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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Articles > What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

by ohjoy49

After reading chickenpurse's article a couple weeks ago, I've decided to go a little bit further into the subject of naming your pet.

OK, why should you spend so much thought, effort, and time into the simple process of finding your pet a name? Well, it's like naming a child. It shows that you cared enough to give your pet a good name. Don't you want your pet to have a name that you can both be proud of? If you really, truly, don't care at all, don't bother reading this and go here.

Now, I have been on NeoPets for more than six months now, and when I just started, I could not think of anything to name my pets. I'll take this, my original account, as an example. Most of my pets on this account are poorly named, as I was not very creative, but I love them all the same. I have a Jubjub with the name of ChubbyJubby63. ChubbyJubby is an extremely common name for Jubjubs that is rather embarrassing for the NeoPet, don't you think? Now, he's been going through the lab ray, which was a BIG mistake! I accidentally put him through once, and he turned female, so I have been trying to get him male again ever since. I am a bit more creative with my names now, I am happy to say.

Well, first of all, keep in mind that once you create a pet, you cannot undo the process. It is such a shame that people put NeoPets in the pound just because they just realised that the pet's name is misspelled or something. Even though they may not have the best name in Neopia, that doesn't make them any less important. Try giving them a nickname, and put it on their description. If you want, look through the adoption centre for a NeoPet. I have found many NeoPets that many people would have loved to adopt, but the majority of them are poorly named. Now, don't get me wrong, I have adopted my share of NeoPets, but I think that when you create your own pet, you can give it a name, you decide it's personality. It's more personal, and when it is born, you already share a special bond. That said, on to the naming process!

When thinking of a name, brainstorm for some possibilities. Some things that can be useful are the dictionary, thesaurus, or sites/books (especially ones specialising in baby names). You can search for a name with a specific meaning that fits your pet. Most baby naming sites let you search by meaning, name, origin, and gender. You can combine some names or make up one that you think sounds cool. Keep experimenting with sounds or words that sound nice (like chrysalis or aurora) and maybe look through some more names for ideas, or just tweak a name a little, so it's more unique. You can also think of a nickname, like Krissy or something, and work your way from there. Try your favourite movie star, or a character from your favourite book or myth. You can look up some sites about the subject and they might have an index of names, or you might find a good name somewhere on the site. If you look for a pixie site or something, there might be a story about a pixie named ______, which is a name that you really like. I have found wonderful names in different languages also, so keep your mind open. Maybe you would like a name that are words put together, like my Gelert, SweetMelodyz. Try looking up different words that mean the same thing and experiment with different combinations until you find a few that you like. Remember that unless you are planning on keeping it the same or painting it a certain colour, don't try a name like rose_red. You might be tired of the colour and want to paint it, but then the name, rose_red would not suit it if it is green or blue. So try not to name it something specifically meant for it's colour or species (or something it will grow out of, like LiLbaByPooKy), unless you are absolutely sure that you are not going to change it at all. Once you have a name you like, go to the next step...

Now that you have a basic idea of what you want to name your pet, you can either check if it's available, or tweak it some more. You will usually end up changing it a little, but if you've found that it's free, claim it! Make sure that you are completely satisfied with it first, and remember that once you create it, you can't undo it. Here is a couple of some things you can change, using one name as an example: EX: StarrySkies (maybe if you are planning to paint it starry?)

1. Look for alternative spellings: Starry, Starri, Starrie, Stari, Skies, Skyes, Skys, Skiez, Skyez, Skyz You can replace letters like I and Y, S and Z, U and OO, YOU, OU, YU, and there are many more possibilities, just be creative. You can also put in or take out silent letters, like the GH in Night, and put an E at the end, so it is Nite.

2. Pick the name spelling you like best and if you want, you can decorate it. Use underscores to break apart two different words, using capitals, or using Xs or Os to make them look more unique: Xx_Starri_Skyes_xX Remember, this is optional, and if you decide to do this, don't go overboard.

Once you are one-hundred percent satisfied, create your pet! If the name is already taken, tweak it some more until you find a version that is available, remember that if you really liked a name but didn't (or couldn't) use it, you can always use the name for it's PetPet! :P

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