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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Continuing Series > The Ice Scorchstone: Part Two

The Ice Scorchstone: Part Two

by fire_faerie_8080

The Journeys
I awoke next morning chewing over the events of last night in mind. Oh why me? I asked myself, looking down at the pendant thinking of it as a curse.

"Oooh, I wish you had never come to me. Your type of magic has caused enough suffering!" I cried bitterly loud.

I went the rest of the way down stairs. It was eerily silent. I didn't hear the usual morning sounds. I didn't hear Air Faerie yelling at her PetPet Angel the Miamouse to get of my mum's prized potted plant. I also did not hear my sneaky little Searex filling up the kitchen sink for it to play in{it had expertly learned how to use the drawers as steps to make it up to the counter where the sink was and how to operate the sink's spigot. I ran upstairs making sure fire_faerie_8080 hadn't overslept being mum in this house was almost a full time job some times plus she was still recovering from our "vacation".

I peered into her lovely blue room it. I was horrified the bed covers were scattered the walls were slashed to pieces. Several glass frames were smashed and some of her plushies no longer had some body parts. I turned away and sat tucked against the wall sitting down to wait for the nauseated feeling my stomach had to pass. I shuddered and went to look at my sisters room it was worse but I could tell she had fought back since there were several pebbles lodged in the wall and charred places where Spark attacks had missed and there lying among the rubble my eye caught a peculiar sight. Something glimmered I went over and carefully picked up a small locket opened it had a picture of me and fire_faerie_8080 in it and her whole name engraved in the front and our names on the back.

I remembered the day she got it they day we all posed for family pictures one of my separates and one of fire_faerie_8080's was given to my sister to be put in that locket. I picked it up and found a small blue pouch to put it in. I hung it at my side and silently vowed to rescue my sister and mum from the fate that had befallen them.


"Oh my aching head last time I felt this horrible I was in... Oh NO! Not this stinking hole again well I see they patched the floor," said Air_Faerie_8080 snickering at how the new bricks contrasted with the old castles worn ones.

"This is no laughing matter, Shoyru," came an icy voice.

"Hmph," I replied, "well at least you haven't got my sister what's up has some one turned chicken."

"You won't be laughing so hard once I destroy you," the still icy toned Dark Faerie replied back.

"Yeah right, last time I creamed you and I'll do it again or my sister will you old bat," I spat indignantly at her.

"Your sister hahaha that weakling would be here now if it wasn't for that necklace," said the Dark Faerie glaring at the Shoyru

"Well at least you won't be able to use it as long as she has it. She is probably heading straight for the Faerie Queen now to thwart your evil plans you despicable old witch, and another thing what's to stop me from busting out of here like last time?" I questioned while glaring at her.

"Well," she spat, "for one thing I have all the Uber Faeries and the Faerie Queen captured inside bottles sealed with enchantments so they won't be able to help your puny sister. Also I took the liberty of sealing this cell with enchantments to keep you from breaking out. Oh, and one last thing you might want to tend to the human she doesn't look to well, "she cackled evilly and disappeared into her purple smoke.

I quickly whirled around to take care of fire_faerie_8080 she was still out and injured I began to try to heal her and I silently prayed my sister would find a way to help.

14:00 NST: Faerieland

I stepped off a cloud ferry it was very slow going since I had no wings to get from place to place in Neopia. I headed straight for the Faerie's castle. I didn't see any signs of life it looked deserted no guards. I walked into the large entrance hall it was dusty and it looked as if there had been no one here forever. I went down to the dungeons to discover all of the servants of the palace in cells looking hungry and tired. I quickly released the prisoners. They quickly told me of how everyone had been captured and what had happened to the Faerie Queen. I decided to head for the Tyrannian Jungle where the Dark Faeries castle had been previously located since I could not fly and the cloud ferries could only travel as far as the Lost Desert I decided that's where I would start my journey to stop the Dark Faerie and her sinister plans.

To be continued...

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