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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Continuing Series > Who I Am: Part Four

Who I Am: Part Four

by the_anime_angel

Trunks had been with the Masurao Hyousetsu for several months now. Every morning, he would get up for his training sessions with Caliaf and Shirina. He has learned much from his newfound friends. Recently, he has been learning magic from Duo. He still has yet to speak to the mysterious Barock…

Trunks frowned at the book in front of him, trying to concentrate. Duo watched on next to him, an amused smile on his face. Frustrated, Trunks closed the book. "This spell doesn't make any sense! I've read it over five times!"

Duo chuckled, taking the book, and placing it on the shelf. "I was wondering when you would notice that… I changed it on purpose."

Trunks glared at the purple Shoyru for a moment, before bursting out laughing.

"Gee, thanks a lot Duo! For a minute there, I thought the wizard who wrote that book had made a misprint!"

Duo laughed with him, and then asked, "Have you been working on your block attack with the magic I showed you?"

Trunks nodded. "Yeah… I'm getting better at it."

"We'll see about that," Duo said with a grin, and slowly formed an energy ball in his hand. He threw it in Trunks' direction, waiting to see his reaction. Trunks was ready for the blast, though, and raised his hand, concentrating. Sure enough, the ball of energy slowed down and slowly began to disappear. As it did, Duo began to applaud.

"Good job, kid. You really have been working on that."

"Hey you two… what did I say about using magic in the cave?" Shirina said jokingly as she appeared from one of the many lower tunnels. Trunks held his paws up in defense. "Duo started it," he said, laughing.

Shirina shook a paw at Duo, laughing as well, and taking a mug from her cupboard to have her daily cup of coffee.

"Where's Caliaf? I haven't seen him all morning," Trunks asked.

"He must be out somewhere… you know how he can be," Duo suggested.

Trunks nodded. "I'm gonna head out myself… get a little training of my own in today," he said. The purple and red Shoyrus waved Trunks off, as he flew out into the brisk morning air. The snow sparkled beneath him. He had been at Terror Mountain for so long, he had grown accustomed to seeing the snow covered ground and trees.

Trunks finally found a nice clearing, free of trees, and perfect for training. He landed gently and immediately began working on his defense moves, before going on to his attack techniques.

As the snow surrounding him melted with each of his movements, Trunks felt something coming. Shirina had taught him to always keep him senses open, and never let his guard down. Sure enough, when he turned to look behind him, a black ball of energy was heading his way. Trunks narrowed his eyes, and began to summon a force field type of energy around his right paw. He raised his arm, concentrating.

The black energy hit his right paw, but bounced off it instead of causing damage. Trunks looked around, trying to find the source of the attack as the black energy landed behind him, leaving a large black mark on the snow.

His eyes scanned the area, as he continued to look. Before Trunks could blink, the silent Barock appeared before him.

"Nice block attack," said the mysterious shadowed Shoyru.

Trunks lowered his arm, watching him. "Thanks," he said hesitantly.

"You have learned much from the others," he continued, "And now it is time for your first and only lesson… with me."

Trunks looked surprised as Barock slowly took a fighting stance. The shadowed Shoyru smirked at the young fire Shoyru. "Show me what you got, kid." Trunks slow began to half smile as he took his own fighting stance. "My pleasure," he said as he began the fight with a quick fireball of energy.

Barock was silently amazed by Trunks as the fight continued on. The fire Shoyru had indeed learned a lot. His endurance had tripled, and he had a great spirit for fighting within him. As these thoughts raced through the shadowed Shoyru's head, Trunks hit him with a powerful blow. Barock stumbled back, trying to catch his breath. Trunks wiped his brow, tired but still willing, and took another fighting stance. Barock looked up at him, smiled, and slowly raised his paws in defeat.

"You win, kid. I underestimated you. Caliaf had every right to boast about you," he said, slowly walking over to Trunks. Trunks stood there warily, wondering what Barock would do. To his surprise, the shadowed Shoyru extended his arm, holding out his paw. Trunks slowly shook it, and an understanding passed through the two warriors.

Duo sat quietly at his desk, his eyes slowly scanning a large, musty book. He sighed in defeat, and placed the book back on its shelf. "Nothing," he muttered. Shirina frowned softly, and sighed. "There has to be something, Duo. Do not give up," she said.

"I don't intend to. I know I have some sort of information about this. And once we can actually say what Trunks is… maybe… just maybe, he'll go back to the family and friends that love him." Duo sighed again, and reached for another large book, continuing his research.

Trunks hummed silently to himself as he walked quietly through the Snow Forest. He paused for a moment, and without looking behind him, said, "You can come out now, Trini."

Sure enough, the surprised, but annoyed blue Shoyru appeared from behind the trees. "I see my sister taught you that little technique of hers," she said.

Trunks nodded. "She did… is there something you want?"

Trini smirked slightly. "I thought you would never ask."

He turned to face her, curious at her response. She continued, "I think we should have a race. You know, some friendly competition. I want to see if you can prove me wrong."

Trunks took a step towards her. "A race?" he asked, then paused. "What are the rules?"

Trini flew up into the air, with Trunks behind her. "It's simple, really… once around the edge of the Snow Forest. Stick close to the trees, but don't in or around them."

She pointed to large boulder beneath them. "We start there from there… whoever goes around the forest once and gets to the boulder first… wins."

Trini glanced at Trunks, who was in midair next to her.

"So what do you say? You up to it?"

Trunks looked back at her, and slowly began to smile.

"You're on."

Quicker than they both could blink, the race began.

Trunks glided through the air, beating his wings every so often.

He could sense Trini right behind him, and gaining speed. He took a moment to glance back, but before he knew it, she was flying right next to him.

"You won't be winning this challenge, Trunks," she shouted and shot forward.

We'll see about that, Trunks thought as he summoned forth a bit of energy and shot forward as well.

They sliced through the air, careful to avoid long tree branches coming from the trees on the rim of the forest.

A sharp turn was up ahead, and both Trunks and Trini knew it. The Snow Forest had a jagged edge shape to it.

Both at unstoppable speed, Trunks began to turn, practically flying sideways, barely making the turn.

Trini tried to pull off the same move, but it was a second too late. Her left wing hit a high tree branch, slowing her down greatly. She let out a cry, but continued on. Trunks made no move to stop, and before he knew it, he had finally reached the marked boulder. He landed upon it, and took deep breaths, waiting for Trini's arrival. Moments later, she joined him on the boulder, her wing somewhat bruised.

He looked at her, concerned, forgetting his victory. "Are you all right? Your wing-"

Trini shook her head. "It'll be fine. I'll live."

They sat in silence for a moment. Trini spoke up again, this time in a softer voice.

"Good race."


Trunks looked up at her, and smiled, knowing that he had proven himself to the last two members of the Masurao Hyousetsu who had yet to accept him.

Duo slowly closed yet another book. Still nothing had come of his research on Trunks' origins. I suppose I'll have to look into my older books, he thought, as he got up from his desk and walked down the tunnel that led to his room. Inside, there was yet more books on several shelves. He reached for a rather large one with dust gathering upon it. Duo walked back out to the main part of the cave and sat down again. Half way through the book, he removed his glasses for a moment and yawned. He put them on again and looked over the page he had left on. Duo then did a double take. "Wait a minute…"

He reread the page. "This is it… I think I've got it! Shirina!!" he called. Shirina quickly appeared from one of the tunnels.

"What is it, Duo? Are you all right?"

Duo looked up at her, a smile gracing his face. "I think I found something."

To be continued...

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