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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 23 > Short Stories > How We Were Saved: A Tale of Danger

How We Were Saved: A Tale of Danger

by frogman123us

Note: If you have not followed this tale of events, you may not understand some of the names or events described. These stories are entirely fictional. No harm came to any of my NeoPets, or myself.

My name is Tiger_Cub_123. I want to tell you all about what happened on our next adventure. As you know, we escaped from the pirates and made our way home. It took a while for us to fully recover emotionally from that ordeal. I can't decide which was worse, separation or pirates. Anyway, about one month after the pirates incident, we decided we would take a make-up vacation for the make-up vacation that was ruined. But on that vacation, well, let me start at the beginning.

"Do you think we can leave today, dad?" Wolfer3786 asked.

"Yes, we can," replied Frogman123us. "I just need a couple more hours to pack."

We were pretty excited about going on vacation, yet we were also quite nervous. Replays of our last two vacations kept going through our heads. Rexosaur2000 seemed to shudder every time he thought about those last two vacations.

Apprehensively, Shark_Master_2001 asked, "Are we going on a boat again?"

We all shuddered waiting for the answer from Frogman123us.

"No, we're not," Frogman123us said, reassuringly. "I think we've run out of luck when it comes to boats."

We all quickly agreed.

"So, if we don't need a boat to get there, where are we going?" I asked.

This was the question that had been on everyone's mind, but no one dared to ask. Every time we asked that, we ended up in a-a-a less than likable situation. We all hung onto what our owner said next.

"We're going to the Haunted Woods," Frogman123us replied.

This gave all of us a sudden spark of excitement. We had heard so much about the Haunted Woods but never went there before. We had all been wondering what it was like and now we were going to find out. We would be leaving a few short hours.


"Are we ready yet?" asked Rexosaur2000.

"Yes," replied Frogman123us. "We can go now."

"All right!" we all cried.

And so we left our NeoHome and went to the bus stop. We did our usual when we got on. Frogman123us sat next to me because I was still a little bit skeptical about this vacation. I mean, they found me on a vacation and I was sick. Then we were separated on the next. Last time we were attacked. I just can't get into the vacation spirit anymore. So, to comfort me, he sat next to me.

We got off the bus at Neopia Central Shops. We didn't know why. Frogman123us just told us to. And then we walked through the center, looking at all of the shops. Frogman123us went in and out of stores. Finally, he came out of one of the stores with a bag under his arm. All he said about the item that he bought was that it was very expensive and was for protection.

At these words, we all became very scared. What did we need protection from? Maybe he was just trying to be safe; after all, our vacations are usually disastrous.


"Dad?" I said.

"Yes, Tiger?" came the response.

"Can I see what's in the bag?" I asked; my curiosity was overwhelming.

"I really don't want any of you seeing it," Frogman123us said reluctantly. "If the need for it should arise, you'll get a chance to see it."

Little did we know just how much we were going to need it.


"Wake up!" Frogman123us said to the Frogman clan. "We'll be getting off of the bus in about ten minutes."

It had been a long bus ride. We all rubbed our still groggy eyes.

"Okay," yawned Wolfer3786. "We're up, we're up."

By the time the ten minutes was up, we were all awake and alert. We descended from the bus and made our way to our hotel.

As we looked around, we noticed that everything was quite spooky. It was the town that Halloween never left. There were pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere. When we finally reached our hotel and took a good look at it, we all felt like we were in the wrong place; however, the inside was actually pretty nice. This was the five star hotel in town.

After settling into our rooms (one for Frogman123us, one for Rex and Wolfy, and one for Sharky and myself) we went out into the town. We took a good look around the place and found out that appearances can be very deceiving. It was actually a nice place, and our vacation was turning out to be great fun.


"Now what do you guys want to do?" asked Frogman123us.

"We don't know," Rexosaur2000 answered. "What haven't we done?"

"Let me think," said Frogman123us. "We have gone to the stone dome, we've played Korbat's Lab, we've been to the apothecary, we've seen the Esophagor, and we went to the PetPet and costume shops. I really don't know what we haven't done yet."

It was at that moment when it happened.

Hideous creatures suddenly surrounded us. They were tall, scaly, dark beasts. They circled us, closing in ever tighter all the time. They were muttering something under their breath. It sounded like "ena whi." We couldn't understand.

The monsters were now upon us. I noticed Frogman123us was sliding his hand into the 'protection bag' very slowly; however, before he could get his hand around the mystery item, his arms were seized. The rest of us were picked up into the air. At this point, we were all very scared. Meanwhile, I was thinking, "here we go, again."


We arrived at a place that seemed like a cave. The walls were made of rock; the room was cavernous. We were put into some kind of cell. That was when we could finally discuss what was happening.

"Dad, what are they?" asked Shark_Master_2001.

"I'm not sure, Sharky. I really wish I knew," was his reply.

"Give me pirates any old day," Rexosaur2000 managed to squeak out.

"I'm going to try and get some information from them," Frogman123us informed us. "I want you to stay in the corner over there, as far away from them as possible. If one of them comes towards you, move away."

And so Frogman123us got as close as he could to the monsters while still within the cell.

"Err…excuse me," Frogman123us said, his voice shaky. "But could you please tell me why you're keeping us captive?"

But all the monsters would say was, "Ena Whi, Ena Whi."

Frogman123us came back over to us.

"They won't say anything except for that one phrase. I wonder what "ena whi" is," Frogman123us said, puzzled.

Then, without warning, she came into the room.

"Oh, my God!" Frogman123us shrieked in alarm. "It's-it's-it's EDNA THE WITCH!"

She was standing right in front of the cell. She was an eerie woman with a long nose, dreary eyes, and a wart covered face. She cackled at the sight of us.

"Ha ha ha!" she laughed. "Very well done, my monster slaves. Now go! I must speak with the captives."

"What on earth do you want with us?" Frogman123us asked.

"Will you hurt us?" Wolfer3786 added.

"I need guinea pigs for my new spells," she said, barely audible. "And to answer your question," she indicated Wolfer3786, " no!"

"I demand that you let us go this instant!" Frogman123us yelled.

"Tell you what," she responded. "I haven't had a good battle in a long time. Each of your pets will battle me. If any of them beat me, you're free to go. Do we have a deal?" Edna asked.

Before Frogman123us could answer, Rexosaur2000 said, "You bet you do! Now let me out of this cage, NOW!"

So, Rexosaur2000 and Edna faced it off. Rexosaur2000 fought ferociously, but was still losing. Finally, he was knock out of the contest.

"Who's next?"

"I am!" declared Wolfer3786.

Wolfer3786 stepped into the battle circle; however, before the fight could begin, Frogman123us yanked him out of the battle zone.

"You won't be fighting her! I am!" Frogman123us declared. We could all see the red in his cheeks and the fire in his eyes. He kept looking at the devastated Rexosaur2000 in the corner.

"You're pets have a better chance at defeating me than you do!" Edna cackled.

However, in response to this, Frogman123us stuck his hand into the package he had bought back at the Neopia Central Shopping Center. What came out of the bag astonished everyone, especially Edna. It had a long, smooth, yellow handle and a big star on the end. It was a rod of nova!

"You're going down, Edna! No one harms my pets and gets away with it! I'm going to destroy you!!!" Frogman123us boomed across the cavernous room.

And with that, the battle began.

Edna took a shot at Frogman123us with her grand lightning beam and made a faithful leap into the air; this was no match for the power of the rod of nova. Frogman123us blasted Edna with three novas and took her out. He had won our freedom.


"I can't stand these vacations, Dad!" Shark_Master_123 complained.

"I know, I know," soothed Frogman123us. "But the danger has passed. This rod of nova saved us; all I can think about is going home. Who agrees? Who wants to go home?"

The End

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