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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 21 > Continuing Series > Every Gelert Has Her Day: Part Four

Every Gelert Has Her Day: Part Four

by shelleylow

That Sunday, another note appeared.

Dear Dash,
Um, this is just to say that I'd like you to go out with me, that is be my boyfriend, that is…oh boy, I'm really messing up. So anyway would you? Please?


Dasher almost fell off the chair. She righted herself and stared at it again. He wanted to go out with her. Maybe even be her boyfriend. But why? Weren't he and Flutter happy? And why her of all Gelerts? But she typed a note back anyway.

Dear Par,
I'd love to. Is tomorrow night okay? And what about Flutter?


The answer came back almost immediately.

It's fine. I'll come get you at 8. Flutter and I have broken up.


Par was as good as his word. He picked her up the next night and the two went off together, barely noticing that Shell was jokingly calling "I want her back by midnight, young pet!" from the doorway.

"So you got painted," Par murmured as they moved off down the road.

"Yup. Do you like it?"

"You look really great. Your owner should enter you in the Beauty Contest."

They walked on, enjoying the night and each others' company, when Dasher asked the question that had been boring into her mind since the day before.

"Par… if you don't mind me asking, what did happen between you and Flutter?"

"She got kinda mad," said Par quietly. "But I when I asked her, she ignored me, stopped Neomailing me, never talked to me anymore. So we went our separate ways."

"Oh, okay."

There was silence for a short while, when Dasher broke it with another question.

"Par, where are we going?"

He turned and there was that smile again. "Mystery Island. We really must hurry, your owner wants you back by midnight."

Mystery Island was beautiful at that time of night. It was a tropical paradise at the worst of times, even, and now, nestling in the warm blue green water in the oceans, an island jewel, one could mistake it for Eden. Dash and Par were there together.

They didn't do very much, just went to a small restaurant to have dinner, and the rest of the time just explored the island. The beaches were the best, endless stretches of sand, white in the pale light of the moon and frosty stars in the indigo sky, the same cold glow tracing a white path in the dark sea from shore to horizon. It was quiet, and peaceful beyond measure, just right for two Gelerts on their first date.

Later that night, Par dropped Dasher home, and then turned to go.



He turned to see her standing there, the beautiful gold Gelert whom, perhaps, he had always loved.

"Does this mean I'm now your girlfriend?"

"Only if you want to be." I do so hope you want to be, he added silently. Dasher smiled, warmly and gently. "To tell the truth, I've wanted to be from the day I met you." Par moved quickly back to her again and brushed his nose lightly against hers. "Thanks so much. I can't believe you said yes!"

Dasher entered the house to find Shell waiting for her.

"The rest are in bed," she said. "How did it go?" Dasher smiled coyly.


Shell hugged her hard.

"Sweetie, I'm so proud." She pulled something out from behind the sofa cushion. "The others and I have been saving up for this for weeks. We knew how badly you wanted one."

Dasher stared at the golden paintbrush in her owner's hand. "H-How--"

Shell smiled. "I know you much too well, Dash." Dasher hugged her owner. "Thanks so much, Shell. Thank the rest for me too!"

Dear Diary,
Well, this is it. Paremour Eaglewings and I, Dasher Low, are officially a couple. I'm so happy right now I can't write properly. I never imagined this could happen after I saw him and Flutter, but it has, and I'm so happy! I'm not particularly looking forward to school tomorrow, but I'm not dreading it either. I'm getting painted and all, and then I have Par, and of course my pals (I'll have to tell them about Par). I don't really know how things will go for Par and me, but what will happen will happen, and personally, I think we stand a good chance of lasting forever. I hope. We'll wait and see.


With that finished, Dasher shut the little velveteen book, curled up under her blanket and fell asleep with a big smile on her face.

In case you're wondering what happened to everyone, Flutter, whose full name by the way is A_Flutter_of_Hope, is now painted faerie and is seeing a faerie Gelert named Maypup. They are both very happy and I wish them well. Zeke, whose real name is oO123Oo, is last I heard, still single and looking. Any takers please Neomail his owner. Daine, Buttersplotch and Kailaila are still three of Dash's best friends. Jazz and Daine are still together as far as I know. One_Dog is doing great. His sister One__Dog, also a Gelert, accidentally got changed into a Lupe. And Par and Dash? I get the feeling they'll last for a long time yet.

The End

Author's note:
This is a (mostly) true story. Of course it didn't take happen exactly like this, but you get the general idea. Some of the dialogue in the letters is roughly the same too. But more than anything, I would like to thank my Neofriends, namely aera_eaglewings, ankharis, dogs_trainer, united_angels_helper, hopeful_lioness (you have my deepest sympathies) and twisspop, to name a few, for letting me include their Gelerts in the story. You guys are the absolute best. Gelerts rule!:)

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