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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 22 > Short Stories > The Name's Rudolph Janus

The Name's Rudolph Janus

by buttercup121212

'Twas a very cold and snowy evening when we walks up to the bus that will take us to the Terror Mountain, Happy Valley. The bus was filled with another Neopians who brought their NeoPets to Happy Valley, to take their last prizes from Advent Calendar.

"Buttercup," said Shannya.

Not like other NeoPets who calls his or her owner by "Mum" or their real user name, Shannya001 (I call her 'Shannya', she's a blue Gelert) calls me as a friend, so I called her with our 'special friendly' name.

"Hey, Shannya, wazzup? Chilled or fried?" I asked her back.

"No, silly. When we'll arrive? I can't wait to get my paws on one of the prizes," she answered, as we take two seats in the middle of the bus.

"What do you want me to do? Teleport you? Oh, I'll gladly to send you to that friendly Snow Cone at the Snow Wars, it's kinda tasty. And I don't think you'll gonna love the prizes..." I said, putting my hands on my knees, "... As the prizes will be... Halloween Paintbrushes... Kacheek Transmogrification Bottles... and Eyeballs..." I mumbled.

"Hey, I think we're going on a wrong bus that will take us to a wrong place and time. Is there's another Advent Calendar at the Haunted Woods?" she asked me, almost more silly than my joke.

"Yes, but there's bonus prizes... The Silver Arrow broomstick, Pigwidgeon Plushies, and Bludgers. I think Bludgers will start a new trend of PetPet. 'Superior Battledome trainer and helper, Bludgers! Raise your pet to his or her finest levels! Get 'em while they're crazy! Forty thousand Neopoints'."

Shannya and I blasts in laughter, while the Grundo driver yelled, "All aboard to Happy Valley!" and the tires began to roll. And we reached the Advent Calendar in laughter. Jokes all the way up, I was coughing so hard that Shannya suggested me to drink Kikoughela Syrup. "Do I look like a NeoPet?! Oh great, a NeoHumanPet! You're making a new trend!" and our laughter filled the cold air.

We hate to enter the Advent Calendar when it's packed like a can of Blueberry Fish Pops, so we waited outside. The night air was getting colder, so we weren't telling jokes, as I tied the Aisha Scarf I've got from the same place (Advent Calendar) to Shannya's neck. It's very hard not to fell asleep in front of the Advent Calendar, as it'll be too silly. As the Advent Calendar's visitors left, we entered.

"Good evening, little lady, this must be your pet," greet a tired Christmas Bruce, watching Shannya. Even tough his face looked tired, a smile still filled his yellow beak. "Here goes, some NP," he said, giving me a large amount of NP, "Faerieland treats, in case your NeoPet's hungry," he said, giving me a Burrito with wings images on it.

"Oh, no, I've never let her starve, just once," I said, making Shannya giving me an angry glare, "But I've promise I will never make Shannya starve again," I added quickly.

"Well, Shannya will get along nicely with our last prize, because her owner's really taking good care of her," he said, giving me a box with holes with colourful bow tied around it.

"Get along nicely? What did you give us? Is it moveable?" I started my little guessing game. "I've got much time for the next two questions from you and your NeoPet. Your first question's answer is Yes," he said.

"Is this prize is a... erm... PetPet?" I asked him.

"The second answer is still Yes," he answered the second question, still with smile.

"Can you give us a clue?" Shannya asked.

"Well.... Just think of canines. Happy Christmas and New Year," the Christmas Bruce showed us to the door, waving and smiling from Advent Calendar's window.


When we were back at the bus, we were just stared at the box sitting between us (I put it out so Shannya can look at it too).

"Buttercup," at last, someone started a conversation, I said in my mind.

"What?" this time, I got REALLY bored that I couldn't think of a good come back.

"What is canines?" she asked.

"Canine is another short name to say the family of dogs. It all started from wolves, and now, their grandsons and granddaughters are dogs. In NeoPets case, I think it's all started from Sabre-X in Tyrannia, and we may track it to Lupes, Gelerts, until little PetPets, the Puppyblew, Warf, and Anubis," I finished.

"Erm... Didn't you forget something?" Shannya asked again.

"Which part?" I asked her back.

"Laura the Lenny at the Neopia Help and Information Central tells us there's another dog-looking PetPet, but I can't remember it's name..." she put her paw on her forehead.

"That's IT!!!" I yelled, almost waking up a yellow Skeith who was snoring at the middle right side of the bus.

"Keep it down, Buttercup! What's it?" asked Shannya in whisper, trying to avoid the Skeith's glare. Slowly but surely, I gripped the box, meanwhile, the 'it' inside jumped wildly when I tried to open the bow behind my back.

"The PetPet you were talking about, is a crossbred animal," I've almost finished opening the bow, just one last pull, "And that PetPet is..." Shannya held her breath when I showed her 'it', "Is a Doglefox!"

The Doglefox, who has green fur and cute red nose, jumped and climbed Shannya's neck, almost tickling her, making Shannya giggled. "Hey, that's no ordinary Doglefox..." I mumbled, "A Doglefox is very expensive and and rare, but a Christmas PetPet Paint Brush is even more rare! Shannya, you can keep it. So, what are you going to name it?"

Sometimes I talk faster than I want, so Shannya needs about two-and-a half seconds to understand what I tell her. "Erm... Haven't thought about it yet."

Shannya finished her sentence when twelve loud DONGS were heard from the clock tower near the Neopia Central. Four fireworks launched to the dark sky, lighting the night and the crowd. Every Neopian was yelling with happiness, greeting Neopia's fourth year.

"Hey, did you know that the other name of the month of Sleeping is January? The name January was taken from a Greek god, Janus." Shannya and her new Christmas showed interested face, so I continued, "Janus has two faces. The first one looked at the past. The other one looks to the future. Janus guarded the gate to the past and to the future".

"I know! I'll name you..." Shannya looked at her Christmas Doglefox, "Rudolph Janus." Rudolph liked its new name by purring softly to us.

"So, I guess that means... Someone who acts as a torch in the dark night to bring its friends to the gate of a better life. That's a very very nice name Shannya. Very nice."

I looked at Rudolph. "You have a very beautiful name. Rudolph. You should love Shannya too, right?"

Rudolph nodded happily as we walked through Neopia Central, enjoying the fireworks and the New Year's Eve with our new friend, Rudolph.

The End

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