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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Short Stories > Oputuk and Cumulo: The Negg From IOCH

Oputuk and Cumulo: The Negg From IOCH

by blueberry13579

"Hey cool, I got a package!" Oputuk said, grabbing the box which had just arrived in his porch.

"Who's it from?" Cumulo, Oputuk's Triffin asked, taking a bite out of the chocolate bar he was holding. Oputuk set the package down in the middle of the living room and read the bright green tag.

"From your beloved friends at the IOCH."

"What the heck is 'ioch'?" Cumulo asked, craning his neck to look at the tag.

"Not 'ioch' you dumb thing, those are initials, they stand for something," Oputuk said, giving Cumulo a smack on the head.

"Well okay then, what do they stand for?" Cumulo asked, rubbing his head.

"I dunno, but a gift is gift isn't it!?" Oputuk smiled and opened the package. "Hey cool, it's a Negg!" Oputuk lifted a yellow Negg with a huge smile plastered on it's face and two little dots for eyes.

"Where did you get that from Oputuk?" Blueberry said, walking into the room. She bent over Oputuk and looked at the tag, "Ioch? What's that?" She said, looking rather confused.

"It's not 'ioch' you dumb thing, those are initials!" Cumulo said, mimicking Oputuk.

Oputuk glared at Cumulo. Cumulo just stuck his tongue out at the Chomby.

"Well, Oputuk, you're pretty lucky, that's a Happiness Negg. It's yours so you can do whatever you want with it," Blueberry said, walking out of the living room.

"I think I'll keep it as a souvenir," Oputuk said, looking the Negg over.

"Keep it?" Cumulo said, giving Oputuk a strange look, "Why don't you eat it? That's what their for!"

"Look Cumulo, unlike some pets, I don't have to eat everything in sight," Oputuk smiled at Cumulo and set the Negg on a table.

"I will ignore that comment and go on being your pet," Cumulo said, holding his head high and walking out the door.

Oputuk laughed and went to play Frisbee with Air_Ripley and the rest of his family. The room was silent, then came a popping noise and Oputuk's new Negg turned around. It's usual black dotty eyes were now little red slits, it's cute little smile was now a big evil smile, showing two rows of pointing teeth.

"Hello, my name is Gilbert, don't you want to eat me?" a scratchy voice came from the Negg.

"I think your really getting better at the Frisbee thing Ripley," Oputuk said, walking into the living room, followed by Air_Ripley, a blue Gelert.

"Do ya really think?" Ripley said, panting and leaping onto the sofa, "Hey, what's that?" Ripley asked, pointing to Oputuk's Negg.

"Oh, that a present I got from someone," Oputuk said, picking up the tag from the package and tossing it to Ripley.

"IOCH? Never heard of that before, what is it?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Oputuk shrugged.

"This is a Happiness Negg right Oputuk?" Ripley asked.

"Yeah, that's what Mum said it was," Oputuk told his brother.

"Well it may just be me, but this Happiness Negg doesn't look very happy," Ripley said, looking at the Negg's sharp teeth.

"Hmmm," Oputuk muttered, walking over to the Negg, "It didn't look like that before. Hey maybe it's a special sort of Negg!"

Oputuk smiled widely, "This could be worth a fortune!" Oputuk grabbed the Negg and looked it over.

"Hello, my name is Gilbert, don't you want to eat me?" came the scratchy voice from inside the Negg. "It talks too! I'm gonna ask Mum if I can sell it!" Oputuk ran out of the living room to find Blueberry. "That is one weird Negg!" Ripley said, picking up his Frisbee and trotting after Oputuk.

Oputuk had set the Negg down on the kitchen table and gone to find his mother. Leopold the Christmas Doglefox leapt up onto the table and sniffed the Negg.

"Hello, my name is Gilbert, don't you want to eat me?" said the scratchy voice.

Leopold hissed and arched his back, attempting to scare the weird looking Negg.

"Leopold leave that alone, it's Oputuk's and he doesn't want you messing with it!"

Oputuk the brown Chomby grabbed his Doglefox and left the kitchen.

"Well you can sell it if you want to Oputuk, you could use the money," Blueberry said, coming into the kitchen followed by her cloud Chomby

"Thanks Mum, I'll take it to the shop right away!" Oputuk grabbed the Negg in his mouth and headed for the door.

"I still think you should eat it," Cumulo said from atop Oputuk.

"So your gonna sell it?" Natt, his sister asked.

"Yeah, look at it Natt, that thing could be worth a fortune!" Oputuk said.

"All right, we'll put it up for 250,000, if anyone comes in with an offer I'll tell you," Natt said, placing the odd Negg on the shelf.

She pinned a price tag to it and went back behind the counter. "So where did you get it from again?" Natt asked, staring at the Negg.

"Some place called IOCH, I don't even know where that it," Oputuk answered, picking a Turkey Milkshake off the shelf, one of the many odd items from his mother's gallery. "Well let's look it up then!" Natt pulled a huge encyclopaedia from under the front counter. She flipped through a few pages in the book while Oputuk browsed through the shop. When she was done she closed the book and walked over to the Negg. She picked it up and flipped it over. On the bottom was a button, in big letter it read:



Natt pushed the button and Negg hissed once and the red eyes stopped glowing. The top of the Negg popped off and a piece of paper sat inside.

"Thank you for letting us use you for a test subject, if you are experiencing any pain now it's okay you will not feel anything very soon! MUHAHAHA! Your Friends at the Institute Of Chomby Haters," Oputuk read out loud.

"IOCH," Natt said, "looks like your pretty famous after all Oputuk!" Natt gave her brother a pat on the back.

"Yeah, famous to a group of insane NeoPets who hate Chombys!" Oputuk yelled.

The End

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