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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Short Stories > The Noodles Hit Krawk Island

The Noodles Hit Krawk Island

by yaboofernoodle

We had never guessed our band, The Noodles, would become so famous. However, it becomes quite obvious when your family's dinner table conversation consists of sentences like "Can you please pass the mustard? It's under the 15th fan mail bag to the left."

Somehow, it didn't seem like enough to KoochieNoobus. I went to talk to her one night when we were all in bed… that is, everyone but her. I found her in the study when I woke up to go get a Cup of Hot Borovan. "What's wrong, sweetie?" I yawned.

KoochieNoobus simply turned another page in the book she was reading. "Nothing... it's just that I don't know how to top it all. Do something new. Host a concert in another place, for example."

Puzzled, I stared at her to worm an answer out of the quick-witted pet. "Honey, we've had a concert in about every place in Neopia. What's left?"

KoochieNoobus flipped another page. "Well, I don't know. Something nobody's done before, or ever been to for music. Like… Like…" She smiled at her book. I looked at what was sparking her mind. We both grinned and said in unison "…Krawk Island." We ripped out the pirate map and slammed the book shut.


When we got there a week later, we set up our instruments and fetched the manager. "Yaargh… are you th' scurvy band that we hired fer music?" the one-eyed, one-legged, and obviously half-brained pirate screeched. "Um… yeah," I nervously whispered.

"Arrrrr… this way, then, ya slimy scalawags. And watch out fer Black Pete… he's interrupted a lot of our shows by eating the entire crowd and finishing the band for dessert," the pirate warned.

"R… R… Really?" KN stuttered.

"No, not really. I'm just messin' with yer minds." The old seadog winked, and led us into another room.


We began playing for our audience as soon as possible. We were only playing for about an hour when there was a loud sound. It was followed by a CRUNCH and some boards falling. Everyone looked up to see a big hole in the ceiling. "What the…" Our whole band was stunned. I took a step forward and… POW! In seconds, I was toppled over by a Grarrl. "BLACK PETE!!!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed, and ran out.

"What to do, what to do!!!!" KoochieNoobus's mind was racing. Firey_Sac simply stepped up. "I'm the War Wocky here, it's MY turn to save the day."

Bhuhbuh grabbed his brother by the arm. "Are you INSANE?! You'll be destroyed! You don't even have a WEAPON!" Firey_Sac turned back to him and sighed. "It was my job, bhuhbuh… I used to protect people. Look at me now, I could barely whip a Cobrall in the Battledome. I'm going back to my roots." Firey_Sac stepped up.

Instantly, before our eyes, he whacked one of Black Pete's pirate gang members with his guitar. "Woohoo! K.O.!" he shouted. The confident Wocky stood atop the fallen Pirate holding his guitar to the sky, when…WHUMP. He was on the wall before you could say Sucker Punch.

"Uggh…" he groaned and moaned.

I rushed over to him. "Are you okay?!" I exclaimed urgently. "Yeah… finish him, Mum." I didn't know how! Before the band, I was such a good fighter. I had completely dropped the old life for this one! Firey_Sac grabbed his collar and pulled off one gem. "Use it." Firey_Sac stole my Neopian Knight's Gem! I put it on and at once I was in my old uniform. Shining, glittering dark purple vest, dark black Tunic, Uni leather belt, silk pouch, and…my two double-bladed Swords strapped to my back, gleaming in the light. I ran off towards Black Pete with revenge in my heart. Black Pete whipped out his blade and we engaged in battle. Left swing, Right swing, Block, Slash, Backslash, Double Stab… every move I had. I knocked the old Grarrl to the floor.

"Arrgh…" he said. "Ye got me. Am I granted any last words?"

I thought when he said the last one. "Four."

The old pirate blinked. "Very well… okay then. How's this: I'll. Settle. The. Score."

With that, he gripped his sword tightly and, with one last feeble move, swung in my direction. I hit the floor, and reached for my side. At the same time, I glanced at Black Pete. He was already defeated on the ground he lay, so no worries there. I gaped at my hand when I removed it from my side. Never in my life at it been so red!

"Mum! Mum! Hang in there!" I didn't see, I could only hear. I felt the tears of my pets dripping onto me.

"Is she…is she…" my good pet could only stammer.

I heard the old pirate manager say "I don't know. She may have a chance."

That was the last I knew before waking up in darkness. "What?" I thought to myself. "What's going on?"

I heard an old Chia speaking. "We are gathered here today in memory of yaboofernoodle, kind Neopian and…"

I couldn't bear it. The magical gem I wore… of course! My body was injured as a Neopian Knight! I can exist in the other form!

"NOOOOO!" I burst out into the light.

"I'm alive!" I ripped off my amulet and returned to my normal self, the one that couldn't be harmed. As soon as the gem hit the ground, it disappeared, so I couldn't turn back into the other form. I was instantly surrounded by my pets.

"Mum, we love you! We thought you were gone forever!" That is as much as I ever cared to remember from our whole incident, for that was all that mattered to me.

The End

Author's Note: I'm glad so many people liked my first story, "The Noodles". So, to satisfy you all, I wrote a sequel! I hope this one ends up with as many fans as the last one. One last thing: No, you may not join the band. :)

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