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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Short Stories > The Luckiest Plushie

The Luckiest Plushie

by darth_master

The conveyer belt hummed as it moved the plushies across, towards what would change them from cuddly, to deadly. Dr. Sloth's latest planes were to get plushies, very low on cost, and easy to work with, and use a new ray to give them a brain, that will only to do his evil doings at on his command. Each plushie dropped out from a machine and was tagged. The first one, #1, slowly came to the ray. Dr. Sloth stood above and slowly pushed the red button. Before he hit the bottom, Dr. Sloth recoiled. "I must do this comfortably!" he yelled. "Puquilix, get me my chair!" yelled Sloth as a little Grundo came in pushing a leather chair to Dr. Sloth. He quickly skittered off before being barked another order, and Dr. Sloth sat down. Then he pushed it. Suddenly, a bunch of bright flashes filled the room, first blue, then yellow, then red, then lime, then yellow again, and everything came back to normal. Except the little red Zafara plushie hopped off the conveyer belt and stood beside it. He did the same for all the plushies up to #12, then #13 made its way to the ray.

When Dr. Sloth fired, there were no flashing lights. Just thousands of sparks flew from the sides, then a big BAM as the side of the machine flew off towards the wall, and smashed as it hit. When Sloth fixed the machine, and was ready to zap the next one, the Grey Lupe Plushie labeled #13 had vanished.

The machine seemed to malfunction, and something went wrong. It gave #13 a brain, but not an evil brain. A brain that was good. A brain that would help. Do good things. So the plushie ran.

While it was running, hoping to find a way out, or somebody that needed help, it knew it needed a name. It thought Woofie fit it, for the fact it was a Grey Lupe Plushie. But it didn't think of itself as a plushie. It believed it was a real Lupe. So he ran more. He found a nice warm place through a doorway. It seemed to be somebody's NeoHome. There was a small kitchen off to the left, there was a TV in front of the couch, and soft carpeting all around. He hopped up onto the couch, and it was so comfy, he fell asleep. At least an hour later, he heard a door slam which woke him. He looked up, and saw a small Grundo walk in grumbling. He caught a glimpse of his name tag, which said, "Puquilix".

The stubby Grundo threw off his coat, and ran off with his feet barely leaving the rug. He came out of a walk in closet, with a vacuum. As he started it up, the noise startled Woofie. Woofie dashed towards the door, but he was too slow to avoid being noticed.

"Hey, comeback!" yelled Puquilix over the noise of the vacuum. Puquilix started to chase after him, but he tripped over the cord, and flew into the wall. Woofie was running, once again.

"I want that plushie back!" hollered Dr. Sloth to the Swamp Lupe and Dire Lupe Plushies in front of him. "That Grey Lupe Plushie is the key to the perfect evil trio of plushies, and he's escaped! Find him, or I'll have your stuffing!"

The plushies barked to show they understood, and marched out two different doors, an army of evil evil Fuzzles behind them. The plan was to cover the whole ship with Fuzzles, so there was no where to run. They covered half the ship, with no luck. They decided to take cover in the vents, so when Woofie walked by, they could swarm him.

But Woofie had walked in a big circle. He hoped to come across and escape pod, but no luck. He only ended back up where he became alive. But his brain wanted to know more. He walked up to the ray, and sat in Sloth's chair. He pushed a bunch off buttons, until finally one started it. At that moment. Dr. Sloth walked in. "What the..." he wondered as he saw somebody tampering with his new evil machine. "Puquilix! What do you think you're doing? How many times do I have to tell you to leave my new machines alone!" yelled Sloth, as he turned the chair around and saw Woofie. Woofie was so surprised, he jumped back, and hit a lever. The laser jerked in a circle, and knocked Sloth off his feet. Woofie tried to gain control, but he stepped on the big red button. The laser did its big show with all the lights, and when their eyes came back to normal, Sloth was a Jahbal Plushie. Sloth was dizzy from the beam, and walked in circles. He hit a window, and his head stopped spinning. He looked at his reflection, and fell on his back in surprise. "What the?" he said in a voice like a chipmunk, because his voice box was so small. "Look what you've done to me! I'm gonna get you for this!" said Sloth. He took his little stick, and tried to cast a spell. But nothing happened. So he flew over to Woofie, who was still confused, and whacked him on the head. Woofie let out a small yap. Then he tackled Sloth. "Get off me you beast!" said Sloth. Sloth hit Woofie on the nose with his stick again. Woofie fell back, and bumped the ray. Sloth's coffee cup fell on the red button, and zapped Sloth again. Sloth stumbled back, and fell into a box. He flipped it over on top of himself, and cut a whole by his eyes with what looked like a nail file.

The Dire Lupe Plushie and Swamp Lupe Plushie had no luck, so they headed back to Dr. Sloth. They entered the room with the Fuzzles behind them, to find a box, and the Lupe plushie they were looking for.

"ARRRFF!" barked the Dire Lupe Plushie.

The Fuzzles ran towards the Lupe plushie, and started to tackle him.

"Go get him!" said Sloth in a muffled voice.

The Fuzzles flew up into the air as Woofie bit their feet and threw them up. There was Fuzzle fuzz everywhere, and when it was all on the floor, the other Lupe plushies had their mouths open. Woofie destroyed every one of the evil evil Fuzzles. He really could of been the perfect warrior plushie. But #13 had to go to the good side.

The two other Lupe plushies bolted at him, but Woofie dodged quick enough. They both tried to stop, but slid right into Sloth's box. The box flew into the air, and when it came down, it landed on the Dire Lupe Plushie's head. Then all eyes were on Sloth. Sloth was standing there, with a nail file and hair brush in his hands. The ray turned him into a Teenage Usuki. The two Lupe plushies ran off with their tails between their legs, yapping.

Woofie went over, got an empty Usuki box, and cornered Sloth. Woofie dove, capturing Sloth. He sealed the top, and stuck a stamp on it. Then he put it into the mailbox.

After Puquilix heard the news of his master, he was happy! "Oh yeah, no more being bossed around! I'm free! Hahahaha! Weeee!" he said, jumping in joy. "Neopia, here I come!"

Woofie heard him say that, so he knew Puquilix must know the way out. Puquilix got into the mini space pod, and was about to hit 'NEOPIA' when he saw Woofie.

Puquilix thought out loud, "Oh well, Sloth is gone." And he pushed the button. Woofie ran up, and put his front paws on the glass doors, and started to whine. Puquilix saw him, and it broke his heart. Puquilix quickly pried open the doors. He jumped out and said, "Go! You deserve Neopia more than me." And he pushed Woofie in, and shut the doors. And the pod, with Woofie inside, went to Neopia.

The End

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