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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Short Stories > Night of Al's Plushie

Night of Al's Plushie

by al_the_chia

"What? What are you doing now, you little nuisance?"

The Plushie glared, his adorable button eyes piercing Fluffys. Fluffy kept on smiling, a defiant look on his PetPet face. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble and shake. A cloud of dust appeared over the hill, and a shrieking noise ensued. "What's going on?" The Plushie began to get nervous as the rumbling grew louder, until, with a terrified gasp, he realized what it was. Every Plushie collector in Neopia burst over the hill. "AN EVIL MEERCA PLUSHIE!! THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!!"



They all scrambled and fought as they neared Al's ruined NeoHome. The Plushie recoiled in horror. Its voice returned to the high-pitched squeak as it uttered its last words. "BUT I'M MADE OF SYNTHETIC FAAAAABRIIIIIIIIC!!!"

Al's demonic plushie was destroyed. Ripped to shreds by the obsessive paws of plushie lovers. But amidst all the flying cotton and broken button eyes, the evil spirit of the Plushie lived on. After the horrifying violence, the spirit rose from it's broken body. Invisible to the eye, it zoomed away into the sky, hopefully never to be seen again. Of course, HOPEFULLY never to be seen again.

It was midnight in Neopia Central. The Lupe who owned the toy shop owner was carefully assorting a newly arrived shipment of plushies. One was a lovely gold one, with adorable button eyes and a cheery grin stitched onto its face.

"Ah...." She set it down carefully on the display case, smiling. "This will certainly make some lucky child happy."

Unfortunately, the poor Lupe didn't know exactly what that plushie's future was. As she turned to sort out a few neoquest plushies, a shadow passed over her shop. Suddenly, the plushie fell off the case and onto the floor. As it hit the ground, it began to talk. "Hello. I want to be your friend."

The Lupe jumped with surprise. "What? Who's there?" The room was silent.

The shopkeeper looked down. "Hey, how did you get on the floor?" Confused, she picked up the plushie, and set it back onto the case. She paused for a second. "Hey, as long as I've been in the toy business, I've never heard a Gold Meerca Plushie talk." She stared at the meerca harder. It seemed a little less bright than it did before. But she figured it was probably from dirt off the floor. "Hm. Maybe I should sweep more often," she muttered, returning to the plushies.

That Morning...

Whatever the blue Acara wandered into the Toy Shop, his face as glum as usual. He pulled on his baggy pants and yawned as he pushed open the door. He looked left, he looked right, and sighing, headed for the plushie section. He stopped at a Green Mynci Plushie. He picked it up and shook it. It giggled.

"Whatever." He set it down. He walked over to a Purple Zafara. Magically, it began to hop and laugh. "Whatever." He ignored it. He continued to a Golden Meerca Plushie. Whatever stared at it. It stared back. "Whatever," he declared. He was about to continue, but for some reason, he couldn't. He looked at the plushie again. It looked back. But there was something strange about it. Whatever couldn't quite put his finger on it. He picked it up. Suddenly, it began to talk.

"Hello, I want to be your Friend!" Whatever raised an eyebrow. "Whatever." He shook it again. It giggled. He sighed. "Whatever." He shook it again, wondering what it would say next. "Gee, your mind looks primitive. I could probably take it over with my dark, psychic powers very easily." Whatever raised the other eyebrow. "Whatever." He shook it again. "I can tell what your thinking, Whatever. I can tell you don't like your job. I can tell you want to have power... NP... fame. I can give you all that. All you have to do is let me control your mind and body for just a short while. What do you say to that, Whatever?" Whatever frowned. "WHATEVER!" He threw the plushie back onto the shelf and began to walk away. It instantly jumped up again. Its eyes began to glow a ghastly red. "Then I'm afraid I'll have to force you to obey me." Whatever's eyes widened as the plushie began to laugh.

Whatever walked up to the front counter. He had an eerie smile pasted onto his face, and his eyes, instead of their normal blue color, had turned red. He set the plushie down onto the counter, his smile still there.

"Hello," he said. "I want to be your frie- I mean, I'd like to purchase this plushie, please." His voice was unusually high pitched. The Lupe shop owner recoiled for a second.

"Um... sure. That will be 2000 NP."

"Make it 100!"

"Uh, no, I'm sorry, but..."

Whatever's head turned a complete circle, his smile still pasted on. He looked back to the Lupe.

"You were saying?"

The Lupe recoiled furthur. "On second thought, it's yours for free!"

"Thank you." Whatever turned around and walked away, the Lupe staring after him with a perplexed look on her face. "Weird."

Al the Chia waddled into the Acara Burger, covered with scratches and bruises. His white lab coat was slightly torn, and his glasses were falling off.

"That's the last time I try to get within 10 feet of Hollypaw," he mumbled. Fluffy followed close behind, his headphones blaring Sticks N Stones music. It wasn't a busy day, and there were just a few customers eating. Al was relieved to see there was no line, and went straight to the counter.

"Hello, Whatever."

"Hello, Al."

Al stopped dead. "What did you say?"

"Hello, Al."

Al looked at Fluffy, who just shrugged. "Um..." Al suddenly noticed that Whatever looked very odd. He was wearing a huge smile and carrying a golden Meerca Plushie. Plus, his hat was on backwards.

"What can I do for you today?"

Al blinked. "Uh could I get the usual?"

Whatever paused. "The... usual?"

"Yeah. The usual."

Whatever's smile stayed pasted onto his face, but he looked somewhat nervous. "And... what would the usual be?"

Al frowned. "I've been ordering the usual for two years and you don't remember it? Are you feeling all right?"

Whatever started to sweat. Then, something happened. Fluffy jumped up onto Al's shoulder. Whatever's eyes turned pure red. "YOU!!!" he screeched in a dark, evil voice.

Fluffy's eyes widened and he fell off of Al's head. Al began to back away. "Uh... maybe I'll just go to the Chia Deli today. You sound sick."

Whatever kept smiling. "All right, Al. Have a nice day. You too, Fluffy." His smile curled even wider. "While you still can."

They fled from the Acara Burger, completely perplexed. Suddenly, Peacepaw the hippy Lupe burst in. He marched up to the front counter, smiling. "Hello, Friend!"

"Hello, Friend!"

"Could I get one burger please?"

"One burger coming right up!"


"You're welcome!"

As Peacepaw left, Whatever shuddered. "What a weirdo...."


Al sat in his home, munching on a salami sandwich. "I hope Whatever gets well soon," he muttered.

Fluffy was busily eating a Gummy Rat, and nodded blankly to what Al had said. The door flew open, and Thornpaw burst into the room. "Hey Al!" he yelled, taking off his red scarf.

"Shouldn't you be at the Acara Burger?" Al sighed.

"I went over there, and everything seemed normal at first, but.... Whatever was SMILING!" Thornpaw gasped. "Smiling? He NEVER smiles! What's up with that?"

"I don't know, but I think we need to investigate."

Al, Fluffy, and Thornpaw stood on Whatever's doorstep, holding a basket of fruit. Whatever's house was of moderate size. It was painted blue, and it had a little bed of black roses in the front. Al rang the doorbell, smling.

"All right, remember, Whatever will be acting strange, so try not to freak out or anything," Al explained.

Suddenly, the door flew open to reveal a Green Acara.

"AUUUUGH!" Thornpaw yelled, dropping a pineapple. "HE'S TURNED GREEN!!" The Acara shook his head.

"Dude..." Al sighed. "It's just Dude. Is Whatever home?"

Dude led them in. Bogus the yellow Acara and Gnarly the Red Acara sat on the couch, shaking their heads.



They all pointed upstairs.

"Upstairs? Thanks."

They rushed up to the first door and knocked. "Whatever? You there? Whatever?"

Whatever was in his room, chanting a deep, evil chant. The plushie suddenly began to glow. He chanted faster and faster, the room became darker and darker, clouds filled the air and howling wind began to blow. Suddenly, something incredible happened....

Every plushie in Furgleton jerked alive. Chia plushies giggled insanely as they whacked over the Lupes that once used them to train with. Chomby plushies stamped on feet. Pteri plushie flew into the air in swarms, dropping balls of fluff all over the city. Soon, they overran Neopia, causing complete chaos. Al gave up knocking, and burst into the room.

"HOLY PIFFLE!!" he screeched. "I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!!"

Whatever began to cackle insanely, his eyes bright red. "Ha! My powers are strong! I no longer need the Acara!"

Suddenly, Whatever jerked up, then fell over. The plushie he had on his lap jumped to life, hopping onto the floor and advancing towards the group. "And now, my plushie army will take over Furgleton and all of Neopia!" Bogus, Gnarly, and Dude all burst into the room.




They yelled. The plushie burst out laughing. Thunder crackled and lighting struck as he stepped towards the horrified group.

Suddenly, Thornpaw stepped forward, a confused look on his face. "Wait, let me get this straight. You're a plushie?"

The plushie paused. "Uh... yeah."

"And that means your made out of fluff and fabric, just like any other plushie, right?"

The plushie blinked. "Uh, yeah."

"And did you know that Lupes and Gelerts have a love of chewing plushies?"

"Uh... yeah."

"So..." Thornpaw smiled. "Can I eat you?"

"Uh... no... of course not... I have... erm... DARK EVIL POWERS!!"

"Yeah, but can they survive beneath the jaws of fate?"



And so the epic battle between good and evil began. The plushie fled around the room in circles as Thornpaw chased after him, laughing playfully. Around and around they went, knocking over furniture and other items. Al and Fluffy cheered as Whatever's brothers tried to help Whatever up. Faster and faster, around and around they went, until finally, Thornpaw caught the plushie's tail in his mouth.


The plushie fell over, defeated. A dark cloud flew from the ruined plushie before disappearing into the air, gone. All the other plushies fell to the ground. Lifeless. Whatever suddenly woke up.

"Whatever..." he moaned.

"YAAAAAAAY!" Everyone cheered, celebrating and dancing merrily.

Suddenly, Peacepaw burst into the room, brandishing a sitar. "Hey guys!! I've been looking for you! LET'S SING A HAPPY SONG!!"

"YAAAY..." There was a brief silence.

"AUUUUUUUUUGH!!" Everyone fled from the room, screaming. Peacepaw blinked. "Was it something I said?"

And so, the spirit of the evil plushie was once again banished from an evil plushie. The world is saved! At least for now....

"Hello, I want to be your friend..."

The End

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