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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 23 > Short Stories > The Powers of Neopia: Bewitched Again

The Powers of Neopia: Bewitched Again

by neotrainer1234

Kit the Shoyru was busy mixing potions in her lab. As you may have guessed, Kit is no ordinary Shoyru, she is a witch in training. Come next week, she will be starting her second year of witch school. Today, Kit was working on an invisibility potion. Kit had come face to face with a dark wizard last year and she was getting ready for anything that would come her way this year.

"Babette should be coming over soon, Teeny. Lets put some teas on the stove so we can have a nice long talk when she arrives," Kit said to her pet Kadoatie. Babette was Kit's witch friend. They got together every once in a while to practice spells.

"Babette," Teeny managed to say. Day by day, Teeny was learning to speak. In a few months she would be able to carry on a conversation. Kit nodded and put a pot of tea on the stove. Suddenly, a ring came at the door. Kit walked over and opened it to reveal her instructor, Tanakus the Nimmo.

"Hello Kit, I cam to bring you your school class schedule and a key to your library," Tanakus said, handing Kit a package.

"Oh my word! This is wonderful," Kit said. Kit had wanted to get into the library built onto her room since the day she had moved in. Now, as a second year student, she finally had the privilege to use the books inside.

"Kit, I want you to know I trust you not to abuse the information in these books. I'm sure you won't understand everything in them but you need to be exposed to them sometime. If you have any questions, you can ask me," Tanakus said, leaving Kit to her room. Kit immediately ran to the locked door labeled LIBRARY and opened it up. Kit couldn't believe her eyes when she walked into the library. Books were stacked high to the sky. Kit wanted to spend a lot of time in her new nook but knew her friend would be coming along soon. She quickly grabbed a copy of COOKING WITH MAGICAL NEGGS and ran out into her bedroom to see that her Aisha friend, Babette had already wandered in.

"Oh hi Babette, so nice to see you," Kit said.

"Hi Kit, what's that n your arms?" Babette asked, nodding to the book.

"I just got access to my library. Tanakus said I'm ready," Kit replied.

"I got access a few weeks ago. I highly recommend POWERFUL POOGLES OF THE PAST," Babette said, sitting down on Kits couch.

"I'll check that one out. Say Babette, do you have any suggestions for an invisibility potion? I've mastered making the potion but the invisibility only lasts for minutes. I'm looking for a longer effect," Kit said.

"Just throw in a pinch of ground up Kau's Horn and the potion will last for hours. It's a trick Panella taught me. She's the best potions teacher in my opinion," Babette said.

"Thanks for the tip," Kit replied.

Babette and Kit talked for a while before Babette left. Kit was pretty tired by then. She decided to turn in early. Just as she was drifting off, she heard Tanakus talking to Panella outside of her door.

"Panella, brew up a potion that will seal the school from evil. Ramshell is loose again and he is determined to destroy. Lock every door and keep a careful vigil. I'll cast spells on the student's doors so that they are protected for the night. I think we're in for a long run this time Panella. Ramshell has powers beyond belief. Keep close guard on Kit's room. Ramshell seems like he wants her to be the first to go," Tanakus's voice boomed into Kit's room.

"Right away sir," Panella's voice followed.

Kit gulped. It couldn't be true. The evil king Ramshell has tried to rid of Kit last year but had failed. Would he try the same thing again? Kit lay back down in bed and closed her eyes. She knew she was safe with Tanakus around. Everything would be okay. Slowly Kit drifted to sleep.

Kit awoke the next morning and decided she would catch up on reading. She pulled out MAGICAL CHANTS EDITION 2 and began to read. With Ramshell wandering around, Kit was determined to master some new skills.

"This Ramshell guy is so not cool, please keep him barred from this school," Kit chanted as a force shield formed around the school. Suddenly, a knock came on her door. Kit rushed to open it.

"Oh, hello Tanakus," Kit greeted, opening the door to see her Nimmo teacher.

"Kit, I cannot tell you much but you are in danger. You must start your school year now. You are going to need the experience to survive this year," Tanakus said.

"Yes Tanakus. I'll start going to my classes today," Kit said getting her schedule and rushing to her Magical Spells II class.

"Hello Kit, I am Leena. I will be your magical spells teacher. This year will be tough for you. Tanakus has given me instructions to teach you advanced level 2 spells and beginner level 3 spells. If this were your regular class, I would only be teaching you level 2 spells," Leena, Kits Kacheek teacher explained.

"So that means next year I will be in Magical Spells 4?" Kit asked.

"I don't know the answer to that. For now, lets try a basic spell. Lift your left arm in the air and swing it to the right while saying Teelus Menoah. Try it on the vase in the corner of the room," Leena said.

Kit made the hand movement and said the words and the vase flew across the room, hit the wall and smashed.

"Very good Kit. That spell should come in handy. Memorise it," Leena praised.

"Leena, do you know any healing spells?" Kit asked.

"Yes! I'm glad you asked that. You cannot heal the dead but you can heal the wounded. Just put your hands above them and say Mendanoose Tubu," Leena said, putting her hands over the broken vase so the pieces formed back together.

"Thanks. I'll memorize that one for sure," Kit said.

After Kit's magical spells class, she went to her next class: Advanced Potions. Panella, the Kiko teacher that Kit had last year was waiting for her.

"Hi Kit. You know the rules of my classroom. We have a lot of things to go over. I have been told to teach you some very advanced potions. Lets start them with an underwater breathing potion. With a sip of this potion you will be able to stay underwater as long as you want to. To make this potion you need a tail feather of a Lenny, hoof of a Uni, and plaster of a Kiko. With these ingredients, a powerful potion can be concocted," Panella explained.

"Why would I need to breathe underwater?" Kit asked.

"Tanakus wants you top have as many skills as possible. I cannot release any more information," Panella said.

"Okay. I'll make some of that when I finish my school day. For now, its time to go to my history class," Kit said, rushing off.

After Kit finished her classes for the day, she headed to her room. She whipped up some potions and stored them in her backpack in case she needed them later. She then decided she would leave the school with Teeny to go to the market. She used a transportation spell she learned in her free time to get to the market.

"Teeny, don't mention that spell to Tanakus. I'm only supposed to know the spells I learn in class," Kit said to her Kadoatie. Teeny nodded. Kit searched around the marketplace and bought some souvenirs.

"Hey you Shoyru, come here," came a little voice from behind Kit. She turned around to see a cloaked figure.

"Who are you?" Kit asked.

"I am a friend. Take this crystal with you. It will protect you," the character said, handing Kit a black glowing crystal. Kit took it and turned around to leave. She suddenly turned back around to see the mysterious creature had disappeared. Kit shrugged and returned to the school, throwing the crystal in a trash can outside of her room.

"Kit, come quick, there is a meeting in the auditorium," Babette yelled, grabbing Kit's arm and dragging her into a big room full of students and teachers.

"Students and staff, I have called this meeting to inform you of urgent news. As you know, we are very powerful together but not even I am as strong as Ramshell the dark king. As you might have guessed, Ramshell is loose and extremely powerful. However, I have a plan. If every magical being in this school used their ability to cast a spell to keep the school safe, maybe we could keep Ramshell out. Now, I will case a spell that shall make a loud blasting alarm sound if an evil pet gets into the school. Each of you think of an idea and use it. Only together can we make it through this," Tanakus said, ending the meeting.

"I think I'm going to use an invisibility spell so that the school is not visible from the outside," Babette said.

"I'm going to perform a chant so that any evil creature in the school will have blurred vision when they enter," Kit said.

The whole room of bewitched pets cast their own unique spells. Soon, Kit found herself going to bed. It had been a long day and she was very tired. She drifted off quickly and had a horrible nightmare. In her dream she was very powerful. She had defeated all the evil wizards except for Ramshell. Then, she felt pain. Ramshell was defeating her. She woke up to the loud sound of an alarm. Tanakus had put a spell on the school last night for an alarm to sound if Ramshell got into the school. Kit gasped. Ramshell must be near. She waited until the alarm died out and then walked into the hall. All the students were looking as anxious and nervous as she did. Leena sulked down the hallway, looking horrorstricken.

"Students, the unthinkable has occurred. Ramshell got into the school and cast a spell on someone. By the time we found the victim, it was too late," Leena said in a faint whisper.

Kit looked around. Everyone seemed to be there.

"I'm sorry to tell you this students but the brilliant good wizard Tanakus had been trapped in the spirit world," Leena said through tears. The whole hall went silent. All the great wizards and witches around Kit began to cry. She too felt a tear trickle down her face. When a wizard or witch is beaten, they descend to the spirit world where they are powerless but at times can still communicate with the real world.

"With Ramshell on the loose, school is temporarily postponed. The staff needs to think some things over. For now, all of you go to bed except for Kit. We need to see you," Leena said, looking Kit in the eyes. Kit nodded and followed Leena to the secret teachers lounge.

"Kit, you may not know this but just because Tanakus isn't with us anymore does not mean his powers are not. Tanakus was a great wizard and he expected great things from you. When Tanakus was taken, he transferred his powers to a student. That student is you Kit," Panella said.

"He left them to me? Does that mean I am capable of doing every spell Tanakus could?" Kit asked.

"That would be so. With a little training you can be the most powerful good witch in all of Neopia," Leena said.

"But why would Tanakus give his powers to me?" Kit asked.

"He had a hunch and a feeling that you would be the perfect one to receive his powers," a Uni teacher at the end of the table explained.

"So what does this mean for me?" Kit asked.

"This means while everyone is on holiday you will be training with us. You will now be taking extremely advanced classes. We must train you while we are looking for a new principal. I have a few pets in mind. Right now, go to bed. You have a hard day of training ahead of you," Panella said.

"Okay Panella but if I could ask you one thing, how did Ramshell get into the school?" Kit asked.

"That we do not know. All that we are sure of now is that some dark magic must have been used to break all of those spells. I checked the school and the only spells that Ramshell couldn't break were Tanakus's siren spell and another spell that can blur vision," Leena explained.

"I cast the vision spell," Kit said.

"I suspected so. Tanakus was right, you are getting to be quite talented," Panella said. Kit nodded and headed to her room. She had a lot to think about. Kit wondered if she would summon her new powers now. She held up her hand and thought very hard about heat and fire. Suddenly, a flame ignited at the tips of her fingers. Kit expected to feel heat but she only felt a slight tickle. Suddenly, a blue transparent figure morphed through Kits ceiling and landed on her floor. She instantly recognized the pet.

"Tanakus, I thought you were gone," Kit gasped.

"I am. I'm using all the power I have left to be here with you right now. Ramshell got the best of me but you must stop him from doing this again. I left you my powers. I trust you most to follow out my work. Trust me Kit you can do this," Tanakus said, suddenly vaporizing. Kit sighed. She was ready to take on anything. She knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep on her own so she cast a slumber spell on herself. She would be out cold until the morning.

Unfortunately, morning came too soon. Kit woke up to the alarm sounding again. She quickly rushed out of her room to see what was happening. She waved her arm and the alarm went off. She walked to the auditorium to see a cloaked figure approaching her classmates and teachers. They were all tied up.

"You will all suffer the fate of your leader," the figure said.

"I don't think so Ramshell," Kit yelled. The cloak turned around to reveal a skinny Lenny. Ramshell was his name.

"Is that you Kit? I can't see with this blurry vision. The spell I cast on Tanakus last night was meant for you. I couldn't see clearly then either, so I got the wrong pet. I'm not regretting it. Tanakus would have been next anyway," Ramshell said.

"Be that as it may, I am Kit and I am more powerful than you think. Teelus Menoah," Kit yelled, waving her arm and sending her friends flying across the room.

"Leave them out of this," Kit said.

"Fine, this battle will be between you and me. Just to let you know, if it wasn't for your stupidity, Tanakus would still be here today. I gave you a dark transport crystal. You brought it into the school as I suspected and that gave me instant access to the school," Ramshell said.

"You sneak! Take this," Kit cried, sending a powerful blast at Ramshell.

"I see a lot of Tanakus in you girl," Ramshell replied, striking Kit with a dark bolt.

"Well, you're going to see a lot more of me," Kit said sending the finishing blow to the dark lord. He crumpled to the ground.

"You are lucky girl," Ramshell cackled.

"You better believe it. I ban you from the Neopian World," Kit chanted, Ramshell then disappeared into thin air. Kit rushed and untied her friends.

"Kit you saved us," Leena said.

"I'm just glad you're all okay," Kit said.

"You are a grand witch Kit but you still have a lot to learn. I would love for you to become the school's new principal but you are far too young for that. Maybe in a couple of years. For now Kit, watch yourself. Ramshell appeared to have been vanquished but he has his ways," Panella said.

"Yes. I do have much to learn," Kit laughed.

The rest of the school year continued normally. When it came to an end, everyone was glad to see it go. No one wanted to hear of Ramshell again. However, Kit felt sad letting the year go. She was now taking level 7 classes and was learning to balance her powers. She did not know she would need them so much for the following year, but that is another story.

The End

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