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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Short Stories > Why? Why? Why?!

Why? Why? Why?!

by joecool219

It was a nice sunny day when I, lingo84 the Christmas Chia, and my younger brothers, mastertiger97 the Christmas Kougra, gregory990 the Mutant Techo and elicta50 the Purple Eyrie, went to get our daily dose of food (omelettes, snowberry tea) when joe, our owner walked in with a drooping frown on his face.

"We are running out of food to give each of you, and still sell. We are going close to lose our NeoHome and live on the street like before. All the games, or most of them, give only half of the points we earn," he proceeded, "and not a thing was sold in our shop for a month! We will have to cut back on those extra toys and we won't get those new paint brushes you all wanted."

"Why not?!" asked gregory990.

"Too much NP were spent on your PetPets!" Joe screamed.

Just as he said that, limbo84, my PetPet the Abominable Snowman, look up at me and whimpered.

"Why did you have to scare Tiny Tenna?! You know he is just 10 hours old!" cried gregory990 just as he looked down at his crying Tenna.

"I never meant to scare anyone, it is just that we are going into debt and we cannot afford our insurance anymore. We need Neopoints and we need them fast." Joe went on, "and things are not getting easier in Neopia."

"We can move to Terror Mountain if you like," joked elicta50.

"This is no laughing matter, now it is time to go to school. Come on, let's get going or you'll miss the bus," said Joe


"I cannot believe that you, lingo84, is going into debt," whispered my best friend, Tommy the desert Chia.

"I know, I know, it is just that Gregory990 just get a new PetPet and that just wasted up our good NP. I was hoping to be painted a Faerie Chia," I said very quietly to him.

"Lingo84, I said no talking during a test!" said Miss Peophina.

"Sorry, Miss Peophina," I said, in a low voice.

Yes, it was in the middle of class, Math class to tell you the truth. It was an hour to lunch and I was getting very restless. We had a Math test which I did not study for. I was just relying on my luck when the bell rang.

"Thank goodness, I was about to go insane if the test went on," joked Tommy.

"Just be quiet and lets get to next class, um, which is, um, I forgot. Lisa, Lisa, what is our next class?" I asked, stupidly.

She just ignored me and went to her locker.

"Neo, what is up with her?" Tommy whispered.


Things could have not gotten worse, but it did. Joe sold our six saved codestones to just get some food; the food was first class gourmet and we all looked at him with surprise.

"I thought we were poor, and could only get omelettes. What is going on here?" asked Mastertiger97.

"I found them on the floor at the Marketplace. That is all," Joe proceeded to talk, "and I thought you may like this good food."

"What?! How how, this is not real," we all yelled, "all of this at once? That's not possible."

"It is. And won't it taste good too?" Joe joked.


Later that day, construction crews pulled up to our NeoHome

"Joe, what is going on here? The other day you brought us home gourmet food to eat, and now they are adding on to our home. What is going on here?" asked Gregory990.

"I just thought you may like a new addition to our home, and I thought our home is pretty small, so I did some building. That is all," he said in a low, secret type voice.

I ran up to my room with Limbo84, and locked the door. I ran to my computer and turned it on. I had to Neomail Tommy right away because I am getting confused at this point in time. Too many thoughts going through my head, it was so neat that I had not bean eaten by a Lupe yet. When the screen came on, I clicked on Neomail as soon as possible.

I need your help, things are getting weird over here and I cannot see why we are getting all these renovations done to our house even though we are poor. Please phone me or tell me at school, if you could come over to my house as soon as possible.


I had to write as fast as I could because I could hear Joe coming towards my room. I pressed send just when he came in.

"Lingo84, may I have a word?" he asked.

"Why," I started to say, "because you just bought a new room, and they are making so much noise outside and I cannot do my homework!"

I know I was getting very mad at him, and it looked like he was about to stop feeding me. I knew what was going on, but I did not see why he seemed to lie to us. He has never lied to us before, and has been very kind to us.

"Look, I know you are to oldest, and I thought you should know. We are rich, about 20,000 NP rich. No one knows we are still rich, except Tommy's owner," he said.

NOOOOOOO! I thought.

"And well, I just have a surprise for you four. I have bought each of you your own room, food, and I won the prize in our guild," he said.

"Why? Why? Why?!" I exclaimed.

"For your own good."

"Oh, okay."

The End

Author's note: Never start to suspect stuff that is going on with your owner, unless it is personal.

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