I got yesterday. It was addressed to you, so I didn't open it."

The faerie slit the envelope and this is what she read:

Dearest Negg Faerie,

Well, I certainly hope you are enjoying your Neggs again. It really took you a surprisingly long time to notice they were gone, you know. It was nice meeting my match, I suppose, but I certainly wouldn't expect this to be the last you hear from me.

Your dearest friend, I'm sure,


The End

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