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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Articles > It's Diet Time!!!

It's Diet Time!!!

by azure_ryujin

Christmas has to be just about everyone's favourite time of year! But along with the fun, come all those tasty Christmas treats, bringing unwanted pounds and inches… If you've made a New Year's resolution to get back into shape, why not get your Neopets to do the same? Of course, a major part of getting into shape is eating the right foods. After all, if your pet eats a dozen Chocolate Faerie Cakes a day, it's not going to matter how long they spend in Grundo's Gym… they're still going to be one chubby pet. This, of course, brings me to the purpose of this article. For your reading pleasure I, azure_ryujin, have rated the Neopian Food Shops to discern where you and your pet should buy your groceries to gain the maximum health benefits! A healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle will ensure that your flabby, lazy Neopets are back in shape in no time!

We'll start in…

The Neopets Main Shops

Neopian Fresh Foods: Most of the foods in this basic shop contain healthy fruits and vegetables. If it looks healthy, go for it! Just remember that too much of any food can make your pet sick…
Rating: ****(out of 5)

The Bakery: While too many donuts and Choco Strawberry Muffins aren't going to do anything for your pet's health, it cannot be denied that baked goods are an excellent source of fiber. Stick with plain Bread or, if you must indulge your sweet tooth, a healthy Honey and Wheat Baguette.
Rating: ***

The Health Food Shop: The name says it all! This is the place to buy vitamin-packed veggies and healthy but tasty vitamin supplements. As an added bonus, their prices are low, low, low! Stake out here and grab some when they restock!
Rating: *****

The Smoothie Shop: Made from fresh fruits and vegetables, a smoothie is a refreshing and tasty finish to any healthy meal. However, some pets may be turned off by flavours like Splime and Choco-mato. Stick to a fruity Rasmelon or Super Lemon-Grape.
Rating: ****

Pizzaroo: While some pizzas are loaded with healthy veggies, others are covered with greasy, fattening meat products. Pizza is OK for an occasional treat, but do try to get a healthy one! And you'll want to stay far, far away from the worm-filled 'Yummy' Muddy Pizza…

Hubert's Hot-dogs: Unfortunately, most hot-dogs are tasty but not very healthy at all. Greasy and loaded with salt to begin with, a hot-dog is made even less healthy by the addition of toppings like chili and cheese. Probably a shop to avoid.

The Chocolate Factory: Oh, dear… very few pets can resist a delicious piece of Fudge or bag of Neodrops, but these products are little more than sugar and fat! A very occasional treat is all right, but you would be wise to remember that eating too many sweets is why your pet needs to be on a diet in the first place!
Rating: no stars

Now, we'll move on to…


Tyrannian Foods: Some of these prehistoric food items may not taste very good, but most of them are pretty healthy! A Nerkin Leg or Primordial Thing is an excellent source of protein and, for dessert, try a fresh Tri-Nana.
Rating: ****

Giant Omelette: Some omelettes contain healthy vegetables like Carrots and Peas or Green Peppers, and all contain eggs - a good source of protein.
Rating: ***

NOTE: A diet without variety is not only unhealthy but boring. If all you can afford to feed your pet is omelettes, then YOU are the one who needs to stop being lazy and go play some games so you can afford to feed your pet a healthy diet!

Next up, is…

The Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods does not actually contain a food shop, but Spooky Foods can be obtained in other ways in this part of Neopia. The healthiness of most of these foods is questionable at best, and forcing your pet to eat Eye Candy or a Stick-o-Mynci would probably constitute abuse. Sell your Spooky Foods instead.

Next we'll visit…

The Lost Desert

Desert Foods: Desert fruits are healthy and tasty, but most other desert foods seem to consist mostly of… sand! If your pet likes the taste of sand, you can give them some of these foods as a treat. Sand, while not exactly unhealthy, certainly doesn't seem to have any health benefits whatsoever.
Rating: **

Our next stop is…


Faerie Foods: A dieting pet will want to stay FAR AWAY from sugar and fat-filled treats like Faerie Bubbles and Fruity Faerie Fingers, but the occasional Faerie Queen Burrito or Beany Burpers will provide a welcome and not-too-unhealthy change from your pet's diet.
Rating: **

Now we'll move along to…

Mystery Island

Tropical Foods: Some delicious and healthy Island fruits will spice up your pet's diet without the added calories or fat! Fishy foods like Pickled Eel also contain nutrients needed as part of a healthy diet. Definitely a stop on your grocery shopping trip.
Rating: *****

Tombola: A wide variety of foods can be obtained from the Tombola Game, either as booby prizes or as real prizes. Use your own judgment in deciding whether this food is a healthy addition to your pet's diet, or whether you should sell it instead. (See also the note under 'Omelettes.')
Rating: ***

Next, we'll blast into orbit and visit the…

VirtuPets Space Station

Grundo's Café: A wide variety of foods are available here - some healthy, some not. Many of these foods probably contain artificial flavours and/or colours - a big no-no. And besides, you wouldn't really feed your pet something cooked up by the diabolical Dr. Sloth, would you?
Rating: ***

Our last stop will be…

Terror Mountain

Slushie Shop: Tasty as they are, most slushies contain nothing but sugar, water, and artificial flavours and colours. Stick with smoothies instead.
Rating: No stars

Neggery: Most Neggs, being plants, are pretty healthy, and some will have added effects like boosting your pet's stats! However, candy-coated Easter Neggs are best avoided, and Neggs are really too expensive to be a regular part of your pet's diet.
Rating: ***

Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop: Like the Slushie Shop, most of the foods contained here are just frozen sugar water. Buy a Chia Pop if you want to change your Chia into a new fruit shape, but don't make a habit of it.
Rating: *

Still with me? If so, you now know all about the healthiest places to shop in Neopia! So don't wait… get started on your New Year's Resolution right away!

Questions? Comments? Neomail @ azure_ryujin!

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