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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Continuing Series > Uglog


by my_dog_is_named_sam

Uglog was carrying a batch of asparagus from his garden to King Blob the next day. He shifted his eyes to and fro, looking for a rebelling Skeith. His sight lay upon the blue Skeith, Captain Ponk.

As Uglog neared the Skeith, he whispered to him. "Hi, Captain Ponk!"

Ponk was surprised that a Moehog dared to say anything to a Skeith guard, unless they were spoken to first. Ponk quickly launched his big body upon Uglog, and forced him out of the line.

"How dare you disobey!" he roared. "Do you know that it is against King Blob's wishes that no Moehog speaks to a Skeith unless they are spoken to first? Or are you a bit adventurous today?"

Uglog had his ears laid back. "I did not mean to offend anyone, sir. I just wanted to say 'hi.' I mean, that is what all NeoPets say to each other, don't they?"

Ponk's face went from angry to curious.

"What is your name?" he asked.


"Hmmm, well, Uglog, I think you are very kind to say hello, but if you said that to a rougher Skeith, by now you would be black-and-blue with bruises! You are very foolish to do such a thing," advised Captain Ponk.

"Well," snorted Uglog. "I treat all Moehogs as equals, which is more than I can say for you Skeiths!"

"Well, I out to ...." growled Ponk, and was about to swipe a claw at Uglog, when he stopped at mid-air. Gently, he put his claw down to the ground, and smiled.

"I want to treat you Moehogs as equals, but I must think of my own life first. If I spoke against the lord, I would be squashed like a grape!" said Ponk sadly.

"Same here," said Uglog, a bit more kind now that he realised Ponk was on his side. "But what about all the Moehogs, and all the Skeiths? What if all the guards and slaves went against King Blob?"

"Ah, that would work, but some Skeiths favour him. I think it would be better to lie low. King Blob cannot last forever," said Ponk, looking around to check if any other Skeiths were listening to them.

"An neither can we! We Moehogs can only take so much! Sooner than you think, King Blob will be squishing individuals when they get to weak and tired!" cried Uglog, shuttering at the horrid thought.

"You have a point," said the blue Skeith. He sat there, thinking, and finally agreed.

"I will try to persuade as many Skeith for the cause. I know a couple that share my view. But many still are faithful to King Blob. If one of them overhears me, we will be as good as crushed!" said Ponk.

The two parted, Uglog returning to his line, and Captain Ponk returning to his post. He edged toward a yellow Skeith nearby, and the two began to chat. Meanwhile, Uglog went to a green Moehog behind them, and they began to converse secretly. The rebellion had begun.

A small yellow Skeith by the name of Slik, hurried up Mount Blob. He had secret information for the King. Overhearing Captain Ponk with his plan to rebel, Slik found his chance to be a tattletale, and the King's favourite Skeith guard... for a while, that is.

Slik was nearly at the top. King Blob was fast asleep, dreaming about delicious foods that would arrive in the morning. Slik panted heavily went he reached the King, waking up the huge Skeith and made him grumble.

"Why are you waking me?" he snorted. "It is the middle of the night!"

"I... I," said Slik but he was still catching his breath.

"Spit it out!" snapped King Blob, aggravated by Slik.

"I overheard Captain Ponk, and he was talking to some other Skeiths. He wants to rebel against you, with the Moehog slaves as well! Can you believe it? What a traitor!" sneered Slik.

"Indeed," hissed King Blob. " I knew the little blueberry could not hold his post without messing it up! Very well. Any more information?"

"Yes," smiled the yellow guard. "I heard him talk about a specific Moehog by the name of Uglog. Apparently, the two are pairing up. They are the leaders of this scam!"

"Find this Uglog!" roared King Blob, in rage by the fact that a Moehog would dream of going against him. "And get his good pal, Ponk! Put the two in Blob River! Make sure those to are tied to rafts and sent downstream!"

"Yes sir!" saluted Slik, but before he turned to leave, he asked slyly: "Could I have some of your breakfast tomorrow, please?"

"Sure, whatever!" screamed King Blob. "But do the task NOW!"

Slik hurried down the hill, giggling with joy.

Uglog was asleep in bed, when he heard the front door of his hut being knocked down by a heavy hand. He leapt to his four feet in surprise. Before him, in his bedroom, were three Skeith guards, and in the front was the yellow Skeith, Slik.

"I am the new Captain Slik!" barked the front Skeith. "And I have come to place you under arrest by orders of King Blob! You are to come with me. Bring no possessions what so ever!"

Uglog was so startled that he could hardly speak, and was unable to fight back when two Skeiths heaved him into the air by the arms. Slik began to laugh uncontrollably.

"You think you and your friend Ponk were going to go against the almighty King Blob? Well, that is when you pick the wrong friends!" smiled Slik, and he marched out the hut officially.

"I wonder where Ponk is," thought Uglog to himself as he was carried out. "I hope he is all right. He is a good Skeith, and maybe he will fight them off!"

But Uglog could not be more wrong. When the reached the banks of Blob River, the poor Ponk was already tied to a raft with thick rope, and was squirming hopelessly.

King Blob also named Blob River. It flowed around the mountain. Blob River was nothing but choppy waves, white foam, and jagged rocks. It was probably the most dangerous river in Neopia.

You could imagine Uglog's feelings as he was tied to another raft beside Ponk. The two looked at each other uneasily, both their eyes full of fear. Slik stood before them, feeling very powerful and almost like a ruler himself.

"Well," he grinned. "I hope we learn a lesson today! It is never to rebel against the greatest Skeith lord of all time! King Blob!"

"You will never get away with this!" snorted Uglog from the bundle of rope. "I swear upon my own two tusks, that King Blob will be overthrown, and that both Skeiths and Moehogs will live together in harmony!"

Ponk looked over admiringly at Uglog's speech, but Slik only threw his head back in laughter.

"I will like to see you try to stop him while you are careening down a raging river!" chuckled Slik, and with a single push of his foot, he launched both rafts into the wild waters of Blob River.

To be continued…

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