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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Celebrating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Continuing Series > Doppelganger: Part Two

Doppelganger: Part Two

by the11thwiseman

Emotionless Zombie
"So how did the search go?" a brown Aisha said as his apparent disciple came into the dimly lit room.

"It went with failure... Aerowin was not to be found," a shadow Shoyru said in a stern, emotionless voice.

"You couldn't even sense him?" the Aisha said in shock.

"I did get an odd sensation... it must have been fear I suppose... perhaps that was an indication he was near... but the sensation seemed to alter my decision making capabilities," the Shoyru continued in his dry lifeless tone.

"Yes that was an indication of his presence... so go out there and find him!" the Aisha said, lifting up a clear orb.

"I shall go right away," the Shoyru said, flying off.

"Sigh... I had hoped I had completely purged those emotions," the Aisha said after the Shoyru left. "But it appears Deres can't be handled so easily... not with Aerowin so close... I suppose."

"Hmm... but the AeroDemon shall be released... as he should have been," the Aisha said, staring at the orb he held.

As the shadow Shoyru Deres flew away from the small layer of the Aisha, he noticed a small building with fire below.

"Hmm... perhaps I must extinguish this blaze to gain the help of the villagers," Deres said, flying down to the small village.

The village was in total riot, with Mynci running left and right, not accomplishing anything. Then, as one Mynci spotted the shadowy creature fly down, he motioned together the others to watch.

"Hmm.... I suppose removing the air around the fire would exhaust the flame," Deres said in a technical voice. Saying a few words under his breath, a flash of green light erupted on the burning blaze, and the flames immediately stopped before him.

The Mynci automatically erupted in cheers and gratitude to their dark saviour.

"Have anyone of you heard of an Aerowin... a male, glass Shoyru?" Deres said, more stating than asking. None of the Mynci below said anything... proof of Deres wasting his time.

"Then I shall take my leave," Deres said, and just as suddenly as he had came, he flew away, off to the horizon.

"I suppose that was a waste of my energy... I hope those Mynci can keep themselves out of trouble," Deres said, smiling.

Deres paused for a moment, realising what he just said. "A pleasant sensation enveloped me when I imagined the Mynci in their mischief... I must be close to Aerowin," Deres stated aloud.

Deres resumed his flying... deep in thought. "That sensation was pleasant... much unlike the previous one I had when I thought of my capture."

"I suppose I shall experience more of these emotions as I close in on Aerowin."

I suppose I would feel no emotions if he didn't exist, Deres thought as flew onward.

Arriving Nightmare
"We got everything we need right?" Aerowin said, walking on a dirt road with Ferez near.

"YES .YES. YES! That's the thousandth time you've asked!" Ferez yelled in frustration.

"OK. OK..." Aerowin said barely looking at Ferez.

"All right... where should we go for this training?" Ferez asked.

"Uh... you're the smart one... aren't you supposed to know?"

"Sigh... OK... I've seen weaklings beat the Snowager with good weapons... my friend sells some good ones at a cheap price."

"Just...uh... don't ask where he got them," Ferez said with a large grin across his face.

"Hmm... sounds like he works at smugglers cove," Aerowin said dryly.

"What's with you? You've not been acting like yourself as much lately," Ferez replied to the comment.

"I dunno, it's like every now and then my emotions click off... it's weird," Aerowin said, in a slightly worried tone.

"It probably has something to do with the darkness that will engulf you or whatever.... anyhow," Ferez said in a serious tone.

"Yeah, gotta get that off my mind... and... UMPH!" Aerowin said until he fell into a hole in the road.

"Ya know... when I said you'd fall into holes you couldn't dig out of.... I didn't mean it literally." Ferez laughed, looking down into the small pit.

"Err... uh... of course I couldn't dig my way out of it," Aerowin said, flying out of the hole. "I can fly!"

"Oh yeah... I was hoping you try to dig.... it would have been a funny sight!" Ferez said in a slightly disappointed voice.

They continued to walk along till Aerowin stopped and asked, "So... where does your friend live?"

"Over there," Ferez said, pointing to a hill in the distance.

"He lives that close to the Cockroach Towers?" Aerowin said in surprise.

"Well... people who can only afford the towers are usually more eager to buy stolen wea...." Ferez stopped suddenly and said, "Ah... uh... you didn't hear that."

"Yeah I did, you said people in the Cockroach Towers are more eager to buy stolen wea," Aerowin said, looking a little confused, "but I've never heard of a wea before... what is it?" Aerowin asked, looking at a slightly relieved Ferez.

"Oh... a wea is a uh... something... uh... that... well..." Ferez paused. "My friend will tell you!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm sure he will!" Ferez said, as his panic faded.

"Hmm... OK..." Aerowin looked up into the sky for a minute, "Hey, what's that?" Ferez looked up, in a somewhat uncaring manner. "I dunno... looks like a dark cloud or something."

"My friend's house is very close, we shouldn't waste anymore time," Ferez tiredly replied.

"This is tiring... I know Aerowin must be close, as I sensed him not long ago," Deres said aloud, ever scanning the ground below.

"WHERE COULD HE BE!?" Deres yelled in fury, blasting the earth below him with a violent blast of wind that stripped an area of the ground of all life. Once again Deres stopped.

"This urge for senseless destruction to be a resolution.... I am getting closer," Deres said, speeding off in no particular direction.

To be continued...

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