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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 24 > Articles > NeoPetrology: What Does Your Pet Say About You?

NeoPetrology: What Does Your Pet Say About You?

by kelandra

We've all heard of astrology, palm, reading and tarot cards. Some people claim that by looking at someone's palm, or examining the stars that were aligned in the sky when they were born, they can learn things about you, or even predict your future! Now it isn't an exact science, and my theories have yet to be proven, but I believe that you can learn a little bit about a person by looking at the types of NeoPets that they have*.

There are many pets to choose from on NeoPets, all of different colours, shapes, sizes and personalities, from chubby mischievous little Meercas, to sleek loyal Lupes. You may not realise it when you choose your pet species and colour, or when you hit the adopt button, but the type of pet you choose can say a lot about your personality.

For example, Aishas and Gelerts could be thought of as the cats and dogs of NeoPets. People who own an Aisha are very likely to be cat lovers, just as people who can't resist adopting a lonely Gelert from the pound are probably dog lovers. Aishas with their sleek coats, delicate features and independent personalities demand someone who will command their attention, and shower them with devotion, while Gelerts with their endless energy, and unflagging loyalty will be happy with the Neopian who wants a faithful pet to love and play with.

Lupes are one of the most popular pets in Neopia, and they are quite different from the majority of the pets on NeoPets. Lupes are majestic and strong, they command a sense of respect and are the lone wolves of Neopia. People who own Lupes are probably wolf lovers, and enjoy keeping to themselves. With all the cutesie-looking creatures on NeoPets, the Lupe stands out from the crowd, but retains a sense of mystery.

Do you own a Grarrl or a Skeith? These pets are commonly thought of as the meaner or tougher NeoPets. They're fiercer looking than the majority of NeoPets and due to their reputation for eating PetPets, their fierceness could be more than just looks. People who own Grarrls or Skeiths are likely to be unafraid of facing new challenges, very dedicated to reaching goals and very accomplished in the Battledome.

Unis and Peophins are the mystical horse-like NeoPets. Find any Uni or Peophin owner and you are almost surely going to find a lover of unicorns and winged horses. People who choose Peophins and Unis over other NeoPets are probably lovers of fantasy, mythology and magic, people who look for beauty in everyday life around them.

Does your pet have wings? Was the first book you ever read to them "Learn to Fly"? People who own winged pets such as Shoyrus, Scorchios, and Eyries are more likely to have adventure in their hearts and a desire to explore and travel. With a winged pet, the whole world is opened up to you.

Perhaps underwater is where your pet is the happiest? If you own an aquatic pet like a Flotsam, Acara or Koi, you probably enjoy getting to the bottom of mysteries and exploring hidden and secret places. A pet that has free range of the ocean depths opens his or her owner up to all kinds of treasures.

When you look at pets like the Quiggle, Meerca and Blumaroo, you almost can't help laughing at these cuties. You've got to have a good sense of humour and be a fun-loving person to own one of these pets. Quiggles with their froggy feet and big smiles, Meercas with their mischievous grins, and Blumaroos hopping on their tails with those long noses, they all just make you want to smile. People who own these pets probably have great fun on NeoPets, and make sure to give their Neofriends a good laugh everyday.

Did you click on a Kougra the second you saw one? Sounds to me like you're a lover of big cats like tigers, leopards and jaguars. The Kougra is a very particular pet because it has the cuteness of a cat, but the ferocity of a wild animal as well. Kougra owners are likely to be quick-tempered, full of fun, and very protective all at the same time. They probably lavish their pets with gifts and toys, paint them special colours, and love them unconditionally.

If a Wocky is a member of your NeoPet family, then you are probably a person of great integrity. Wocky's are fairly small pets, but they never give up, and will fight monsters twice their size! They are cute, but their cuteness conceals an almost unearthly toughness of character. If you own a Wocky, you are probably a very loyal friend who would stand up to anyone, no matter what the costs.

The creatures of Neopia's nights, the Korbats are a very select species. They are the only NeoPets that are awake primarily at night, so an air of mystery surrounds these tiny winged creatures. If you own a Korbat, you probably aren't much of a morning person, and enjoy staying up late at night. Korbats are social animals that travel and hunt in small flocks through the skies. Like their pets, Korbat owners probably have a small group of friends they are very loyal to, and work together with.

There are so many pets to choose from on NeoPets and each species has its own characteristics that appeal to everyone differently. I'm guessing, that very few people who own four NeoPets, will find another Neopian who owns the same four pet species in the same colours That is because everyone is different, and we all are drawn to different things. So the next time you log in on NeoPets, take a closer look and think about the pets you chose. You never know, you may learn something new about yourself.

*The author accepts no responsibility for incorrect or misleading NeoPetrology Readings. It's just for fun, and I'm no Miss Cleo. ;)

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