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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Short Stories > My Hero, the Pant Devil

My Hero, the Pant Devil

by eevee_girl133

I didn't know the Pant Devil was really evil. Honestly. I was a normal green Lupe enjoying his fine summer days. Personally I loved biting the mail carrier. I have a box in my room which is full of ripped pant shreds. One day last week a new mail carrier was hired. She was a purple Chia. And you know how Lupes get when there's the scent of a Chia in the air...

I was playing catch with my new friend, who happened to be a Poogle. His name was Billy and he had a limitless supply of energy, kind of like me. We would throw that Yellow Bouncy Ball back and forth for hours on end, from sunrise to sunset. My owner Rena would call me into the house for lunch or a nap occasionally. Of course these naps lasted thirty seconds at the most and the lunches consisted of a couple bites of a burger. Then it was back to playtime with good ol' Billy.

Noon approached and I heard that familiar truck sound. It wasn't one of those big 18-wheelers and yet it wasn't one of the little pickup trucks either. It was the mail truck! It pulled up to the corner and the new mail carrier stepped out.

I crept up behind the large weeping willow in my front yard. Billy followed close behind, not sure exactly what I was planning to do. He poked my shoulder and asked what I was doing. I didn't respond as I was too busy watching my prey. She strolled up to our mailbox. I crouched down low and the fur on my back bristled. She opened up the mailbox door and I sprung at full charging speed. I barked loudly as I approached the fat little Chia. She screeched and made a run for the mail truck. I grabbed the seat of her pants and yanked hard--harder than I usually did. Her ENTIRE pant bottom came off except for her little pink panties. She screamed and hopped into her mail truck and drove away. I uttered a muffled goodbye through the thick cloth. Billy wanted to go home, probably because he was bored. I pranced inside, holding my prize high in the air.

Rena opened the door and saw the pant-filled smile on my face. "Bad little Timothy," she scolded. "You're no better than the Pant Devil." Pant Devil? There's a Pant Devil? A devil who steals pants? I was very happy to hear that someone shared my hobby. I replied a blank apology and went on the computer. I couldn't find anything about the Pant Devil. I figured if this guy could steal pants like I did, I HAD to meet him. And I had a plan...


Rena kissed my furry forehead and tucked me in for bed. Underneath my pillow were my best pieces of mail carrier uniforms. I figured I could show the Pant Devil what I've accomplished. After I heard Rena go to bed, I crept out of my room. I almost walked on the creaky board in front of Rena's room, but I missed it by a millimetre. Pant shreds in my mouth, I darted out the convenient doggie door and outside into the moonlit night.

Now, where to go? It was a Pant Devil I was after, so I'd have to look somewhere where there was lots of pants. I remembered Neopia Central, a place Rena took me once in a while. There was a shop there with little Uni wings on it. Yes! The clothes shop! Using my poor sense of direction, I guessed where Neopia Central would be. It had to be in the direction in which the mail truck comes, so that's the way I took.

The clothes shop was still open surprisingly enough. True it was only about 9:30 PM. Rena likes to go to bed early. And most NeoPets shops are open 'til midnight, so I was in luck. Now I wondered if I came too early. If this guy's a Pant Devil and steals pants, would he steal while the store is open or would he wait 'til the store was closed for the night? I wasn't sure. Before I could think the matter out properly (which takes a while for energetic Lupe puppies), a chilly gust of wind flew past and before I knew it, the backpack I was carrying was gone! I had had Snapper Crackers that Billy gave me in there! I circled my little area on the side of the road, frantically searching for my backpack. I heard a snicker from above. I looked up and saw a hideous blue ghost thing. He smiled and pointed to my pant shred mouth. He then shook a little leather backpack in front of my face. "Is this yours?" he asked me with an evil grin.

I backed away and shrunk low to the ground. "Who... who are you?" I stuttered, searching for words.

"I'm the Pant Devil, haven't you ever seen me before?"

Instantly I began to ease up a bit and I stood up. "Hi, Pant Devil! Oh yes, that is mine. I must've dropped it, could I have it back please? I've been trying to find you!"

The Pant Devil scratched his head in confusion. "Wait, you WANTED to meet me? BUT I'M THE PANT DEVIL!" he roared.

I wasn't scared. He wasn't the kind of ghost thing you'd be scared of. "You're my hero! I like collecting pants too! I steal them from mail carriers!" I said as I happily wagged my tail.

"Steal..." the Pant Devil muttered under his breath. "I like your spunk, kid. Ahh, I'm feeling nice, an emotion in which I haven't felt for a long time. Have your little bag back," he said as he tossed my backpack onto the pavement. "But, will you do me a favour, little NeoPet?"

What would be the harm? I long as I was back by morning, Rena wouldn't notice. "Sure!" I answered with a happy yelp.

The Pant Devil wrapped his thin little arms around my body and lifted me into the air. He picked up speed and zipped across the land. We approached an island after travelling over the ocean. We landed behind a tropical-looking bush. The Pant Devil pushed away some branches for a view at what was going on. I could tell we were at Mystery Island. There was a big festival going on - and there was extremely-tempting food on one of the bamboo tables!

"Look," he whispered as he pointed to a beautiful girl with a long skirt on. She was dancing around a campfire along with other natives to this island. "She's a dancer who claims to have... uh... an unrippable skirt... and... um... I want to see if you can prove you are a true Pant Devil!" I couldn't wait! The Pant Devil wanted ME to be a pant stealer just like him!

"Okay, what do I do?" I asked.

"You know! Plan it just right and rip her dress off! I need to steal :::cough::: I mean, talk with the Tiki Tack Man about something."

"Um, when I finish getting my pant prize, can I have a snack?" I asked as I drooled over the sight of chocolate-dipped Kraku Berries.

"Fine," he groaned. "Now hurry!"

The Pant Devil flew off to talk with the Tiki Tack Man. I still couldn't believe I was doing professional pant stealing stuff! But I couldn't let my young mind wander. I had to get straight down to business. I edged through the bushes quietly with my body low to the ground. As the dancer came my way, I bounded toward her and took a big chomp and pulled. I ripped off a big piece of the green silky skirt, exposing some Kougra-print panties. I circled the screaming dancer with my prize in my mouth. A native grabbed my tail and dragged me off. Getting pulled by your tail really hurts! I saw the Pant Devil in the distance, but I didn't see what he was up to. I bet he didn't want to see me ever again. I failed him. And I didn't even get to eat any of the food...


Rena shot the morning paper right in front of my eyes to see. The banner headline read, "Little Lupe Helps 'Pull' Big Scandal". Rena took it away and read the first paragraph aloud. "Last night, a young green Lupe named Timothy Saliso pulled off the dress belonging to dancer Trina Shore in order to help his 'hero' pull the biggest stunt in robbery history." She slammed the paper down on the kitchen table and just stared at me straight in the eye.

"Mum, I didn't--"

"You are terribly disrespectful! First, you think the Pant Devil is your hero. Second, you sneak out at night to go find him. Third, you talk to him. I don't allow you talking to strangers, especially evil ones! Fourth, you tear off the dress of a famous dancer and embarrass her horribly." Rena ended right there. She opened her mouth to speak, and I knew what was gonna to come out. My punishment.


And you know what, I never ripped another mail carrier's--or anyone's--pants ever again. It didn't appeal to me anymore, most likely because of my six-month grounding. I wasn't aloud to play with Billy, go outside, or even go out of my room unless it was for going to school, eating, or using the bathroom. Life was tough for that half-year. Now I face a new problem--I need a new hero. I need one who has fame and shares a hobby with me. How about eating? Oooh, eating. I know someone who loves to eat! I think his name's the Esophagor...

The End

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