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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Storing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Short Stories > Inside Agent: The Case of The Fake Codestones

Inside Agent: The Case of The Fake Codestones

by miss_laddy

Before we start, like all stories, we should start with the star of this story, who is an Electric Eyrie named Viv. You see, she always been on the other side of the Neopian Law, so that is why she has AMAZING stats and all her heart's desires. She was a thief for her whole life and that is why her owner abandoned her. She escaped from the Pound and joined a mob. But she still keeps in touch with her ex-owner, Andrea, and her ex-sisters, Lucy, Nell, Connie, not to mention her niece Tina, Nell's daughter.

So now, Viv is walking the streets of Neopia in a very expensive Blue Doglefox Fur Coat. She is heading for her owner's house with a special surprise. Knocking twice at the door, she waits, as a Faerie Peophin opens the door...

"Hello, Nelly." Viv smiles.

"Viv! What are you doing here?" Nell asks.

In the door-way appears a small checkered Peophin. Viv looks at her, while the Peophin jumps in her arms, yelling, "Auntie Viv! You came! Look, I have a Blue Catamara now, see? I named her Vivy. How long are you staying for? Can I show you my plushies? Or my room?"

"Slow down, Tina." Viv giggles, "You can show me everything you have."

Meanwhile, in the doorway a striped Pteri named Lucy appears, and a silver Peophin who was Connie. They were looking at Viv in a strange way. She also notices Andrea giving her a mad look.

"Why did you come?" Andrea asks. "Are the Chia Police after you again?"

"No, better. I work for the Police now," Viv replies.

Andrea was all ears. Or should we say all eyes? She had such a funny look on her face! And it got worse once Viv showed her an ID that certified that she worked for the police.

Inside, over a hot Cup of Tea...

" that is how I got to be a inside agent," Viv explains, while drinking the tea. "Anyway, my first mission is to find out who makes those fake Codestones the Master keeps talking about. Will you join me?"

"Isn't it kinda... dangerous?" Andrea asks.

"No, not at all," Viv replies.

"Hmmm... fine, we're coming too," Andrea agrees.

On Mystery Island, inside the Training School...

"Lately, students have started to bring fake Codestones they say they bought. And they didn't knew they were fake, because they got them cheap. This has to stop," the Ryshu Master explains to Viv.

"But how do you know they are fake, Master?" Andrea asks.

The Master turns to Andrea, looks at her for a second and replies, "The real Codestones shake. "


In the Marketplace...

"We should find those cheap Codestones real quick with the Shop Wizard," Nell suggests to Andrea.

"Ya, but what about after?" Connie asked.

"We're gonna kick them all the way to the Police station!"

"Really?" Tina giggles.

"Here we are!" Andrea points to the starry building in front.

As they went in, the kind Jubjub asks, "Can I help you?"

"Yes," says Andream "we are looking for Codestones."

The Shop Wizard gave Andrea a list, which had something fishy on it:

Shop owner
Number of items
Har Codestone
250 NP

They went right to that shop. The shopkeeper was a striped Eyrie named Cutter. Viv was in for two seconds and Cutter melted when he saw her. They bought a Codestone and checked it out. Nope, it wasn't shaking. Viv fooled around with Cutter a bit and found out that he had a sister with a thing for sculpture. Her name was Melly and she was a Faerie Acara.

That same night, at Cutter's owner's house...

Cutter's owner was named Tom and he was only nice Cutter, Misty (his Fire Lupe) and Metta (his faerie Kyrii). To Melly he was rude and forced her to make fake Codestones. Melly was adopted by Tom only because of her wings. He didn't like her at all. He wanted to sell her a few times, but figured she was of good use.

At Tom's bedroom window gathered five NeoPets and a girl. Tom's bedroom was HUGE! It was made of Transparishield and it had a glowing bed. Metta's room was made of silver and had a heart-shaped bed. Misty's bedroom was made of gold and had a heart-shaped bed too. Cutter's bedroom was made of Transparishield and also had a glowing bed.

But Melly's room was made of Cupboard and only had a stone bed. She was working at some Codestones. A Main Codestone and a Har Codestone. Viv poked the window and Melly turned. She opened and let the six in.

"Who are you guys?" she asks.

"We, dear Melly, are your ticket to a better owner!" Viv explains.

But Melly had no time to be happy. Tom came in the room and as soon as he saw the NeoPets and Andrea he threw something. G began to fill the room.

Later, under Tom's NeoHome...

When Viv, Lucy, Nell, Connie, Tina and Andrea woke up, they were in a basement. The five NeoPets were in cages and Andrea was tied to a chair. Tom was laughing in their faces.

"So... you found out about my little profit, didn't you? Too bad you won't live to tell about it. See that cage? Inside there's a hungry Skeith that hasn't eaten in months. Right now, he sees only food. He can demolish the Food Store just by looking at it. At the stroke of midnight, the cage will open. And then... well, you get the point. "

"Where is Melly, you criminal?" Andrea yells.

"Since you discovered about her, I decided to sell her. I have a bunch of Codestones, so she won't be missed. "

He was swinging a cage in which Melly was all tied up. She looked so sad. He ran up the stairs, where his other NeoPets were also in cages.

"Viv, I can't believe it. You said it wasn't dangerous," Andrea says, looking at the clock on the wall. "In ten minutes we'll be eaten by a mad Skeith and it's all your fault. "

Meanwhile, Vivy, Tina's Catamara ran out of the cage. Tina went after her. She was so small that she fit through the bars!

"Tina, open the cage, quick!" Viv tells her.

In front of Tom's NeoHome...

"Now, my sweet NeoPets," he starts to say, rubbing his hands, "someone has paid good money for you guys. And don't give me the sad face, Misty. That cage is what you deserve for all the balls I bought for you and you ripped them. And don't try it either, Metta. "

He put the caged NeoPets on the back of his scooter and started it. Just then, Viv yells out, "Hold it right there, you criminal!"

Tom started to drive down the hill like crazy. Viv, Nell and Lucy flew after him. They were two inches behind him... one inch... they reached his car and Viv ripped his tires right off! The scooter stops but Tom ran out into the trees. Lucy and Nell started to free the NeoPets while Viv ran after him. She grabbed him and rolled in the grass. Tom looked at her terrified.

"If you let me go... if... you let me go... " he mumbles. "We'll keep Melly and we'll make a fortune... fortune."

Viv thought a second and replies, "No. I just realised. I like to be a inside agent more than I like doing bad things. "

Just then, the Chia Police got there.

"Good work, Vivian," a chubby yellow police Chia says to her. "You make a good agent. You're free to go."

"NO!" Viv replied. "I want another mission."

The next night at Andrea's NeoHome...

"Viv, what did Tom tell you?" Andrea asks.

"Ummm... the usual. Things like 'let me go, you overgrown beast', you know?" Viv answers.

"Well, I'm glad that's over..." Andrea says.

"Actually, I was offered another mission," Viv hesitates.

"WHAT?!You're nuts! First, a mad user tries to battle us with a hungry Skeith, then, he tries to sell his pets and--"

Anyway, Andrea stopped yelling and started thinking. She liked the action. And even if Viv was not her NeoPet anymore, she loved her. So, she agreed to go with Viv on the next mission....

The End

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