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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Collecting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 24 > Articles > Winter Wonderland Explored

Winter Wonderland Explored

by webman88

After exploring the Mystery Isle, we head up north to Neopia's coldest worlds, Happy Valley, Ice Caves and Terror Mountain. Covered mainly in snow, many of the wonders have been buried.

I'm going to go through general info on the lands before the attractions.

Happy Valley: A small scenic town located at the bottom of the Neopian Mountains, it is 180km north of Neopia Central and 130km Southeast of Ice caves. It is the first place to go when visiting the Winter World, and an all time favourite for snow lovers. 324,932 Neopets live here consisting off, 37% Blumaroos, 33% Bruces, 12% Lupes, 9% Chia, 6% Usul and 3% Other. There is no happier place than Happy Valley, with annual tourists, cool summer nights, top stargazing skies and a wildlife reserve. Happy Valley is a place where snow is very gentle and calm, snow fort and snowmen are created daily. It is an excellent place to sit down, grab a slushie and gaze into the tall mountains and relax to the sound of snowfall.

Ice Caves: You might wonder why it's called Ice Caves. This land is actually deep within a glacier frozen in the northern mountain of Neopia. 220 square miles of icy terrain with little vegetation, live 16,804 NeoPets (56% Lupe, 23% Bruce, 12% Poogle, 5% Chia and 4% Other). Not a very pleasant place to live with extreme cold weather and avalanches. Located between Happy Valley and Terror Mountain, there are surprisingly many activities inside the chunk of ice.

Terror Mountain: The Massive Terror Mountain sits at the peak of the world (12,035km above sea level to be exact) 210km North of Neopia, this mountain consists of jagged and pointy peaks. Deep Crevices and rugged terrain, climbing it is pure challenge. Population up here is scarce, Out of 14,231 NeoPets (51% are Poogles, 27% Bruces, 11% Chia, 9% Lenny, 2% Other and the infamous Tuskaninny Colin) With high winds and snowstorms, the land value of the 150 square mile Mountain is still priced at 6.7 million. Although there is only two paths up the mountain (Ice caves and Mountain Trail) there are many ways down.

Now I am going to explain the strange population of the three places. Blumaroos love snow, other than Roo Island there is no other place they would rather be than Happy Valley. Unfortunately due to their tails, which do not have much grip, they are unable to travel up the mountain. Bruces are born to be in the winter (like any other penguins aren't). They live everywhere possible, from the Base of the Valley all the way to the mountain top. Ancient Chia tribes roamed the Winter Worlds a long time ago. You can confirm this because big foot their leader is also a Chia. Lupes live here because they hunted the Chia. Naturally their fur is suitable for the weather. One special Lupe by the name of Garon is still lost in the ice caves these days. Some Usuls live in the Valley, occasionally going up a ski lift to do their favourite pass time, Skiing!!! You may not see Poogles down in the valley but they populate the mountain. That's because Poogle racing, down the mountain is an extreme sport and also fun for them. With various gangs leading the Poogles, they love extreme. Last but not least (due to the Krawks) Lennys live up in the mountains to nest on the cliffs, care for their young and sell various ice foods. Colin the Tuskaninny will be talked about later.

Now for the attractions: I'll be going from the Valley to the peak of Terror Mountain.

Lilac Island
An Island carved by Zairiu the Swift using a shovelfish and a spoonfish. This island was dedicated to Princess Lilac. There are plenty of ice slides, scenic overlooks and a frozen pond. It took Zairiu a lifetime to make the island and another half of his life to find a perfect iceberg.

Snow Valley High
Located right in the heart of Happy Valley, this giant igloo 200 times of a normal sized one provides a formal education for pets in Happy Valley. Being the largest and coldest building in all of Neopia many shop owners store their meat in the building during Holidays. Many courses are held here such as Ice sculpting, Winter Fashion Design, Art of Slush making and Snow Exploration. Many famous people such as Zairiu or the explorer Snow Shoonoo graduated here and often visit.

Cave of the Snowager
This cave inhabited by a giant worm of ice, has treasures only people can dream of. Guarding his treasure that took him a lifetime to save is a risky task. Since it is impossible to stay awake 24/7, people usually steal when the lights are out for the Snowager. Luckily for him, he's got an icy breath.

Missing Chia
This Chia was frozen in a chunk of ice for thousands of years before current day reporters dug him out and interviewed him. Teaching much from the past of Neopia the Missing Chia is no longer missing.

Ski Lodge
Lodged on the roof on Neopia is a mysterious building. Some say it was owned by a family of rich Neopians that died mysteriously, some say it's haunted. Often ear piercing screams are heard coming from the lodge. The advice if you go in there is not to leave a trace, or you might end up being a suspect.

Poogle Racers
This group of 8 Poogles seek out the most dangerous and extreme sports in Neopia. Often racing down Terror Mountain at extreme speeds. Performing stunts such as sliding down the Light Faerie's tower or staying a night in Haunted Woods, becoming part of the Poogle Racers is very honourable. Other Poogle groups such as The Flying Poogles, The Red Poogles and The Poogle Stuntmen try to compete with the competition.

Colin the Tuskaninny was voyaging when he came to a dead end on the cliff. Each time he gets saved he just can't seem to get away from trouble. Being constantly stuck there, people has regarded him as a permanent residence. One day he hopes of escaping the cliff once and for all

There are two rare plants that grow on Terror Mountain. One is the Tuskaninny plant that grows on the lower slops. The other is the rare white lulu that only glistens and grows at the very top of the mountains.

And there you have it--Winter Lands explored--all three of them. Be sure to visit them soon, I guarantee you it will be a wonderful experience. If your NeoPets don't like snow I suggest they try Mystery Island. Next Time, I'll be wrapping up the series with a grand tour of Faerieland the Home of the Faeries. Till next time, enjoy.

Note: The Author used information gathered from the NeoPets' site. He enjoys exploring Neopia in his spare time. He has already written a guide on Mystery Island and wishes to continue with more series and hopefully becoming a weekly writer in The Neopian Times.

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