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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Short Stories > The Armoured Neopians

The Armoured Neopians

by the_cloud_faerie

It all started one day when KnightKougra the Faerie Kougra, and babaface the Glowing Eyrie were walking home from the Training School.

"I just can't wait to tell Mum how I got a super bonus in level!" shouted KnightKougra.

"Yeah, well let's just get home, it's starting to rain," babaface replied.

Soon the storm got worse; it was thundering and lightning. As they walked along they saw a hooded NeoPet on the side of the road.

"Hey who are you? Do ya need any help?" asked KnightKougra.

The Hooded NeoPet didn't respond.

"Hello anyone home?" KnightKougra pressed further. He and babaface approached the mysterious figure. As KnightKougra put his paw on its shoulder, the hood fell down.

He and babaface stared into the face of a skinny Grarrl that wore armour!! He had a high arched helmet and a strange gauntlet with angry looking Scorchios carved into it. They leaped back, surprised. So did the Grarrl. It let out a high pitched scream and darted off leaving the two pets stunned. They ran back to their NeoHome and burst through the door.

"MUM!!!" the both yelled.

"What?" said Cloud (the_cloud_faerie).

Behind her were the two babies, Crystal_Field the Strawberry Gelert and Lighted_One the blue Moehog.

"WejustsawthisreallyweirdGrarrlontheroadhomefromschool!! Hewaswearingarmour!!" they shouted.

"Wait, just slow down! I can't understand you when you talk that fast," said Cloud.

"OK. We saw a really strange-looking Grarrl on the way home form school. He was wearing armour!" said babaface as slowly as he could.

"Aww, Mum I wanna see the Grarrl!!" squealed Crystal_Field excitedly.

"No Crystal_Field, you're too young. Besides none of you are going anywhere," said Cloud firmly.

"Why not?" all four pets whined.


KNOCK-KNOCK!! Someone was at the door.

As Cloud went to get the door, with all four pets close on her heel. When she opened it she saw... nothing!

"See, I told you that you over... AHH!!" she finished as a huge bag swept her up with all four pets.

After about an hour the bag came to a rest. They had given up on trying to escape a while ago and soon the bag was tipped over. Everyone spilled out. They all stood up and looked around.

The style of architecture looked like it was from the Lost Desert, but it seemed too cold. Before them stood three more armoured pets, a Lenny, a Techo, and the Grarrl from before. From behind them stepped an old Cybunny.

"Hello, and welcome to Harimite! Home to the Defined. I am the official greeter," he said warmly.

"What in Neopia is the Defined?" asked Cloud.

"Why, we are the defined," said the NeoPets behind the Cybunny.

"Why did you kidnap us?" said babaface suspiciously.

"We needed your help and from what your owner was saying it didn't look like you would come willingly," said the Lenny.

"What do you need our help for?" asked KnightKougra.

"A great beast known as the ∆awnew terrorises our people. We were wondering if you could help since none of our people can fit through because of our armour," the Lenny replied.

"Sure we can help. Just tell us were to go."

"You have to travel two miles from here to the south," the Lenny said, pointing, "You will hear the ∆awnew from there. Good luck!"

The four turned to leave, and soon the four pets and their owner were alone.


The five started on their quest to save the Defined from the ∆awnew. The Travel along a surprisingly straight route. Along the walls were many intricate drawings depicting what they supposed was the ∆awnew. It looked like a giant Elephante with tentacle legs and slit eyes. It also had great wings like those of a Scorchio. The picture showed it trapping many of the defined. They then came upon a small hole. With little trouble the squeezed through. Suddenly they heard a roar.

So the followed the roar of the ∆awnew. Soon the area got damper and murkier as the neared closer and closer to the sound. As they rounded the final corner they met face to face with the ∆awnew. It was HUGE!! About twenty feet tall with long, sharp fangs. It bellowed as it saw the five travelers. It glared at them with its slit eyes. Behind it they noticed a cage with several of the Defined in it.

"Split up!! It can't attack all of us at once!!" shouted Cloud.

The pets darted back and forth between the creatures tentacles until it was totally tangled in them. It bellowed again. Then the real fight began.

First KnightKougra used his powerful Water Jet on the ∆awnew. Then babaface rammed it with his Space Basher. While in the background, Crystal_Field was struggling to put on her armour. Meanwhile KnightKougra aimed at the ∆awnew and fired several arrows at it. Finally, after several more attacks, the great ∆awnew fell with a mighty thud.

They unlocked the cage (with help from babaface's fiery gaze) and freed the Defined. They then started an uneventful walk back to the main city of Harimite.

"You actually faced the ∆awnew and survived! You are a hero among the Defined. Come, we shall take you to the ruler, Lord Boltof," said the Grarrl.

As the walked through the winding streets they saw many armoured pets waving and cheering for the. "Hey, this actually feels kinda good being a hero," commented KnightKougra. Soon they reached the throne room. When they entered they all gasped.

There on the throne sat the biggest Skeith ever! Even for a Skeith he was very portly. He said in a deep but booming voice, "Welcome heroes!! I hope you accept our hospitality and accept these gifts. Also, we shall give you an escort back to the outside world." With that a Huge stone door was raised to revile the treasures for the heroes.

As the Door opened mounds of Neopoints with paint brushes. Crystal_Field and Babaface immediately painted themselves, since Cloud promised to paint them as soon as she got a paint brush. Crystal_Field was painted Faerie and babaface was painted Electric. They also scooped up a couple sceptres, staffs, NeoQuest plushies, and ever a few Hidden Tower items, along with about 100,000 Neopoints.

"Thank you so much, your Lordship," said Cloud Bowing. And with that they took their leave back to Neopia.

The End

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